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Brides and wedding planners always seem to be looking for fun and new alternatives to the traditional wedding cake. We’ve seen cupcakes, cake pops, pies, desserts, and even cake served in ice cream cones. One new dessert trend that can be showcased on your wedding day is serving your dessert in a jar. Especially if you are having a rustic, vintage or outdoor wedding, these mason jar served desserts are sure to please you and your guests. Feel free to send an invitation my way as well.


 Cheesecake in a jar via “It’s written on the walls”

Lemon Meringue Pie
in a jar via “It’s written on the walls”


Pumpkin Pie in a jar via “It’s written on the walls”


S’mores in a jar via Spoonful

foodinjarmonkey Monkey Bread in a jar via “It’s written on the walls”


Dreamsicle Cupcake in a jar via Spoonful

foodinjarlayered Maple Oat n’ Apple Dessert in a jar via Healthful Pursuit


Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pudding in a jar va Bakella


Irish Whisky Cake in a jar via Lemon Sugar

What do you think about this ‘in a jar’ dessert trend? Would you consider this for your wedding day?

This is probably my most favorite and least favorite post in quite some time. Why? Well, the heart and soul of this post is all about food. Writing this post was like researching Pinterest for recipes – everything looks so delicious, but then you want to eat. it. all.

Kelly Dillon Photography via SMP | Beaux Arts Photographie via Santa Barbara Chic | Perez Photography via SMP

It’s no secret that a true foodie wouldn’t skimp on the food for their nuptials. But, that doesn’t mean you, as a “non-foodie” should skimp on food. Let’s be honest, if the food at your reception is bad, guests will remember. So, as you plan your menu and work with your caterer, remember that food is part of the overall experience – just like your gown, the flowers, and the venue.

So, how do you make your menu memorable? It’s easier than you think:

Helene DuJardin via Inspired By This | Heather Roth Fine Art Photography via SMP

Think seasonally.
When produce is in season, it’s fresher and more full of flavor. Not to mention, choosing in-season foods means your food bill could be lower.

Elizabeth Messina via Kiss the Groom | The Schultzes via Southern Weddings | Forte Catering & Events via Polka Dot Bride

Lean on your caterers + chefs.
Much like a florist would love for you to give them full creative reign, a chef would to. Use them as a resource to help create a menu that is seasonally inspired, unique and memorable.

Tapenade via Bridal Musings | The Nichols via Southern Weddings | Justin Marantz via SMP

It’s easy to get wrapped up in “this all tastes good so let’s just go with it” mentality. But, you want to ensure that everything from the appetizers to the salad to the entree pair well together. Think if it much in the same way a sommelier would plan a meal around a bottle of wine – you want everything to cohesively work and taste great.

Jackie Wonders via Inspired By This | Cameron Ingalls via Inspired By This

Taste test.
This one should be a given, but make sure you TASTE your proposed menu. Not only is it an opportunity to try everything before the big day, but it also gives you an opportunity to tweak the meal. From the sauce, to the vegetables or main entree. Plus, most caterers allow at least one complementary tasting when you work with them.

How important was food on your big day?

Wedding “bars”/buffets are popping up all over the place-candy, s’mores, cupcakes, milkshakes, pie, sliders, popcorn, you name it, there’s a bar for it. The great thing about them is they can be so personalized with items that are meaningful to the couple, that they typically don’t seem overdone. One twist I’m loving is breakfast foods being offered at these bars. In some cases they’re the main food being served at a more casual morning wedding, and that’s great. They’re also being done at traditional evening weddings, either as a late night snack, or just as a part of the rest of the food selection (who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?).


Braedon Photography via GWS


Anna Wolf and Jillian Event Design via Once Wed/Southern Weddings




Shannon Nicole Smith via Bon Appetite


 Jagger Photography via GWS 


Sarah Yates Photography via GWS

Coffee and Donuts

Tinywater Photography via Divine Party Concepts


Our Labor of Love via Once Wed


Amy Atlas

Other options could be stuffed french toast, muffins, omelets, and other breakfast cocktails. Delicious!

late night snacks are sure to knock guests off their feet!

These days weddings are running later and guests are staying longer, so late night snacks are the perfect way to ensure the celebration lasts long into the night. You can provide guests with a sweet treat of snow cones and ice cream to something a bit more savory such as mini-burgers or french fries. The beauty of late night fare is that it can be anything you want. Do you both have a favorite fast food restaurant? Have them cater the late night treat. Was your first date shared over coffee and donuts? Feature this sentimental meal as your late night option.  The creativity is up to you, but be sure to take a look at these mouthwatering possibilities below.

If your late night snacks is a hometown favorite or guilty pleasure, whatever you choose will be fun and memorable for both you and your guests!

I love the little touches here and there that make the bride and groom feel special on their day. One of these touches that I adore are chair signs at the reception that designate the seats for the bride and groom, but not just any chair signs. I like it when there is something a little different about them, whether they’re connecting the two chairs (what perfect symbolism!) or say things more personal to the couple than just “bride” and “groom”. I especially like those pictured last, which are childhood photos of the bride and groom!

Top: SMS Photography via SMP Middle Left: Kelly Hornberger Photography via Rustic Wedding Chic Middle Right: Simply Bloom Photography via Every Last Detail Bottom Left: Abby Jiu Photography Bottom Right: one love photography via Style Unveiled

Top: Oh Happy Day Middle: Carla Ten Eyck via SMP Bottom: Tyler Branch Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

Top: Juliet Elizabeth Photography via SMP Middle Left: Purple Peony Couture Middle Right 1: Brent Van Auken Photography via Ruffled Middle Right 2: Martha Stewart Weddings  Bottom: Justin DeMutiis Photography via Grey Likes Weddings

Love, love, love this reception set-up.

rustic-barn-wedding-reception-hanging-lights-fabric-bunting-red-white-pink-wedding-3 Elizabeth Messina via The Sweetest Occasion

Not only does this reception have a great atmosphere thanks to those lovely hanging candles, but the room is filled with chiavari chairs.  Anyone else out there love these chairs as much as I do?

Traditionally, the tables at wedding receptions have been numbered.  But an emerging trend is to name the tables after something significant.  It gives the couples a chance to really let their personalities shine, or even highlight significant events in their relationship.

Beautiful Paper

To get you started, here are some great ideas that couples have used (and continue to use) in naming their tables.  Obviously the possibilities are endless!

– Favorite TV shows
– Places that the couple has traveled
– Favorite restaurants
– Favorite local hot spots the couple likes to visit
– Sports teams (if they are huge sports fans)
– Activities/Hobbies
– The word “love” written in different languages
– Numbers in a different language
– Different flowers
– Favorite cars
– Colors

You can surely Google table name ideas and find a huge list of options.

Thanks to Laura Hooper on her Weddingbee Pro post for the suggestions!

I hope my paper lanterns glow this much (see bottom image).


As much as I love a cute escort card table, I also love the idea of a seating chart for your wedding guests, like this one featured recently on 100 Layer Cake.

100 Layer Cake

There have been a lot of creative ideas featured recently on a lot of wedding blogs out there, with different variations.  This particular one would probably work best with a smaller guest list, so not everyone was crowding around it.  BUT, I guess at that point it doesn’t matter, seeing as you would have guests crowding around a table to find their name on a card.

Anyhoo, I think this is a fun and alternative way to show your guests where they will be seated, and this way you don’t have to print out a ton of little table-tended cards!

How will you be seating your guests?  Or can your guests choose their table?

April Foster recently featured this post from the Image is Found.  The bride and groom held a “Worst Dance” contest at their reception and gave $100 to the worst dancer.

All images courtesy of The Image is Found

Is that not a wonderful way to get your crowd up and on the dance floor?  I’m a huge dancer, and fully expect everyone to be dancing their boot-ays off at my wedding.  So, you better bet that if the crowd isn’t moving, that we’ll introduce something like this.