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Investing effort into designing place settings is something a lot of people don’t think to do or don’t find important because they use the rentals that come included with their venue or caterer. While it isn’t necessary to choose uniquely designed place settings, they can really bring a lot to the table, literally. The table is often the place the majority of guests spend the most of their time during the reception, so if you have the option to dress it up a little, it’s a good investment.

1: Photo by Jill Thomas, via Inspired by This 2: Photo by Trent Bailey, designed by Desiree Spinner, stationery by Cherish Paperie via Inspired by This 3: Photo by Sarah Yates, design by Sitting In a Tree 4: Photo by: Jillian Rose Photography via A Charming Occasion 5: Photo by Kim Le Photography via SMP 6: Jose Villa via Design Sponge 7: Photo by Swoon Over It Photography, design, styling and stationary by Momental Designs via GWS 8: Photo by Jeanna Hayes, design by: Amy Atlas Designs via The Sweetest Occasion  9: Photo by: Daniel Mast, design by: Events by Sarah Elizabeth via Wedding Chicks 10: Photo by: Marisa Holmes Photography via Canvas & Canopy Events

So, I’m all about saving a few bucks. I mean, who isn’t, right? Yeah, I clip coupons, just like my mom does, but this post isn’t about being frugal. It’s about being resourceful.

While a big beautiful flower arrangement is visually appealing and gorgeous, it can also be VERY expensive. And, for any brides out there looking to save a few bucks on centerpieces, here are a few tips.

1. If you absolutely have to have floral centerpieces because you have dreamt of it since you were two, then I suggest making sure you pick flowers that are in season. If you’re having a November wedding, picking ranunculas is not really an option, since they tend to be in season February thru May (Yes, this breaks my heart too, as my wedding is in September. Don’t get me started). You can absolutely find a florist who will order them for you, but they could easily be at least 1 1/2 times more expensive than they normally are.

2. Use fake flowers (gasp!). Yes, you heard me. There are some really realistic fake florals out there. If you plan on submerging calla lilies in a tall cylindrical vase, might I suggest you use fake ones? Although callas are easy to shape, they are also an expensive flower, so opt for the fake version. You can also use fake flowers for the guys bouts, which are actually very easy to make!

3. Choose centerpieces without flowers. This can be achieved by hanging things from the ceiling at various heights over the tables (if you are inside), using fresh produce and candles.

Kelly Oshiro Events

4. If you’re not much of a big wedding cake person, or you want a candy/dessert buffet, why not have different cakes/candies/sweets in the center of the tables? This way your guests can actually enjoy your centerpieces! Plus, it will get your guests moving around after dinner to find a slice of cake in a flavor they like.

And, for the record, the FI and I will not have floral centerpieces. We have opted for something fun and modern, and since we aren’t huge flower people, it wasn’t all that important to us. If you want tips or ideas on different non-floral centerpieces that can be budget friendly, shoot me a message.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your wedding fabulous!

Really, this post can fit under my other posting series “Wedding Day Tips” and “DIY,” too!

I have a new blog to add to my list of favorites.

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Grace Ormonde via head of the table

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Colin Cowie via head of the table

Plus, she rents out some great table and dinnerware for your entertaining purposes!