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I was born with that infuriating middle ground of artistic talent. I can get away with a basic sketch and I can design you a business card, but I will never paint you a picture that will bring you back in time or take your breath away. But, I truly appreciate and value those who can.

That’s why I’ve chosen “The Art Coast of Michigan,” or Saugatuck/Douglas County, as today’s Hometown Honeymoon. It’s not far from many of you Landlocked Brides and its an art mecca that has stood the test of time. It began as an artist colony in the late 19th century and today offers gorgeous scenery, adorable lodging, art galore, and even its very own beach, Oval Beach on Lake Michigan. Below, we’ve collected a few images, places, local art, and scenery to inspire you to plan your own honeymoon in the area or even to just inspire your planning and dreaming for your big day.



MI5 MI8 MI10 MI Art MI13

 Crane Orchards & Cider Mill  . Maplewood Hotel  . Ivy Inn 

The Felt Mansion  . Oval Beach . Sweetwater Sailing . Saugatuck Boatcruises

Treats & Trifles  . Peterson Mill . Oval Beach

Have you been to Saugatuck? What did you like best about it? What other small-town Michigan hideaways would you recommend for a honeymoon?