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Being the graphic design nerd that I am, and a big fan of keeping up with color trends in design and wedding themes, I happen to always look forward to Patone’s Color of the Year release. Please hide the snickers. It’s a small reveal, but it’s interesting each year their choice. For 2014, let me introduce you to Radiant Orchid:

radiant orchid

I’m a huge fan of purple and all it’s shades so I’m looking forward to seeing how brides and grooms across the Midwest incorporate this color into their celebrations this year. I am also into the radiant elegance of the plant this color is inspired from, orchids. I’ll leave you with a little inspiration of how couples have incorporated the flower into their big day to get your brain juices flowing in creating color palettes with the 2014 color of the year!

orchids 1

I am a sucker for lace. I love how intricate it can be, yet how simple and clean it looks on everything from a wedding dress to decor. There’s the traditional ways to use lace, especially for dresses, but there’s also ways to play with color, texture and visual appeal. We’ve collected some samples below.

lace 2

lace 3

lace 2

lace 4

What ar lace 5

What are some ways you would incorporate lace into your big day? Would you use lace in any other color than white?

Maria and Walter had a beautiful wedding, filled with love and emotion and a killer pair of purple heels. I love that the photographer captured such memorable moments such as the first look and exchanging of notes before the ceremony. I also love how there is a mix of purple hues within the decor, not just one specific purple that they stuck to. The lavender flowers in her bouquet are so beautiful, it’s rare to see this color bunched together and they looked stunning against her ivory gown. The night ended with lots of dancing and a photo booth to document all of the events, and memories with their loved ones who were there to help share in this special day.
Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271857_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography3_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271858_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography1_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271859_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography2_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271862_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography8_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271863_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography11_low Slide5 Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271973_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography15_low Slide1 Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271921_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography189_low Slide2 Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271875_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography66_low Slide3 Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271884_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography85_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271883_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography84_low Slide4 Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271888_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography92_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271916_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography156_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271972_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography14_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271922_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography207_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271923_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography213_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271925_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography221_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271927_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography225_low Slide6 Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271931_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography235_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271932_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography236_low Slide7 Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271939_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography272_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271938_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography271_low Slide8 Slide9 Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271898_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography115_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271900_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography119_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271901_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography120_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271902_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography124_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271903_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography125_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271905_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography129_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271906_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography134_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271895_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography112_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271910_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography148_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271908_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography145_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271909_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography146_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271911_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography150_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271865_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography21_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271978_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography22_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271866_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography23_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271907_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography143_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271860_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography9_low Slide11 Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271971_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography13_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271945_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography368_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271944_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography341_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271946_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography369_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271948_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography375_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271950_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography388_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271951_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography462_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271952_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography464_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271953_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography465_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271890_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography101_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271954_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography481_low Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271956_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography483_low Slide10 Potts_Mitchell_Emilia_Jane_Photography_271963_Mariah202620Walter27s20Wedding20by20Emilia20Jane20Photography490_low

I will never ever tire of city weddings. My love of the city comes in a close second behind my love of the mountains. It’s hard to beat city lines, skyscrapers and the urban and modern feel. Add a wedding to it, and bam, you have a modern soiree.

If you look beyond the joys of a city wedding, you’ll also find a lot of love in Lauren and Stu’s big day. Personal elements. A traditional Jewish ceremony (of which included them signing the Ketubah during). An emotional (and love-filled) first look. A stunning Chicago skyline view from the 67th floor of the Metropolitan Club. I hope you enjoy the city details in their wedding as much as I did!

Photographer: Thompson Wedding Photographers / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Five Grain Events / Reception Venue: Metropolitan Club at Willis Tower / Makeup Artist: edit Faces / Transportation: Windy City Limo / Flowers & Decor: The Wishing Well / Band: Orchestra 33 / Cake Baker: Sarah's Pastries / Portrait Station: ShutterBooth

While the photos from this wedding are gorgeous on their own, the story that comes with them is one of my favorites. When the ceremony is so personal (and silly in the right places), it really just gets to me that this whole day is about celebrating two people joining their lives together forever. Okay, and the vintage details are to die for!

From the Photographer:

Dana & Aubrey were married on May 27th, 2012 in Des Moines, Iowa. Every part of their wedding day was jam-packed with meaning and emotion! Aubrey put together details to create a lovely, feminine, vintage theme to her day. From her shoes to her veil to the chandelier at the ceremony, everything was delightful! They got ready at the house Dana & Aubrey bought only a month before their wedding, and we began the portrait time in their beautiful front porch. Everyone in the bridal party was such a trooper to endure the thick Iowa heat! A few important details and stories: Aubrey’s father gave her a heart necklace years ago and told her that he will keep the key to her heart until the man comes along that she will marry. During the ceremony they did a very joy-filled, emotional “giving the key away” ceremony. It could not have been a more beautiful picture of a dad giving his daughter away to the man of her dreams! Right before the ceremony’s processional, Aubrey & Dana’s proposal video was played. The video was incredibly emotion-filled as well as quite humorous! Most of the guests were left with tears of joy. It was such a beautiful way to begin the ceremony, as the proposal laid the foundation of their commitment to each other. The video can be found on my blog post of their wedding here: http://www.allisonmariephotographyblog.com/kansas-city-wedding-photographer-aubrey-dana/ There were all sorts of surprises during the ceremony! Aubrey sang to her new husband (and she is not known as a singer!!), her brother performed quite the dancing act, and all the groomsmen and ushers sang a hilarious version of a boy band song to Aubrey! Details: A friend of Aubrey’s custom made the bridesmaid dresses, and another friend designed their bouquets! Words cannot express how deeply moving, joy-filled and emotional their wedding day was! Even I, the photographer, was in tears 🙂

Photographer: Allison Marie Photography / Reception Venue: Tuscany Event Center

row 1: Ceci New York; Badgley Mischka via ShopBop; Marcella Treybig Photography via SMP
row 2: Brooke Boling via SMP; Melissa Jill Photography / Avant-Garde Floral Design Studio via SMP
row 3: Spindle Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs; Eric Kelley Photography via SMP; Marcella Treybig Photography via SMP

It’s always great when a bride takes a risk and it turns out beautifully.

Image courtesy of Simply Bloom Photography via Style Me Pretty

AND, the bride is selling the dress (which has chic white buttons down the back) to any takers!