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Ampersands, signs and banners, oh my! Engagement photo props seem to be showing up everywhere these days. They are a fun, simple, creative way to add a personalized touch to any engagement photo session.  Not only can props be used to display a wedding date for those ‘save the date’ cards, they can also be an amazing way to showcase the personalities and interests of a couple. Engagement photos are no longer just about picking the right outfit, they are photos to document your journey together. There is no better way to showcase this journey then by doing what you love, revisiting a place that you love or taking photos with the things you love.

Photographs by Jenna Leigh

Mike Larson | Laura Ivanova Photography |  Modern Life Photo | Banner: baybeedahlboutique 

Photographs by Jenna Leigh  | Kate Schoepflin Photography  |  Mark  Hawkins Photography

PRB Photos via The Wedding Chicks  |  Erin Jean Photography  |  Laura Ivanova Photography

Michele Wagner Photography

Signs: TRUECONNECTION Emma Freeman Photography  |  Erin Johnson Photography |  Stacy Able Photography

Mike Larson |  Holly D Photography

Fuse Photography

You can find personal and unique engagement props just about anywhere.  Look around your own home for personal touches or visit a local antique store. You may be surprised at the little treasures you uncover! ETSY is also a great resource to find Mr. & Mrs. signs, wedding date banners and everything in between.  And, Pinterest is the ultimate place to start your inspiration search.

These Smitten Sticks have been circulating the even and wedding planning blogs like crazy, but how can you not adore them?

The mustache, smiles and other faces are uber fun, and your guests will love them with your photo booth. You get two of each one, for a total of 8, and they come with cute, stripe-y sticks.  Order them from Etsy.