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I don’t know about you, but the end of 2013 was a bit of a whirlwind over here. With Thanksgiving falling so late, Christmas and New Year’s really snuck up on me. I almost didn’t feel ready to start the new year, because I had so little time to reflect on this past one. As I’m taking some time to do that this week, this style shoot featuring the Pantone Color of the Year of 2013 is definitely appropriate. The details (including the bride’s hair!) are absolutely incredible, and the snow is a perfect reflection of the reality for so many across the country right now. The team that put this shoot together did such an excellent job creatively producing/capturing it all.

From the Photographer:

 For this shoot we were inspired by the 2013 Pantone color of the year, emerald green. We wanted the theme to exude elegance, but we weren’t sure how to make it cohesive, until we met the bride. We were completely inspired by her whimsical and edgy style. I mean, how could we not, she had emerald green hair! We also loved the idea of pairing her style with the timeless elegance of the venue, Castle Cliff Estate. In searching for unique ways to incorporate emerald green into our signage, we thought, “what could be more whimsical than Wizard of Oz and the Emerald City?” Therefore, we chose our favorite Oz quote for the lollipop favors, used the yellow brick road as our table name, the Tornado for the cocktail, and a Justin Alexander gown from The Bridal Collection that had a Glenda look. Our florist, Bella Calla’s, inspiration also came to life with our Emerald city where the centerpieces and bouquet displayed the whimsical feel of walking through the forest and poppy fields. The theme also helped with our color scheme, bringing in greens, yellows (yellow brick road), and reds (the ruby slippers).

At Castle Cliff Estate we were able to use existing furniture, which was a nice backdrop to our DIY projects incorporated into the day. Many of our couples ask us about DIY opportunities for their wedding and we thought this was a fun way to showcase our ideas for DIY desserts. We made cupcakes and cake pops and our word of advice is that cake pops are a lot more difficult than they seem- we recommend using a professional, or a lot of trial runs. To go along with the unique feel of the shoot, we loved the cocktail hour marquee sign from Saddle Shoe Signs- and it was in red! We had to incorporate it somehow. Magically, it just so happened that the day of the shoot we had a major snowstorm in Colorado. The snow was not expected, but we were able to take advantage of its beauty, which added to the romance of the day and the stark color contrast.

Photographer:  Autumn Cutaia Photography//Floral Designer: Bella Calla//Event Venue: Castle Cliff Estates//DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Saddle Shoe Signs//Event Planner: Storytellers Events//Bridesmaid Dresses: The Bridal Collection Denver//

Alright. Don’t hate on me, but given that this girl doesn’t do Valentine’s Day, I opted to take today’s post a different direction. And, when our newest contributor, Tiffany, said she’s on the same page, it was like fate. I’m a sucker for jewel tones, and given that I’m fair skinned and blonde, I love this palette she pieced together. Take it away, Tiffany!

Emerald is not only the Pantone color of the year but it’s also a great accent color for your wedding. Emerald really shines in the midwest where sometimes the landscape is not quite as green — especially in the early spring and late fall and winter. Can you imagine a white winter wedding with emerald accents? Sounds pretty dreamy to me.

Plus, emerald pairs so well with other colors like: white, gold, pearl, navy, red. How can you not love it?


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