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When Andy from Oceanwide Studios sent me this proposal + wedding (more on that later), it was an immediate reaction that I obviously jump at the chance to feature it.

You see. I’m a sucker for a true love story. Not only did Dennis plan this surprise proposal for his girlfriend of 7 years, Jill, but he also went through the trouble to plan their wedding. On the same day. No fuss, no crazy long engagement, just heartfelt joy, their closest family and friends, and a zero-in focus on what marriage is about. I’d keep rattling on, but really, you should just watch the same day edit.

dennis+jill // SURPRISE engagement, SURPRISE wedding and SURPRISE SDE from oceanwide on Vimeo.

Videographer: Oceanwide Studios

I love anything quirky, funny and lovey-dovey (i.e. videos like this one). Andy from Oceanwide Studios shared this one just yesterday (and I’m a sucker for wedding videos), so I’m passing along. Not only does a wedding video like this truly capture the character and personality of the couple, but it tells a beautiful story.

brad + jen from oceanwide on Vimeo.

The Midwest has some seriously good talent.  It truly excites to me stumble upon new work, or even be introduced to it.

Oceawide Studios, a boutique video studio, is based out of Des Moines, IA.  The founders, Brad and Andy, have known each other for nearly half of their lives and created the studio as a creative outlet for the both of them.  They have built Oceanwide Studios up to be a family business, including their wives and families in much of the everyday workings of the business.

Each of their videos is shot in high definition using high quality equipment to truly capture the emotion and the detail of whatever project they tackle.  And, of course, in true Landlocked Bride fashion, I found myself tearing up not even a minute into the first video they shared.

Adam + Britni from oceanwide on Vimeo.

For more videos from Oceanwide Studios, to see if their available for your wedding or to just learn more – visit their site (and tell ’em I sent you over)!  And, if you’re wondering, yes, they do travel!