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From the Bride-to-be:
We were set up by Scott’s coworker, I was helping design her kitchen when she kept mentioning how I just had to meet this wonderful guy she worked with. After a lot of resistance on my part and a great amount of persistence on hers, I let her give him my cell phone. I never thought I would hear from or let alone meet this guy. After dodging his calls and ignoring him for a few weeks we finally decided to meet for a drink after work. That one drink lasted four hours and afterwards we both knew we had found something so special and rare. 10 months later we were engaged and planning our spring wedding. We chose the Morton Arboretum for our engagement session because of its beauty and the connection it has to Scott’s family. His late grandparents have trees dedicated in their honor there. I was so glad we were able to catch the last few minutes of light on our way home from the Arboretum. We shot right outside our door in Logan Square, Chicago and were even able to get a few great ones of Simon our Chihuahua.