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Ampersands, signs and banners, oh my! Engagement photo props seem to be showing up everywhere these days. They are a fun, simple, creative way to add a personalized touch to any engagement photo session.  Not only can props be used to display a wedding date for those ‘save the date’ cards, they can also be an amazing way to showcase the personalities and interests of a couple. Engagement photos are no longer just about picking the right outfit, they are photos to document your journey together. There is no better way to showcase this journey then by doing what you love, revisiting a place that you love or taking photos with the things you love.

Photographs by Jenna Leigh

Mike Larson | Laura Ivanova Photography |  Modern Life Photo | Banner: baybeedahlboutique 

Photographs by Jenna Leigh  | Kate Schoepflin Photography  |  Mark  Hawkins Photography

PRB Photos via The Wedding Chicks  |  Erin Jean Photography  |  Laura Ivanova Photography

Michele Wagner Photography

Signs: TRUECONNECTION Emma Freeman Photography  |  Erin Johnson Photography |  Stacy Able Photography

Mike Larson |  Holly D Photography

Fuse Photography

You can find personal and unique engagement props just about anywhere.  Look around your own home for personal touches or visit a local antique store. You may be surprised at the little treasures you uncover! ETSY is also a great resource to find Mr. & Mrs. signs, wedding date banners and everything in between.  And, Pinterest is the ultimate place to start your inspiration search.

It’s still Winter; it’s still pretty cold.  And, although all of our six inches of snow from last week melted away because of our recent “heat wave” (it was 45, don’t worry), I know it’s still a bit colder and snowy-er (yes, technical term) up North.

Zeidler Photography, a St. Paul/Minneapolis photographer, recently blogged an engagement session she shot, with some of the images indoors and others out in the snow.  I couldn’t resist not sharing with you.  Many brides-to-be are none to thrilled to have a winter engagement session, but you can really have some fun with it.  I urge more couples to go the Winter route!

I appreciate that they used an older sled.  There are too many of those plastic ones out there (I know, you can go fast on them, I get it). Something about the vintage-y sled just gives those pictures character.

I LOVE hot chocolate, so of course I think those shots are adorable!

Images courtesy of Zeidler Photography

It’s cold outside, but that does not mean your winter engagement photos have to be boring.  This, my friends, is how you have fun with your e-pics in the winter.  And, thankfully, we have a few outdoor skating rinks in town during winter!





What is fantastic about the idea of doing something for your engagement session, is that the photographer is truly able to capture real moments of interaction, as Sara mentions on her blog.



Images courtesy of SjMacky Photography

We may be landlocked here in the middle of the country, but we do have a lighthouse!  Props to a couple of Jodi Schlosser‘s for suggesting this location to her for their engagement photos!

Images courtesy of Jodi Schlosser Photography

I posted last week on indoor engagement photo shoot ideas.  If only I would have thought of this then, except, there is no Ikea in town (sad trombone).  This couple shot their engagement photos in an Ikea.  I am absolutely in love with this idea because I love Ikea and I love the untraditional.  And, I know someone else who will probably appreciate the kitchen shot in this grouping.





Images courtesy of Cinematic by DavidM via The Unbride

Well, not so much a wedding day tip as much as it is just a tip (for your engagement photos).

So it’s cold here and in case you don’t believe me, take a look:

Picture 1

So, it would be no surprise that if you have your engagement photos scheduled between now and February/March, you probably would want to avoid the outdoors (that is, of course, if you’d rather bundle up in eighty-billion layers).  With Winter upon us, I wanted to offer up some ideas on great indoor locations for your engagement photos.

Option One: Your Home/Apartment


Image courtesy of Clary Photo

Option Two: Local Museum


Image courtesy of Lisa Hessel Photography

Option Three: Local Restaurant


Image courtesy of Lisa Hessel Photography

There a ton more ideas and options out there, but these are great places to start.  Maybe take pictures at home, where you both can feel comfortable and in your element.  Or, visit a local museum, like the City Museum here in town, where there are great architectural elements.  Even better (because I like good food), have pictures taken at your favorite restaurant.

LOVE these night shots from Hoffer Photography.  You don’t see many of these that often!

What a fantastic way to play with the light!

Images courtesy of Hoffer Photography

Because I love Fall a huge amount, I cannot help but feature some great engagement photo inspiration (again, this week).  Plus, I love that the guy is wearing a puffer vest, totally makes these photos feel cozy!

Images courtesy of bobbi + mike

Seriously in love with this engagement shoot by Claris Photography.

The bride and groom really wanted some specific shots and had some great ideas for their shoot, and the photographer worked with them to make their ideas come to life.  The photos are quirky, fun, beautiful, and, well, hot.

Claris Photography via Weddingbee Pro

Claris Photography via Weddingbee Pro

Claris Photography via Weddingbee Pro

Claris Photography via Weddingbee Pro

If this shoot is not an incentive to be funky and creative with your engagement photos, I don’t know what else could be.

It is definitely images like this one that make me very excited that I am getting married in the Fall (and having my e-pics done in the Fall).

SjMacky Photography

The colors and the light are just gorgeous.