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Alright. Don’t hate on me, but given that this girl doesn’t do Valentine’s Day, I opted to take today’s post a different direction. And, when our newest contributor, Tiffany, said she’s on the same page, it was like fate. I’m a sucker for jewel tones, and given that I’m fair skinned and blonde, I love this palette she pieced together. Take it away, Tiffany!

Emerald is not only the Pantone color of the year but it’s also a great accent color for your wedding. Emerald really shines in the midwest where sometimes the landscape is not quite as green — especially in the early spring and late fall and winter. Can you imagine a white winter wedding with emerald accents? Sounds pretty dreamy to me.

Plus, emerald pairs so well with other colors like: white, gold, pearl, navy, red. How can you not love it?


Ombre Cake Du Abu | Alexander McQueen via Susan Dean | BeSmallStudios | Eddie Ross | Belle the Magazine | Dessy | Heels.com | Martha Stewart Weddings | RucheDallas Curow Photography | Bakers Stock | Envelopements

Well, it’s been a good four months since the last color palette…but, that’ll be no more! Stay tuned for more inspiring color palettes!

Now that we have the apologies out of the way, I’m excited to share today’s color board. If you were over on Oh Lovely Day! earlier this week, you will have had a sneak peek (see here).  I love metallics. But, in a different way than most. I love mixing it with really bold and bright colors.  Especially in the winter time, because everyone is expecting you to pair gold and silver with icy blues and soft pinks. Black is the perfect pair for gold.  But, as I told Chandra’s readers on Monday, it also pairs well with red, green, blue, pink, yellow, orange….the list goes on.

row 1: Bella Figura; Cake Art Studio via Brides; Four-Studios via SMP; Paige Newton Photography via The Sweetest Occasion
row 2: Jenny Packham via Fashionologie; Crissie McDowelle Photography via SMP
row 3: Justin Marantz via SMP; Aruna B. Photography via SMP

What’s your favorite color to pair with gold?