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Alright. Don’t hate on me, but given that this girl doesn’t do Valentine’s Day, I opted to take today’s post a different direction. And, when our newest contributor, Tiffany, said she’s on the same page, it was like fate. I’m a sucker for jewel tones, and given that I’m fair skinned and blonde, I love this palette she pieced together. Take it away, Tiffany!

Emerald is not only the Pantone color of the year but it’s also a great accent color for your wedding. Emerald really shines in the midwest where sometimes the landscape is not quite as green — especially in the early spring and late fall and winter. Can you imagine a white winter wedding with emerald accents? Sounds pretty dreamy to me.

Plus, emerald pairs so well with other colors like: white, gold, pearl, navy, red. How can you not love it?


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