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The wedding bouquet, and choosing which flowers will be included, can be one of the biggest decisions for a bride during the wedding planning process. This is a classic, traditional and beautiful element of any wedding day, and one I always look forward too. However, these days, brides are able to be a little less traditional and are updating traditional wedding elements to best fit their personality. We’ve seen the evolvement of flower bouquets to stunning, sparkling broach bouquets, and here are 5 more bouquet alternatives to consider.

1) Clutches


Ryan Ray Photography via A Groom Sold Seperately

2) Pinwheels


Jagger Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

3) Felt Flowers


Muncle Fred Art on ETSY via One Wed

4). Corsages

Matching pink wrist corsages fo the bridesmaids

Sherry Hammonds Photography via Uber Brides

5) Parasols


Mihaja Photography via The Louisville Wedding Blog

Do you plan on going traditional and carrying a flower bouquet, or do you have something else in mind for you and your bridal party?