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February is here, and February is also known as the month of love. Valentine’s Day is this week, and we’ve got lots of pink and red and love inspired ideas to share with you! Of course weddings and engagements are already inspired by love, but Valentine’s Day has a way of making love seem extra special and stand out just a little bit more. Here are a few of my favorite red, pink and heart inspired trends to consider for your engagement sessions, bridal showers and wedding days. Enjoy!


Elizabeth in Love via Style Me Pretty


Mia Dee Photograph via Confetti Daydreams


Katelyn James Photography via Ruffled Blog


Zac Wolf Photography via Style Me Pretty

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.31.06 AM

Dasha Caffrey via Wedding Chicks


Gabriel Ryan via Green Wedding Shoes


Betwixt Studio via Style Unveiled


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Modern Moments Designs via Hostess with the Mostess


Christa Kimble Photography via Wedding Chicks

I think finding the perfect shade of red lipstick for any girl is like trying to find a unicorn at times. Its this thing of myth that you sometimes wonder if it could truly exist. But, alas, when you DO find it it makes the struggle all make sense! It just adds this pop of personality and punch that makes people stop and take a look. I adore it! I also really adore when brides choose to incorporate a bright and bold lipstick into their big day makeup. It really adds an eye-catching pop and a memorable touch of their own sparkling beauty on their big day. Here are a few ways you could pull it off:

Would you utilize a bold lip on your big day? Are you a red or bright pink kind of girl?

There’s one part of every wedding that I secretly can’t wait to see how a bride incorporates into her ceremony. Of course the attention should be on the bride and her walk down the aisle, but I always love how sweet little flower girls dressed up in all kinds of styles and throwing all kinds of flower and confetti make their way to the alter in front of a bride. The innocence and just plain adorableness of flower girls has always hit my heart! I also love some of the interesting dresses and flowers or non-flowers that brides have given to their little maids. We’ve incorporated some of our favorites below:


flower 8 flower 2 flower 3 flower 4 flower 5 flower 6 flower 7

Photos Courtesy of Style Me Pretty.

What is your inspiration for flower girl atrire? Do you have any ideas about unique throws for her? Do you prefer flowers or a sign?

Brides past, present and future all seem know what the “4 C’s” are- and if not, this term is used to describe the characteristics of a diamond: Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. However, what you may not know that there are also (unofficially) “4 C’s” to consider when picking out your day-of footwear as well! Sometimes picking out your shoes can be more difficult than picking out your dress, but if you take time to consider the “4 C’s” of shoes – choosing the shoe style that best represents your style will be a walk in the park (no pun).

1) Classic


 Glint –  ‘Radiance’ Pump | Enzo Angiolini – ‘Savoye’ Pump


Menbur – Slingback Pump | Kate Spade New York – ‘Shalyn’ Pump

2) Comfortable Slide2

Toms – ‘Classic’ Crochet Slip-On | Toms – ‘Classic-Glitter’ Slip On


Betsey Johnson – Blue by Betsey Johnson ‘Dance’ Flat | Ugg Australia – ‘Bailey Button – I do’ Boot

3) Color  Slide3

Nina – ‘Electra’ Sandal | Nine West – ‘Jusskippy’ Sandal


Nina – ‘Elizia’ Sandal  | Glint – ‘Devyn’ Sandal 

4) Contemporary


B Brian Atwood – ‘Cassiane’ High Sandal – BCBGMAXAXRIA – ‘Peacock’ Pump 


Jeffrey Campbell – ‘Koons’ Pump | Valentino – ‘Microstud’ Mary Jane Pump

Which shoe style is your favorite? Or better yet, who wants to go shopping?

The lovely hues of purples, the settle touch of sparkle in the brides ensemble, and the stationary that is introduced at the ceremony and continues to coordinate into every element of the reception – it’s no surprise that this bride-to-be is actually a wedding planner herself. The personalized, and perfected details of this wedding are what make it unique and memorable. Add oversized toasting glasses and candy favors in the mix, you know that you are in for a good time!

DS-0002 DS-0005 DS-0007 Slide2 DS-0009 DS-0021 DS-0062 DS-0037 DS-0066 DS-0044 DS-0083 DS-0106 DS-0116 DS-0117 DS-0119 DS-0124 DS-0144 DS-0154 DS-0157 DS-0146 DS-0178 DS-0200 DS-0184 DS-0216 DS-0205 DS-0234DS-0315
DS-0319 DS-0363 DS-0364 DS-0377 DS-0380 DS-0381 DS-0401 DS-0404 DS-0259 DS-0163 DS-0245 DS-0465 DS-0459 DS-0461 DS-0455 DS-0428 DS-0419 Slide1 DS-0430 DS-0433 DS-0414 DS-0421 DS-0417 DS-0411 DS-0452 DS-0470 DS-0438 DS-0491 Slide2DS-0526DS-0426Slide1
DS-0531 DS-0545 DS-0583 DS-0605 DS-0576 Amy Shepherd Photography

From The Bride:

Being a wedding planner myself, I thought that planning my wedding would be easy. I was wrong AND I broke all the rules! For instance, buying my dress before we secured a reception venue. It didn’t matter though, because I LOVED my dress.

Our wedding was truly a team effort for Chris and I, because we paid for it ourselves. We also have very different backgrounds, I’ve grew up in a big city and Chris has grew up in the country. So we chose a venue that could bring both of those worlds together. We didn’t want any of our guests to feel uncomfortable.

My wedding planner (and boss) Saundra and I concentrated on every little element at the wedding to create an experience for our guests. Chris was happy to help by making some of the decor, like our stand to hold our quilt squares. My own personal touches was to give custom pails of candy and treats as a thank-you gift to every vendor. I’m well known for my love of candy. Chris and I both love to laugh and have fun, so we bought these obnoxiously large wine goblets to use as our toasting flutes.

Funniest moment? A groomsman dumped SALT into the drink that Chris was suppose to toast with, however, I got the drink by mistake. Not sure how I didn’t choke in front of everyone.We were probably one of the few couples that in our thank you speech, we thanked all the vendors first, before our families. Look, we know what it takes to put on a fabulous wedding, a strong team of vendors!

Honestly, it was such a lovely and memorable day, that we really couldn’t have done it any better, nor would we have changed a thing.

Wedding Planning & Event Design: planning forever events | Videographer: Eyenamics | Flowers & Rentals: Welborn Events | Catering: Bauerhaus Catering | DJ: Celebrity Party Music, Dave Kennedy | Cake: Piece of Cake | Reception Venue: Rapp Owen Granary

A return to formal is something the wedding industry has seen come back full force in 2012 and it seems to be staying strong in 2013. From chandeliers to plated dinners, brides are bringing back formality and pomp to their celebrations. One aspect of this comeback I am swooning over is how brides are incorporating formal chinaware. Whether their grandmother’s vintage set or mismatched cups and plates as centerpieces, we’re seeing these adorable and beautiful pieces being utilized in such creative ways! We’ve collected a few pieces below for inspiration:

blue 2 smp

blue 3 smp

blue 1 smp   blue 6 smp blue 5 smp blue 4 smp

Last six images: Style Me Pretty 

What are some ways you would incorporate chinaware into your celebration? Would you be a stickler for matching or crave mismatching sets? Would you utilize it as centerpiece inspiration only?

Where would you go hunting for pieces, do you have a favorite antique store?

Anyone following the wedding industry knows that vintage is so in right now. From decor to dresses, brides are incorporating touches of the classic to quirky from all decades into their celebrations. One particular vintage-inspired trend that I completely adore are birdcage veils. They add such a sweet touch to a bride’s decor in any style a bride chooses for her big day. We’ve collected a few of our favorites here below:

1. This veil is 20s inspired, and the feathers add such a fun touch.

2. Handmade in a London Studio, this former costume maker creates gorgeous veils that would make any bride look like she just stepped off a red carpet.

3. This sweet bow-topped veil would be perfect for a garden or outdoor locale.

4. This photo shows the perfect balance of floral and tulle for a bride wanting to utilize both trends on her big day.

6 . And for a little touch of off-beat, this European-designer adds a punch of fun into her pierces that give brides a chance to show a little of their own quirk and something out-of-the-ordinary.

What type of birdcage veils are your favorite? Plain, flamboyant with color, rhinestone clad?

I’ve worked in the wedding industry long enough to know the guys don’t get much love. Especially when it comes to what to wear on the big day. And, color? That’s another topic I could ramble on about given most couples don’t take enough risk. I know, I know.  A matter of opinion, but it’s true. Until then, I’ll leave the guy advice up to Tyler. Find out how to best dress your guys and build the perfect color story for your big day. – Brit

After choosing the perfect gown, the bride tasks her groom to set out for his and his groomsmen’s clothes comporting with their agreed upon color schema. Easy enough, right?  Suits and tuxedos are just that – suits and tuxedos.  Tuxedos are black. Suits are black, grey, navy blue. Maybe shades of grey and blue, but that’s easy (for this exercise, anyway).  Then comes down to the ties and/or vest.  In an effort to simplify, many wedding parties pursue a monochromatic theme.  The bridesmaids wear color X, and so it naturally follows that the groomsmen wear matching color X.  Closer and closer to the date of the wedding, almost to the point of panic, the challenge of finding a matching tie/vest for the groomsmen to accompany the bridesmaids’ dresses has proven nearly impossible! But WHY?!

As a veteran luxury men’s clothing retailer, I have witnessed the above scenario time and time again.  The reason for this difficulty is simple:  Each retailer has either released the current year’s collections with different color stories or if the color story is similar, the dye lots or shade variances do not match up.  There is almost a guarantee of this mismatch once you cross retailer lines.  The question becomes, “How can we avoid this?”


Counter to the “convenient” advancement of a color-matching scheme, we look to complements.  In my previous post, I alluded to the analogy of a bouquet of flowers.  Imagine your wedding party… My bet is that everyone is of different shapes, sizes, skin tone, hair color, etc.  In fact, I guarantee it.  The aesthetically pleasing and fanciful floral arrangement is rarely multiples of one flower or one color, rather, many different types of flowers and complementary colors.  This natural diversity is in and of itself beautiful.  In men’s wedding fashion, ties (bow ties or long ties), cumberbuns, vests, and suspenders may all be utilized in some form as accents of color. Perhaps, you seek to rival the equally vivacious bridesmaids dresses giving rise to an even more bombastic couple.  Or perhaps, in contrast, you desire the groomsmen to project a more subdued and supportive role to the groom himself.  This can all be achieved through color variety

cpobke-wedding-05 Picture 19 Pobke Photography

The key in this grand scheme is to find suitable color complements to not only each other but to our surroundings.  As an associate, I like to ask a lot of questions so that I may ascertain a good color story.  What time of the day is the ceremony? Will it be inside? Outside?  Is it rural? Urban?  On a beach?  What color is the sand?

Picture 23 Jill Thomas Photography

By seeing the bigger possibilities, we can capture the essence of a truly stunning occasion as well as making it all the easier to plan.

So, I’m pretty excited about today’s post. I can’t take any of the credit for it – that all goes to my friend, Tyler. The “first look” planning and day-of attire is almost always planned by the bride; rarely is the groom involved. So, I love Tyler’s take on the first look, and I’m hoping to see some of you grooms play a bigger role in what you wear.

This is my first post as a guest writer on Landlocked Bride. In my particular case, I would be a Landlocked Groom, though, I am far away from planning my big day. I have, however, provided wedding fashion consulting primarily for grooms in concert with their leading ladies for nearly 5 years now. I stumbled upon this very rewarding opportunity as a retail sales associate at various men’s luxury clothing stores that served as destination spots for formal wear, and have worked with parties boasting 2 to 12 groomsmen.

Some men walk confidently into the store with a firm idea of what they would like to wear on their wedding day. Others do not and bring their fiancés to help provide direction. The former men ultimately do seek permission from their brides-to-be in their final purchase. One thing is uniform – the decision for men’s clothing comes down to that of the bride. Pardon me if I may respectfully ask, but when did brides’ become experts on men’s tailored clothing?

joanna-goddard-first-look Max Wanger via Joanna Goddard 

You, brides, know that you wouldn’t for a second bring your man along when trying on dresses nor would you solicit his input on your final decision. Tradition would have it that you will surprise him the day of your wedding. You may have even dreamt of your ideal wedding well before you met the love of your life. And now with the accessibility of mood boarding sites like Pinterest and Polyvore, you have become your own wedding consultant. Kudos to you. Many men take a back seat to planning (whether by choice or design) and it is up to you and your parents. You do have a hard task ahead of you – one that may take months if not a year to plan. Remember though, at the end of the day, he will be wearing the clothes during the wedding, photos and the reception. So if there is one area where you might take a little pressure off of yourselves, try delegating the men’s clothing decisions to him.

Now, I, your writer, am not naïve to the risky decision you have made entrusting him to look the part while ultimately contributing to the fate of your wedding day photos. What lasts more than the ceremony? … The Photos! Many men might feel significant performance anxiety at the challenge; others may welcome it. But here is an opportunity to have fun with your wedding and to create a very exciting first look – for the both of you.

Bride with Long Veil and Groom First Look Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay via Style Me Pretty

To reiterate, I am aware you have set out to take part in a perfect wedding and throwing caution to the wind is not the first idea that comes to mind. So the biggest step is letting go. Your question to me is likely: How will I know that he and his groomsmen will not ruin my dream wedding? Good question. You don’t. This is where a friend/family member with whom you confide or a certified wedding planner comes into the picture. This individual will serve as a neutral party with your strictest confidences. They will have the implicit task of making sure your clothing decisions do not clash but rather compliment much like an assortment of flowers in a bouquet. I like to call this Wedding Wardrobe Insurance. All the meanwhile, they will maintain the secret wardrobe despite your prying – my eye is on you, brides!

Can you imagine your first look now? Is it more powerful? Seeing him for him and being surprised by his sartorial splendor…

Photographer: Max Wanger / Photographer: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay

The veil I find is an element of a wedding day that often gets overlooked. Some brides cannot wait to wear one while others prefer to skip this tradition. Brides now have a variety of choice as to what type of accessory to put in their hair on their wedding day, but there is something so timeless and romantic about wearing a veil. Whether you choose an elbow length veil with pearl detailing or a long, cathedral length veil with no detail at all, this small accessory can take your breath away; especially with moments captured like the ones below.

Brovado Weddings

 Emily Steffen Photography

Victoria Souza Photography

Becca Dilley Photography

 Scott Lewis Images

 Angie Wilson Photography via Style Me Pretty

Orbie Pullen Photography | Blueberry Photography

Stacy Reeves Photography

Dorota Dybala Photography

Amy Carroll Photography | Jessica Schmitt Photography

From a traditional veil to a flower with a pop of color, there are so many ways to finish your wedding day look from head to toe. What type of hair accessory do you plan to wear for your big day?