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February is here, and February is also known as the month of love. Valentine’s Day is this week, and we’ve got lots of pink and red and love inspired ideas to share with you! Of course weddings and engagements are already inspired by love, but Valentine’s Day has a way of making love seem extra special and stand out just a little bit more. Here are a few of my favorite red, pink and heart inspired trends to consider for your engagement sessions, bridal showers and wedding days. Enjoy!


Elizabeth in Love via Style Me Pretty


Mia Dee Photograph via Confetti Daydreams


Katelyn James Photography via Ruffled Blog


Zac Wolf Photography via Style Me Pretty

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.31.06 AM

Dasha Caffrey via Wedding Chicks


Gabriel Ryan via Green Wedding Shoes


Betwixt Studio via Style Unveiled


White Loft Studio via Ruffled Blog


Francesco Brunello Studio Fotografando via Wedding Chicks


Modern Moments Designs via Hostess with the Mostess


Christa Kimble Photography via Wedding Chicks

So this backyard wedding we’re featuring today is a favorite of mine. It seems as if this bride searched all of Pinterest for DIY, rustic, & backyard weddings and then made  everything that she found happen. I mean that as a compliment in the highest regard, as this wedding is precious, so obviously designed with thought and time, and I might have even clapped my hands and said, “yes!” when I saw all the photos. And then there are Chelsey and Josh themselves; They are too cute for words, you guys. Their images project life and giggles and excitement and all of the love and joy that were so evidently a part of this day and relationship. I’ll stop gushing and just let you look, because you’ll see what I mean.

From the Photographer:

Adorable, vintage, backyard wedding in Roland, Oklahoma. Wedding and reception were both held at the home of the bride’s parents. The bride’s father, a preacher, married the couple. The bride used an array of vintage pieces from family members. Doors from the home of the bride’s great-grandmother were re-purposed to serve as arches and place markers for the ceremony and reception. The bride took a normal pair of nude heels and added vintage flowers and lace to make them her own!

Photographer: Benfield Photography / Catering: Golden Corral / Rental Furniture: Unforgettables / Cake Baker: Sweet Boutique

Navy with hints of pink, a Maggie gown, I Do ‘Something Blue’ shoe stickers, and a Kate Spade ‘Mrs’ necklace… this bride has gone straight after my own heart. This elegant and classic St. Louis wedding is just gorgeous. The gown has just the right amount of sparkle and lace, the candy bar is drool worthy and the flower girl dresses are the most adorable I’ve ever seen (not to mention the little ladies wearing them). The wedding of Natasha and Mike is a perfect reminder of why we all love wedding season. Congratulations to this beautiful couple!  Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3141_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3309_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3225_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3246_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3260_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3204_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3188_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3163_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3153_low Slide1 Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3186_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3350_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3326_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3342_low Slide2 Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3419_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3380_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3373_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3412_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3438_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3494_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3510_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3403_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3523_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3555_low Slide3 Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3465_low Slide4 Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3670_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3757_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3773_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3844_low Slide5 Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3921_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3945_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3969_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4300_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4491_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4426_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4389_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4375_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4354_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4716_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4765_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4759_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4736_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4774_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4797_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4651_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4623_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4579_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4991_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4993_low Slide6 Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC5045_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC5039_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC5007_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC5100_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC5025_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC5206_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC3295_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC5540_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4948_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4802_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4806_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4872_low Shurtz_Dolan_Lindsey_Pantaleo_DSC4897_low

From the Photographer:

Mike and Natasha met through mutual friends several years ago. They fell in love quickly and developed their relationship. They were married at the beautiful Shrine of St. Joesph in St. Louis Missouri April 6th, 2013. Their reception was held at the Renaissance Grand also in downtown St. Louis. Their portraits were taken at Lafayette Park and Washington Avenue. Their wedding day was classic, elegant, and full of love. Natasha’s bouquet stems were wrapped in a sleeve from her mother’s wedding gown. She also wore a MRS necklace by Kate Spade at the reception.

Photographer: Lindsey Pantaleo / Bride’s Dress: Maggie Sottero / Flowers & Decor: The Special Event Florist / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Simply & Forever / Reception Venue: Renaissance Grand / Makeup Artist: Make-up Artistry by A & C / Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade / Invitations & Stationery: I Do Invitations {ETSY} / Groomsmen Attire: Mens Warehouse

I was sold on this wedding after I saw the stunning lace bridal gown, and the hints of baby’s breath (two personal favorites). I absolutely love the bridal party photos around the city of Chicago, and the photos of the bride and groom within the conservatory are breathtaking. Every detail looked flawless, and was documented beautifully. I love how the details of the venue were reflected in their unique, creative wedding cake, and how they incorporated travel details – a big part of their relationship – into the reception decor as well. Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried10_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried17_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried15_low Slide1 Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried80_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried93_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried98_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried70_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried74_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried207_low Slide2 Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried120_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried204_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried110_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried20_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried131_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried162_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried195_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried192_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried197_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried201_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried133_low Slide3 Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried171_low Slide4 Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried189_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried151_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried149_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried220_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried216_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried215_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried229_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried237_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried236_low Slide6 Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried279_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried284_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried272_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried265_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried261_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried522_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried521_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried332_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried293_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried306_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried318_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried287_low Slide5 Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried304_low Slide7 Slide8 Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried352_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried407_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried445_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried448_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried449_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried465_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried476_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried487_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried499_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried387_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried388_low Slide9 Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried396_low Slide10 Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried550_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried548_low Slide11 Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried553_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried395_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried569_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried572_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried575_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried604_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried558_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried557_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried632_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried645_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried655_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried652_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried666_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried648_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried688_low Toms_Brown_Kate_Miller_Photography_KeithLizMarried674_low

From the Bride

Keith and I met in our first week at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2003 (almost ten years ago!) through mutual friends on our way to a football rally. We ourselves were friends until we started dating during our senior year. We had a lot of common interests–such as the same music tastes, listening to and collecting records, hanging out at coffee shops, being outdoors, and our love of reading–but I think our relationship was firmly cemented in our love to travel. Our relationship started with a road trip to go camping in Missouri and in 2007 Keith and I took our first international trip together to Rome, Italy. It’s safe to say that we fell in love not only with the city, but we also fell in love with each other there. That’s why in 2010 on our third trip to Rome, Keith proposed on my favorite bridge, Ponte Sant’Angelo, while we were putting a lock on the bridge. We celebrated the occasion with an established tradition of Limoncello and Guinness in an “Irish Pub.” [He almost proposed in Munich on New Year’s Eve, but he held off in better judgement]. It was a great reflection of our relationship (and why our wedding had hints of our travels and Italy throughout) and it gave us a few days to enjoy being engaged before we told the masses!


Photographer: Kate Miller Photography / Catering: Marcello's / Bride’s Dress: Allure Bridal / DJ: Style Matters DJs / Bride’s Shoes: Sam Edelman / Bride’s Jewelry: J Crew / Groomsmen Attire: Men's Warehouse / Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal / Cake Baker: Luscious Layers Cakes / Reception Venue: Garfield Park Conservatory

I love that this couple chose their wedding date to fall on their 5 year anniversary. I love that this couple had a fall wedding but didn’t incorporate the typical fall wedding colors. I love that this couple got married in Wisconsin. I love that this couple shopped at thrift, antique and second hand shops to gather their wedding decor. I love that this couple incorporated a ‘fall’ themed wedding dessert. But what I love most is that this couple capped off their ceremony with a secret handshake. I think I’ve made it clear how much I love this wedding – from the color scheme to the flowers, the love in the photos and delicate decor, not to mention the adorable cardigan, I just love it all.

Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0001_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0012_low Slide1 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0015_low Slide2 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0025_low Slide3 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0077_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0054_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0060_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0094_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0095_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0112_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0128_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0142_low Slide2 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0130_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0339_low Slide4 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0317_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0327_low Slide1 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0278_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0285_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0185_low Slide7 Slide5 Slide6 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0194_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0221_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0212_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0248_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0297_low Slide3 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0337_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0458_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0465_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0507_low Slide4 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0527_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0570_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0529_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0543_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0558_low Slide8 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0587_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0621_low Slide9 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0421_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0427_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0408_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0447_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0434_low Slide02 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0781_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0778_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0762_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0761_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0787_low Slide03 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0747_low Slide2 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0765_low Slide04 Slide05 Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0772_low Jaeger_Symons_Lisa_Mathewson_Photography_KateJoelWedding0377_low

Lisa Matthewson Photography

Dress: Wtoo Emerson by Watters | Brides Sweater: Betsey Johnson | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Florist: Katie Deffke Designs | Grooms Attire: Tommy Hilfiger | Groomsmen Attire: Tommy Hilfiger | Bridesmaids: | Hair & Make-up: Neroli Salon & Spa | Venue: Milwaukee Co. War Memorial Center | Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas | Catering: Saz’s Catering

From the bride:
We met in the fall (5 years to the day of our wedding) and definitely wanted a fall wedding – but without the traditional autumn colors. With a lakefront ceremony, incorporating colors we liked more – blues & greens – worked perfectly. I had always loved the blue mason jars but wasn’t sure how difficult they would be to find – we stopped in every thrift/antique/secondhand store we passed and hit a few gold mines. We also discovered Fiestaware teacups and other glassware – and vintage Pez dispensers for our guests! Early on, I thought about incorporating apples into the overall look – caramel apples (so fall!) on the dessert table and dark red apples elsewhere. They went well with the deep red dahlias I envisioned (and got!) being the accent to all of our blues & greens. The florals were rounded out by the most lovely collection of succulents a bride could ask for. We wanted our ceremony to be personal & meaningful and asked my brother to officiate, our moms to read, and friends to sing and play music. We capped it off by sealing our vows with a secret handshake.

I first became infatuated with Megan Hamilton when I was searching for a unique and memorable wedding gift to give my mother. When I came across the idea of a custom wedding dress sketch, I knew that I had finally found what I had been searching for. I ended up giving my mother a sketch that had her wedding dress next to my own, and decided to get sketches created for my matrons of honor as well. With different design options to choose from, I couldn’t think of a better keepsake to give a special family member, future mother or sister-in-law, a bride or groom to be, or even to give or receive as an anniversary gift. Megan Hamilton is so talented, her work has been featured in The Knot,  and has also created the logo for a Mississippi Bridal Boutique
il_fullxfull.338174380 il_fullxfull.354736303_n74h il_fullxfull.338051201 il_fullxfull.386454818_31pj
il_fullxfull.386454991_3o4f il_fullxfull.386457046_6j5t

Now you an also get custom iPhone and iPod cases, honeymoon totes, note cards, cake toppers not to mention she designs some beautiful headpieces as well. Be sure to follow Megan on Pinterest, Follow her on Facebook, Check out her ETSY store and read her blog!

These days, there seems to be endless amount of ways that couples meet. There are the childhood crushes, the high school sweethearts, the college lab partners, the relationship that began with a blind date, a Facebook message, or through a mutual friend… whatever the situation, the list goes on.  And with every new relationship, there are sure to be special locations that play a huge part in the story of the relationship as well. Why not recognize these special places with mementos for your home, or items to add to your ETSY Wedding Registry.

greyskiesblue etsy

hereandthereshop etsy
loveandwhiskers etsy
lovecalifornia etsy
hattierex etsy
wordsworkprints etsy
perrodinsupplyco etsy
wanderingfables etsy2
betimeless etsy

 1). Grey Skies Blue | 2). Felix Street Studio | 3). Here and There Shop

4). Love and Whiskers | 5). Love, California 6). Hattie Rex

7). Words Work Prints | 8). Perrodin Supply Company | 9). Modbox
10). Wandering Fables | 11). Be Timeless

The place you met, the state you wed, the island you honeymooned or the location you were engaged; what way do you plan to recognize, display or share these special places?

After addressing hundreds of save the date invitations for our own wedding last summer – a result from arguing with my label printer alignment – I was on a mission to find a more efficient, yet personalizable option. A custom address stamp was the solution. We purchased our first one from expresionery.com, however there are many creative options to choose from that can be found on sites like ETSY (of course)! Whether you are sending save the dates, invitations, thank you’s or Holiday cards; consider custom address stamps. As you watch that guest list grow, you will be happy that you did.

Primele on ETSY

Love to Create Stamps on ETSY

Stephanie Creekmur on ETSY

Note Trunk on ETSY

 Caroline Creates on ETSY

 Chatty Press on ETSY

From elegant, fun, casual, whimsical, simplistic to rustic, there is a stamp that can fit every theme, any time of the year.

The veil I find is an element of a wedding day that often gets overlooked. Some brides cannot wait to wear one while others prefer to skip this tradition. Brides now have a variety of choice as to what type of accessory to put in their hair on their wedding day, but there is something so timeless and romantic about wearing a veil. Whether you choose an elbow length veil with pearl detailing or a long, cathedral length veil with no detail at all, this small accessory can take your breath away; especially with moments captured like the ones below.

Brovado Weddings

 Emily Steffen Photography

Victoria Souza Photography

Becca Dilley Photography

 Scott Lewis Images

 Angie Wilson Photography via Style Me Pretty

Orbie Pullen Photography | Blueberry Photography

Stacy Reeves Photography

Dorota Dybala Photography

Amy Carroll Photography | Jessica Schmitt Photography

From a traditional veil to a flower with a pop of color, there are so many ways to finish your wedding day look from head to toe. What type of hair accessory do you plan to wear for your big day?

Let’s face it, we’re not all getting married in a house of worship.  So, how do you make your ceremony location stand out in a unique way? Flowers are the old standby.  Now, brides, stylists and planners are scouring for fun and unique ways for the altar to pop. Through color, textiles and found objects, the mission is accomplished.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres via Green Wedding Shoes

Having an evening warehouse / loft wedding? Hang strands of light from the ceiling for a simple yet dramatic look (with the added detail of ambient lighting).

Focus Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Your grandfather loved clocks? Honor him with an eclectic collection of vintage clocks as your backdrop. Not only is this quirky and fun, but it’s a nod to your beloved family member.

The Nichols via Style Me Pretty

Jason + Anna Photography via Style Me Pretty

Having an outdoor ceremony? Add streamers to the trees to create a colorful backdrop, and a dramatic element when the wind blows.  Or, use found objects, like Allison did with these old doors, and string a fun phrase to frame the shot.

Paige Newton Photography via 100 Layer Cake

Want to add a pop of color? Aim for something dramatic using colorful textiles and votives, hanging them against a muted wall, from a tree or wherever the color will shine.

Jenny Jimenez via Style Me Pretty

Are you a teacher, or just a lover of chalkboards? Create this backdrop using design cues from your stationer. Not only does it make a fun ceremony backdrop, but it also is the perfect background for your photobooth.

Your ceremony backdrop is the perfect opportunity to add a little flair and personality. How did you (or will you) spruce up your ceremony spot?