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Stationery is an important aspect of a wedding from save the dates to invitations to ceremony programs to menus. With spring just about here, these pretty floral stationery pieces are making their way into inboxes all around the globe. Here’s a peak at a few favorite uses of floral patterns and designs on wedding day invites and stationery. Take a look!


Adrienne Gunde Photography via Style Me Pretty


Michaela Noelle via Anastasia Marie Cards


Kat Willson Photography via Ruffled Blog


Katie Stoops Photography via Wedding Chicks


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Wedding Chicks


Jack and Joanne met when Joanne had almost given up on love. They met on an online dating service and are a perfect match. Their love of the outdoors made them decide on Sedona as a perfect destination wedding location, and you can see it was the perfect place for a summer wedding. The accents of white, brown and green complimented the natural elements perfectly. Take a look at this stunning couple, and their beautiful Arizona wedding. Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1000_low Slide2 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1097_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1122_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1129_low Slide7 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1189_low Slide3 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1223_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1238_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1301_low Slide8 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1328_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1352_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1439_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1481_low Slide4 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1505_low Slide5 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1512_low Slide9 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1555_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1570_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1583_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1610_low Slide10 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1694_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1092_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1790_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1792_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1728_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1808_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1815_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1816_low Slide06 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1830_low

Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak2055_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak2058_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak2060_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak20422_low Slide01 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1020_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak2017_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak2033_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak2038_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak20372_low

How did he propose?
I was taking part in the Teaching American History Grant through my school district and I had been doing a teacher training in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia for a week. Upon completion of the program, Jack came to visit me in Virginia. That night while we were on the beach and I was looking another way he said a bottle had washed up on shore. In the bottle was an old scroll that said:  “Joanne will you marry me?” Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean that night on Virginia Beach I said yes. We then enjoyed our weekend taking in the sites of Washington D.C. On our U.S. Capitol tour our Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake gave us a personal congratulations and told us good luck with our future.

Tell us about your venue.
Poco Diablo Resort was the perfect setting for our wedding. The moment we saw the amazing weeping willow tree that towers over the Sedona gazebo we knew this was where we wanted to get married. In the background you have a beautiful view of the Sedona red rocks and many different lake views as well. There was so much variety on the grounds of Poco Diablo for wedding photos, we knew this was the place! Jill was amazing to work with from Poco Diablo. She is so organized, makes accommodations for your special day, and helps you out with questions and details so that you can really know that you can relax and enjoy your special day! Jill was more than willing to meet with us on a number of occasions to put myself at ease with food selections, set up for the wedding, rehearsal schedule, you name it she was amazing! We used the ballroom for our reception at Poco Diablo and they also had an amazing staff who made and served the guest their plated dinners. Everyone of my guests commented on how great the food was at the wedding! Felipe and his crew did an amazing job so that our guests were very pleased with the delicious food.

Describe the theme and color scheme of your wedding.
Both of us love nature and we decided since it was a summer wedding to have our theme be the outdoors. Our color scheme was white, green, and brown. Our table setting had numbers that I designed with pictures of us around Sedona which was placed in a wood cut out. We had beautiful white and green flowers, green and white party favor boxes, one on each table with a butterfly. Whoever sat in that seat was the winner of the table flower centerpiece. Our guests each attached a leaf onto a framed tree which we now have hung in our hall. We had table setting cards and a basket that were beautifully decorated by my mother with the nature and butterfly theme. My mother did an amazing job decorating the gift card gazebo for the gift table.

One thing you learned?
Planning a wedding has many components and parts. Use your talents to make it your special day! My husband is gifted in money management and spreadsheets and budgets… this was his role. My role was the creativity, theme, favors, design, and layout of the wedding ceremony…. the creative side. Once we established our roles and what we were good at, we had much less stress and not micromanaging each other. It was fun as a project and a true test before the big day!




Flowers & Decor: Mountain High Flowers / Cake Baker: Sedona Cake Couture / DJ: Sedona Sounds / Makeup Artist: Patricia Vega / Ceremony Venue: Poco Diablo Resort / Reception Venue: Poco Diablo Resort / Ceremony Officiant: Rev. Andrew Murphy / Photographer: Tangled Lilac Photography

Kacie and Anthony were wed on a cool 105 summer day on Catawba Island in Lake Erie. And according to their photographer, despite the extreme heat, they still had a successful party – which is apparent from their photos! Kacie wanted to infuse a bit of nautical feel into their day so used a color palette of blush pink and navy and also had guests sign a small wooden paddle instead of a traditional guest book. The details were pulled together beautifully! Now, as Fall nears, lets all take a moment and imagine the breeze blowing through out hair like it did for Kacie and Anthony on their post-ceremony boat ride… Ahhhhhh.

Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_005erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_007erinleighkacieanthony_low
Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_006erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_004erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_020erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_068erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_070erinleighkacieanthony_low Slide2 Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_010erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_011erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_016erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_023erinleighkacieanthony_low Slide1 Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_029erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_027erinleighkacieanthony_low Slide03 Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_032erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_031erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_034erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_035erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_036erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_037erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_039erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_040erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_041erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_042erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_043erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_044erinleighkacieanthony_low Slide05 Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_049erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_050erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_051erinleighkacieanthony_low Slide06
Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_054erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_055erinleighkacieanthony_low Slide11 Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_110erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_111erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_113erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_076erinleighkacieanthony_low Slide10 Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_072erinleighkacieanthony_low Slide12 Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_073erinleighkacieanthony_low Slide08 Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_089erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_085erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_086erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_090erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_091erinleighkacieanthony_low Slide07 Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_102erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_109erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_103erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_109erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_099erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_100erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_101erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_114erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_116erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_115erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_117erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_118erinleighkacieanthony_low Kacie_Anthony_Erin_Leigh_119erinleighkacieanthony_low

From the Bride

When Erin asked me to write something about our wedding I worried that I wouldn’t be able to cleverly tell the story of us – Kacie and Anthony. How would I tell the story of how we met in college and then were reintroduced to one another in Chicago? How would I begin to describe our love for one another and Lake Erie summers? How would I explain our laid back but sophisticated style? I spent a good week worrying about the words I would use to describe our wedding -my gown, the groom’s cake, the flowers, the heat, the crazy fun dance party. Then I realized I didn’t need to find the perfect words because our wedding photos tell our story better than any words could 







Hairstylist: Scarlett O’Hair Salon and Spa / Flowers & Decor: Otto & Urban / Band: E3 Detroit / Ceremony Venue: St. Peter & Paul's Catholic Church / Reception Venue: Catawba Island Club

I have room in my heart for all kinds of weddings; The ones that go all out with detail and things to keep the guests entertained throughout the evening, and the ones that are simple, to the point, and a quiet celebration of love. Today’s wedding is one of the latter, and the sweet intimacy of it all really gets me. The florals and soft lighting are gorgeous, and the venue really made for a cozy feel. Suzanne and Stephen chose to walk down the aisle together, which speaks its own message.

From the Photographer:

This was a 2nd marriage ceremony for Suzanne and Stephen. It was an intimate, small wedding with close family and friends. Suzanne is a pastor and wrote the entire ceremony message and they each wrote their own vows. Having both gone through heartache and disappointment they both felt that God had finally brought them together to find happiness and true love. The gorgeous flowers and decor were provided by The Crimson Petal. Suzanne chose purple and blue for their summer wedding. Kelly with Crimson Petal did an amazing job and the venue looked beautiful. Suzanne wanted to go with a shabby chic look and Kelly nailed it. The ceremony was held at the Chaumette Chapel and the reception was held in the new barn at Chaumette. The chef at Chaumette cooked a wonderful meal outside the barn using a fire pit and brick oven. The couple and their guests enjoyed wine and laughs while watching the sun set over the gorgeous countryside.

Photographer: Simpli Photography / Venue/Catering: Chaumette Winery / Cupcakes: The Cup / Flowers & Decor: The Crimson Petal / Bride’s Dress: David's Bridal / Groom’s Attire: Savvi Formal Wear

This bride and groom had beautiful lakeside, nautical Wisconsin wedding. Although it rained the morning of their wedding day, the ceremony couldn’t have been more perfect, and was full of so many personal touches. And one way to get rid of those pre-ceremony jitters? Why not have a boat cruise with your bridal party BEFORE the ceremony… yup, that’s one way to do it.  ix81k1v5dQV6jgkHRRJ6x4do66yaZ1HRfuswswm3LiE,VW_9MR55CZfZcoL07uWziBYWZD8Wl26Q6pApzZcZCcI OvlFpPtl0Bi9UJidXTWCm960QByMvkfHzrnQH1G6jeQ,7zJRu-IhhZ3Yn4AEQIYnMOv8IiP5I0NBqxqowx7s1VM,EIEyEii4pfvQsIIkQpLJA8H9Cr2_EtvtWz-MKgrwf5E Slide1 NjKcX_EgJqCltedDpXNnXw6JSUyprbY8iFUtPgWA2ww,DbkYqFfYZA2SvnT-0i5IBmXDO_pjLrmK3GT26vvMx00,GCErxxJY-7F2N9s1I93vuXGPSplZQBNvfmhDi1OmR3Y 0h5oeScNoBwml5nCOEgEW0ZwpqErlwzt00w6lBw7VN0,NMIvw6g58nDN5W0ED-w-9P1q3GuUZQu8D05V9_XJ2_w,Yw_ej6XNwGiSLlaAnAI4PjUvPjXKJhTsAjI200AZXUs KHjVZTCyU-ytTauwmG6_R1KxSOBvYfEiqrlquiq9MOI,L3CrN0TJFMWejB3dX_-dBE6Lj-zY5Wm1NeQI_3uhaLI,iYqhDNzwTRG3yzCYoe11dMdFLkiuqZnRQwPMg18jJ64 e8t-7e7d6vHN2xF9gEXw47pBzLygWqHpM8CCZdyfznU,4mlt0frnZd8l6lkqcZY2r1Pj--RL7hexXc3ETX_XmHk,ChDpk6_6f-IPgskszD3ao-ACTeVcXPGF7cJ3TA7m8AU Slide2 4RlzBMokQqg8sGwiTyKvy3dnmeZoaWFzA7HItAFqbdM,nbuot-Exla1-fpDRMGwRLFCEmuuZEmrtwuN8A_REdLc,m_2sEJw-LEmIpNKjai2Y4PT1Xv6pSMGCcvgCXnaV1gU 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From the Bride

Patrick and I met online in 2009. After 3 years of dating, Patrick proposed while we were on vacation in August of 2012. We live in Chicago but decided on Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for a wedding venue. We wanted to be outside and close to the water if possible. I’ve always been obsessed with sailboats and all things nautical. Patrick and I spent a lot of our dating time near and on the water so a nautical themed wedding was perfect for us! When we found the outside venue at Abbey Springs overlooking the lake it was perfect! The whole weekend was us, from the rehearsal dinner boat cruise, the anchor beer glass favors, the invitations and the ceremony. Our wedding ceremony was perfect, especially given that it had rained all day. But by the time the ceremony started, it was a gorgeous evening! Our ceremony was very personal, my uncle was our officiant and close family and friends participated in different ways. My oldest friend (from preschool) and his wife sang “I Won ’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz during the ceremony. The little details of our wedding were some of my favorite parts. My mom and I spent months before the wedding looking for the perfect vases, ribbons and chalkboards for our decor. We used Pinterest and wedding blogs to help come up with some great phrases for our chalkboards as well as the table centerpieces.

One of the best parts of our day was after the first look and wedding party pictures, when we all boarded an old wooden boat to transport us to the ceremony. It was such a fun and relaxing way to spend the hour before the ceremony. We were able to cool off from the heat, have a glass of champagne, and relax with our closest family and friends. We put some great music on the boat speakers and started the celebration! It was a great way to calm my nerves and relax before the whirlwind that was the ceremony and reception! The ceremony was wonderful and went off without a hitch! During the exchange of the rings I was so nervous that I put the ring on the wrong hand! The groomsmen quickly corrected me and we solved the problem after some laughter from the guests. The rest of the evening was filled with wonderful food and drinks, as well as toasts and then we all danced the night away! It rained again during dancing which just cooled everything off! The guys snuck away for some cigars on the balcony overlooking the lake after the rain stopped. Overall it was an amazing day. We are so grateful to our amazing family and friends as well as our vendors who helped make the day possible!








Photographer: Cheryl Jacobs / Flowers & Decor: Crazy for you flowers / Reception Venue: Abbey Springs / Bride’s Dress: Watters / DJ: Toast and Jam

Get ready to see the most adorable flower girl, and such a sweet, loving couple. Tim + Tiffany were married this past June at the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs resort in Salida, Colorado. This is a true mountain setting: three hours southwest from Denver, all through windy mountain roads complete with the stunning front range views. The colors were a rusted orange and light gray. The guest favors were mason jars filled with ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies. What I love most about this wedding and this couple is how much their incorporated the love of their family, and daughter, who was their flower girl. Not only did they have her sign as their witness on their marriage license, she also tried on her mom’s wedding gown while the girls were getting ready. Insert awwww here.
Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_12_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_9_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_7_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_2_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_4_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_11_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_15a_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_16_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_20_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_15_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_18_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_14_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_27_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_1_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_21a_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_21b_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_21c_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_24_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_25_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_23_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_29_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_31_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_32_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_33_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_34_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_35_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_36_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_37_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_38_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_42_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_44_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_46_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_45_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_55_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_53_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_56_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_49_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_51_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_60_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_67_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_75_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_63_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_69_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_47_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_21_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_40_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_41_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_57_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_70_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_78c_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_77_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_79_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_80_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_78a_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_97_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_89_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_90_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_91_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_92_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_94_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_81_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_83_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_84_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_96_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_88_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_85_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_95_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_87_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_71_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_72_low

From the Bride & Groom

We could not be more pleased with how our wedding day turned out. We spent a year and a half planning out every little detail about how the day would go, and everything turned out just the way we wanted it to. We found that flexibility and compromise were the two things that were most important to ensuring a smooth wedding day. If we were ok with some things going differently than we had planned, then we could look at the day as a whole and label it a success. We chose Mt. Princeton Hot Springs as our location because the area is sacred to us. We wanted to be somewhere that represented our love for Colorado, and that had some personal importance to us. Being in that beautiful natural setting with all of our close family and friends was incredible. We have never felt closer to each other than we did on that day. We can honestly say that we would not do anything differently. Every little bump in the road is what made the day memorable to us.” 

My favorite moment of the day (aside from seeing two of my very good friends get married) was when Tiffany climbed up onto Tim’s shoulders (with a little help from her bridesmaids) after the ceremony. That and the cupcakes. The Oreo-topped mini cupcakes were divine. 



Photographer: Urban Safari Photography, Llc / DJ: All Star DJs / Reception Venue: mtprinceton.com

Did someone say color?

Weddings with bright bold color tend to land at the top of my list. I love when a couple just goes for it, using color in every opportunity – from clothing and accessories to flowers, lighting and linens. I mean, I love a classic white on white look, but color speaks to me. Camille and Jeremy used ABODE’s beautiful urban space as the canvas to pop blues and pinks against. So colorful and fun.

Oh, and how could I forget the ceremony in-the-round. Genius idea for ensuring your guests can all see, and to create a more intimate setting.

Photographer: Jaclyn Marie Photography / Flowers & Decor: Moore Flowers / Ceremony Venue: ABODE Venue / Reception Venue: ABODE Venue

Most of us experienced our first snow of the season yesterday. Here in Denver? We hit snow number three for the season. The weird thing is I love winter – the snow, the chill in the air, an excuse to wear every sweater and pair of boots I own. But, I won’t lie, I do long for one 70-degree day here and their. So, where am I going with this?

Emily and Tim. First off, their wedding was outside – it was June after all. Secondly, look how green that grass is. Thirdly, how about the relaxed, classic style of their wedding? It has these beautiful details like the escort cards and chiavari chairs, but then you have the simple and natural backdrop for their wedding ceremony. Sounds like a good mix to me.

Photographer: Justine Bursoni Photography / Band: Travis Wesley Trio / Cake Baker: Sweet Indulgence / Jewelry: Leber Jeweler / Groomsmen Attire: The Proper Suit / Groom’s Attire: The Proper Suit / Bridesmaid Dresses: Ann Taylor / Ceremony Venue: Allerton Park / Reception Venue: Allerton Park / Flowers & Decor: Fleurish Floral Art

I always wanted to get married on the 4th of July. It was my favorite holiday growing up, and I never really shook the notion of having my special day on our nation’s birthday. I’m inspired by the different plays on the traditional color palette, and details that are just subtle enough to give a nod to the holiday without being confused for just any 4th of July bash.

Tasty TrialsGeoff Lung via Martha Stewart Weddings

Photogen Inc. via Minnesota Bride | Martha Stewart Weddings

Mathieu Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs | Photogen Inc. via Minnesota Bride

The Little PeaTinywater, via Style Me Pretty

Lionsgate Designs |  BellaPhotografica via Style Me Pretty

Marilyn KeepsakesEngaged Studio via Style Me Pretty

Cupcakes and Cashmere | Martha Stewart Weddings

Hostess With The Mostess

Happy Fourth of July, everyone, and stay cool!