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The talented Amy Meyerott Photography styled and photographed this e-session with Danielle and Justin in Forest Park early this spring. Amy spotted the perfect secluded spot in the park complete with a bottle of wine, Kate Spade stemware and the most romantic sunset for this gorgeous couple.




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From the Photographer:

We are absolutely smitten with Danielle and Justin. They are the kind of couple you want with you on a bad day. They just make me so happy. They each have wonderful personalities and you can just see their love for one another every time their eyes meet. Justin is in absolute awe of her.

He is the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to let the world know how much he loves her. Danielle has the same feelings towards him. She is his encourager, supporter, and kind heart by his side. When stylizing their shoot, we kept the thought of their September wedding at Chandler Hill Vineyards in mind. The pastel color palette was just perfect for the early spring light… I couldn’t resist letting it pour into my lens.

Though in a lot of landlocked states it doesn’t quite feel like spring yet, this wedding might change that! With the looming thunderstorm, succulents everywhere, and lighthearted feel, Tasha and Adam’s nuptials in my hometown had me almost able to smell the rain in the air at Forest Park.

From the Photographer:

Tasha and Adam’s wedding had a very laid-back, organic feel.  The style of the day was a little vintage garden, a little country and a little industrial.  Being a very laid-back girl at heart, Tasha’s look was very natural, with simple hair and makeup.  She had two pairs of shoes:  one sparkly pair for the ceremony, and her cowboy boots for some pictures.  The ceremony, at the Jewel Box, in St. Louis’ famous Forest Park, was beautiful.  A small thunderstorm rolled through during the ceremony, and it was actually really lovely to listen to the low rumble of the thunder.  Luckily the rain stopped just in time to leave for pictures in Forest Park!   The lush greens, whites, and purples of the flowers and trees, after the rain, perfectly matched Tasha and Adam’s wedding theme.  The reception, at Sqwire’s, was a very laid-back party.  Tasha and Adam’s friends gave them bean-bag goals, that featured their home states, which guest could play outside. It felt like a fun family get together; no pretenses – just love.

Photographer: Kelly Pratt Photography / Getting Ready Venue: Moonrise Hotel / Ceremony Venue: Jewel Box, Forest Park / Caterer/Reception Venue: The Annex at SqWires / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Friend - Reena Karan / Flowers and Cake Topper: Poppies Design Studio / Bride’s Dress: Elizabeth Filmore, Fleur de Lis Bridal Boutique / Bride’s Veil/Hair Accessories: Hairpiece / Jeweler: Lindwedel Jewelers / Bride’s Shoes: Anthropologie / Hairstylist: Philip Johnson Salon / Makeup Artist: Sister; Korey Starkey / Invitations & Stationery: The Firecracker Press, Matty / Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids / Groom/Groomsmen's Attire: Stallone's Formal Wear / Cake Baker: The Cakery / DJ: Tom Rogers

This wedding is the epitome of hand-made. The bride and groom literally built the venue (their farm!) to their specifications, and the bride is a wedding planner and florist, so everything was completely to her specifications. She gave a much more detailed and special account of the day then I could do justice to, so I’ll let the images and the bride speak for themselves!

From the Bride:

For us, everything is about being original and true to self so buying our farm 10 months before we got married was quite exciting and at times a race to the finish.  We had to do a complete face lift to the property.  New barn, new fencing, rebuild the bridge, gut the existing farmhouse, pour concrete in the barns, landscape, sow seed and lay sod…everything!  On top of that is was when the winter temperatures were at some of the lowest they’ve been and the summer was 6 weeks of temperatures between 100-110*f and humid as all get out!   Thank goodness for great friends willing to work for food!! 🙂
With all that said and all the blood, sweat and tears that went into making it ‘ours’ it also came with a cool addition…we could build this to be exactly what we wanted in a venue!!!  I grew up on a cattle & row crop farm in a small town in Missouri and Andys family owned a farm is a small town about 30 mins from me.  The farm we bought was smack dab in the middle of his family, my family and my grandparents farm.  So having a real country wedding was a must for us!  We don’t like the dazzle, divas and glitz of traditional weddings.   We wanted a party…with a wedding on the side.  We wanted all of our guest to come and be comfortable so of course we set the ‘dress code’ of jeans and casual dresses.   We love our family and friends…not what they wear.   
With me being a florist and wedding planner I couldn’t wait to get to work.   I knew exactly what would be fitting for our taste and what our guests would appreciate as well.  I handled the ‘girl’ stuff and Andy was the muscle on the farm.   I planned the wedding and did the flowers and he built the venue for the wedding.   It was a big group effort with lots of help from family and friends.  Without them…it would have been tough. 😉 
We started from the ground up.  What do we like…  Both owning countless pairs of cowboy boots we both insisted on wearing boots.  Which is also what we chose as gifts for our wedding party.   We took them cowboy boot shopping so they could each pick out a style to suit their personality.   With Andy’s Italian roots all the guys shoulders are as broad as a barn and hard as heck to find suit jackets to fit so we chose to have the jackets and shirts custom made to fit the guys and also for the fathers so they would be comfortable.   The girls simple yellow cotton dresses were made by a local gal.  I wanted something simple and with pockets and what wouldn’t require any special undergarments that would be uncomfortable for the girls.  
For Andy, he wore jeans, cowboy boots, crisp white shirts and suit jacket and tie accompanied by longhorn cufflinks to compliment our farm ‘mascot’ of a longhorn.  I wore an Enzoani dress with a vintage inspired belt, cowboy boots and vintage 1940’s jewerly & hairpins.
Now that the attire is out of the way….the fun stuff to me…DETAILS! 😉 
Growing up on farms we were blessed to have access to a lot of truly unique and rustic pieces.  And it means so much more that it’s straight from our family farms.   We made yard signs directing guests using barnwood from both our families barns.  Quilts made by my grandma.  Mason jars my mom has canned in since 1970.  All the hay for the ceremony seating and hayrides was bailed on our farm, our card and gift table was the front door from the original farmhouse and the cake table was made of an old barn door, pastry plates made from antique plates and goblets and the cake base was cut from an extra piece of log we used in creating the log entrance to the farm and multiple antique pieces for accents at the reception mostly found in my grandpas workshop and sheds.  These are pieces I chose to accent with flowers.  I used a mixture of greens and wildflowers to create a simple, country look.  We both like the easy, flowing look of wildflowers so the wedding party bouquets were left open and airy and tied with twine with the guys wearing simple yellow billy ball boutineers. Corsages had a twine bow and table  centerpieces were in anything from mason jars to old lunch pails to vintage flour and sugar containers.     
As guests arrived to the ceremony they were guided to a ‘parking field’ where a fall decorated haywagon would pick them up to transport them to the ceremony where they were asked to take a seat on a haybale and read the ‘newspaper’ which was what we used instead of programs.  It included a story about us, our wedding party, pet section featuring our two American Bulldogs, I Spy game, crossword puzzle and more.  As the 4pm ceremony time arrived the haywagons drove to the farmhouse and barn to pick up the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Once they were dropped off my father and I were escorted by haywagon to the ceremony where we had a single guitar player in the field playing for the wedding.  We had chose to write our own vows which mine mentioned my deep love for Andy and also made mention of his beard.  And Andy professed the love he has for me and also my flaw being my obnixious zebra print bedroom slippers.  As a couple we keep things light and not overly serious and as I mentioned…true to us. Everyone has heard the ‘regular’ wedding vows so making them ours was important to us.  The ceremony was a quick 20 mins.  Then yard games, hayrides and vintage candy awaited guests as they waited for us to finish up pictures and get the reception started!!  Our ‘party bus’ was a ‘party tractor and wagon’ we cruised around the farm getting pictures with the beautiful fall leaves and reveling in the moment. 
Once at the reception we were treated to two of by far the BEST toasts around by my sister Sarah and Andy’s brother Sal.   They had everyone rolling in laughter and tears rolling down their faces.  Guests were seated by homemade seating cards clothespinned to twine on an old picket fence section.  They had a treat of trailmix in a mason jar to snack on.  We purchased brown bags and white wax bags to create ‘pockets’ for silverware and put salt and pepper in the white bags and had a stamp made to label them to keep it all neatly together we fastened it with a brad.   In lieu of a traditional guestbook we had mad-lib style guest cards slipped in each bag that everyone filled out…and they were hilarious to read the next few days after the wedding! After a long day what else do you eat on the farm but BBQ!!  All 400 of our closest family and friends chowed down on BBQ pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken, pork steaks and all the fixins!  After dinner it was on to dessert!  Lots of mini pastries, chocolate and white cake draped in chocolate buttercream, chocolate piped scrolling and brown M&M trim topped with a custom cake topper of Andy, myself and our dogs.  Then…the dancing began.  We had a county band playing all of our favorites and taking requests.   Everyone was a big dancing family enjoying the party..just what we wanted. 😉 
The night came to a close around 2am.  Tired, exhausted, and totally and completely happy we sat in our bar in the recliners eating cake watching the band pack up but all that was heard was crickets and bullfrogs in the distance and all we saw were the bright stars in the sky on a cool fall night.  This night was perfect.  This night was ours.  This was the start to our happily ever after.


Photographer: Hawes Photography / Reception Venue: Andy and Emily's Farm / Catering: Mercenary BBQ / Flowers & Decor: Emily Frisella (the bride!) / Cake Baker: Maggie's Lunchbox / Band: Rough Ryders / Hairstylist: Club Diva Salon / Bride’s Dress: Enzoani / Bride’s Shoes: Chuck's boots

This fall and winter, Shannon of SHD Photography gathered these gorgeous ladies to model among this gorgeous scenery and these stunning backdrops. These images will leave you itching to get into your gowns and celebrate your wedding day. What’s your bride style for your wedding day?

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Photographer: SHD Photography

The beginning of wedding day for Brendon and Jessica began at the farm they purchased to raise their future (and current animal) family. The warm colors and furry details of their wedding day will melt your heart, not to mention the gorgeous St. Louis wedding ceremony to follow. Just wait until you see their adorable pets, both dogs and horses, in these wedding photos.


















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From the photographer:
Brendon and Jessica’s wedding day was filled with a strong sense of family from the first moment on. While Brendon prepared for the day at his parent’s home with all of his groomsmen (including his much loved great dane, Waylon), Jessica and her ladies got ready at the home they purchased to raise their family at as husband and wife. Jessica’s little pup, Boomer, stayed by her side all morning long. Their first look happened on their front porch and their bridal party took most of their images right by the pasture that contained their much loved horses. The photos taken at their home were my favorites of the day. The love Brendon and Jessica have for their pets would warm anyone’s heart. They each had to say “goodbye” to their pups before they left for their ceremony and although the furry ones had to stay at home, several elements of their evening paid tribute to them.

Ceremony Venue: St. Francis Xavier College Church - St. Louis University / Reception Venue: Xavier Grand Ballroom / Makeup Artist: Airbrush Makeup by Chelsey / Hairstylist: Ginger Bay Salon and Spa - Jellica / Flowers & Decor: Kirkwood Florist / Bride’s Dress: Enzoani - Maiden Voyage Bridal / Bride’s Shoes: David's Bridal / Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal / Groom’s Attire: Tommy Hilfiger / Catering: Russo's Catering / Cake Baker: Russo's Catering / Band: Boom / Photographer: Amy Meyerott Photography

Christa and Nick chose their hometown of Cape Girardeau in Southeast Missouri as the perfect spot to become husband and wife and celebrate the day with family and friends. Both Christa and Nick are from Southeast Missouri, were engaged in Cape Girardeau, and although their current home is St. Louis, MO, they both thought that their childhood home in the Bootheel of Missouri was the perfect fit for the two of them.




































About the Big Day:
Christa and Nick had a beautiful, southern style wedding, and it was filled with details that truly made the day meaningful. From the getaway car that was once her father’s mother’s car which Christa’s father fully restored, to the doors of Christa’s great grandparents’ house as a backdrop to the cake, to the barn doors from a close family friend’s barn used as the backdrop to the head table, there were so many truly personal touches in this wedding day, making it beyond memorable for more than just the couple. The wedding gowns of the mothers of both the bride and groom were displayed next to their own wedding photos.

Christa added a twist to the traditional something old, new, borrowed and blue, and instead of using objects to display these things, she used friends. Her Something Old was a high school friend, Something New was a coworker and best friend, Something Borrowed was a newly married friend and Something Blue was Nick’s cousin, as something blue symbolized family and continuity.

In between the ceremony and the reception, the couple, who now calls St. Louis home, had to make a stop at a favorite local college bar to watch the end of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game because in October, true Cardinals fans can’t miss even the tiniest bit of the playoff madness.

Christa and Nick have a very real love for one another, and a true love and appreciation for family and friendship, all of which were displayed on their wedding day.

Photographer: Simply Stated Photography / Ceremony Venue: St. Mary's Cathedral / Reception Venue: Drury Lodge / Flowers & Decor: J Maries / Cake Baker: Kim Goodpasture / DJ: Charlie's Review / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Theresa Kern / Videographer: Claire Bira


So, as I was glancing through these images and saw the bride’s getting ready outfit was Cardinals themed, and that made me like this wedding. I saw how legitimately happy the bride and groom looked in their photos together, and that made me more fond of this wedding. But then I started looking at the reception photos…and I totally lost it because I realized that this wedding was Clue themed and it was so genius I can’t believe I’d never seen it before. It’s likely been done before, as there is rarely something “new” in weddings, but this was so well done and I just adored it.



From the Photographer:

Ellen and Spencer were married in St. Louis, Missouri.  Their ceremony and reception were held at The Mad Art Gallery in Soulard. They both were inspired by The Mad Art Gallery and decided that a conventional and formal reception just wouldn’t do it justice. Ellen is very much into antiques and both are very much into board games. In fact their favorite movie and board game just happens to be Clue. They thought a Clue themed wedding reception would be perfect! Ellen loved the idea of making the reception table into mini rooms featured in the game. both had way to much fun putting it all together. They also included classic black bridesmaid dresses from White House Black Market which they paired with fall inspired bouquets by Focus on Design. Ellen wore a vintage inspired lace gown by Casablanca – 1942 which she paired with her Seychelles heels. Ellen wore a vintage inspired necklace by BrassBoheme (etsy) and Spencer’s wood and titanium wedding band was custom designed by Custom Jewelry by Johan from etsy. Ellen and Spencer are such a fun and outgoing couple! I absolutely loved capturing their special day.

Photographer:  Kristina Cipolla Photography//Jewelry:Custom Jewelry by Johan//Floral Designer: Focus On Design – Schnucks//Hair Stylist:Breathtaking Bride//Reception Venue: Mad Art Gallery//Shoes: Seychelles Footwear//Dress Store:White House Black Market//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

One of the beautiful details I loved about Kristin and Mike’s wedding is her choice to work with a local florist who specializes in local, seasonal, and organic flowers. It’s no secret how near and dear to my heart that is.

But, I digress.

Their wedding day was full of handmade details (from the bride and friends), including the miniature gooey butter cakes that were given away as favors. Please excuse me while I call up Park Ave. to overnight me some gooey butter cake.

Not only are their wedding details modern and clean, but they are beautifully simple, and the yellow and gray color palette complements their wedding venue perfectly.


Photographer: Lisa Dolan Photography / Reception Venue: The Randall Gallery / Flowers & Decor: Flowers to the People / Ceremony Venue: The Randall Gallery

I have room in my heart for all kinds of weddings; The ones that go all out with detail and things to keep the guests entertained throughout the evening, and the ones that are simple, to the point, and a quiet celebration of love. Today’s wedding is one of the latter, and the sweet intimacy of it all really gets me. The florals and soft lighting are gorgeous, and the venue really made for a cozy feel. Suzanne and Stephen chose to walk down the aisle together, which speaks its own message.

From the Photographer:

This was a 2nd marriage ceremony for Suzanne and Stephen. It was an intimate, small wedding with close family and friends. Suzanne is a pastor and wrote the entire ceremony message and they each wrote their own vows. Having both gone through heartache and disappointment they both felt that God had finally brought them together to find happiness and true love. The gorgeous flowers and decor were provided by The Crimson Petal. Suzanne chose purple and blue for their summer wedding. Kelly with Crimson Petal did an amazing job and the venue looked beautiful. Suzanne wanted to go with a shabby chic look and Kelly nailed it. The ceremony was held at the Chaumette Chapel and the reception was held in the new barn at Chaumette. The chef at Chaumette cooked a wonderful meal outside the barn using a fire pit and brick oven. The couple and their guests enjoyed wine and laughs while watching the sun set over the gorgeous countryside.

Photographer: Simpli Photography / Venue/Catering: Chaumette Winery / Cupcakes: The Cup / Flowers & Decor: The Crimson Petal / Bride’s Dress: David's Bridal / Groom’s Attire: Savvi Formal Wear