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Jody and her handsome groom Drew tied the knot at a beautiful local community support farm. All the details of the wedding reflected on their relationship and the things that are important to them. There are truly too many wonderful parts of it to name and it seems more fitting to just let them be observed and enjoyed for what they are.


Photographer:  Julia Vandenoever//Caterer: Pastry Chef Samm Sherman//Dress Store: ECO-Bridal Gowns//Culinary:Garnish Mobile Craft Bartending//Musicians:Touchstone Coyote//Caterer: eat, llc//Other Location: Lyons Farmette//

With lots of snow blanketing the country, it’s perfectly appropriate to share this snowy Aspen style shoot with some really creative details. I’m personally loving the stamped paper goods, hot toddy bar, and glittery accessories.


From the Event Coordinator:

Aspen in the winter is truly magical. We coordinated and styled this shoot at the Aspen Meadows as a slightly different take on the traditional “Aspen winter wedding.” We wanted to offer something a bit more edgy and hipster-esque while still pulling the elements one might expect like antlers, pine cones and flashy cars!

Coordinator/Decor: Bluebird Productions / Photographer: Shannon Grey Photography / Venue/Cake: The Aspen Meadows / Bride’s Dress: Monique Lhuillier from Anna Be Bridal Salon / Bride’s Shoes: Sorel / Groom’s Attire: Ralph Lauren / Hair & Makeup: Mi Hair / Invitations & Stationery: Express Yourself / Flowers: Carolyn's Flowers / Jewelry: Meridian Jewelers / Models: Kate Ryan, Lane Johnson

From the Photographer: 

Kelsey and Cameron were two of the most laid back people I have met. They were full of love and excitement on their wedding day and up for anything. The bridal party was cracking jokes most of the day and troopers for all the photos the bride wanted captured. The toasters had the entire room cracking up laughing in tears with all the jokes and stories and the dance floor stayed packed for the evening. The pianist was a local guy the couple found at a local restaurant and he was amazing to say the least. Kelsey and Cameron were high school sweet hearts and they are continuing their journey together in England next summer!! Two special things to note about the day-the necklace Kelsey wore was made from the stones from her parents wedding rings. Also, Cameron’s best friend was killed 2 years ago so they made a “space” for her in all the photos as the best “man”. So sweet! It was definitely an honor to share this day!

Photographer:  Dash Photography//Hair Stylist:Fraser Hair//Musicians:Riah Finch//Floral Designer: Rustic Urn//Event Venue:Western Riviera//Caterer:Wild Horse Catering//

I don’t know about you, but the end of 2013 was a bit of a whirlwind over here. With Thanksgiving falling so late, Christmas and New Year’s really snuck up on me. I almost didn’t feel ready to start the new year, because I had so little time to reflect on this past one. As I’m taking some time to do that this week, this style shoot featuring the Pantone Color of the Year of 2013 is definitely appropriate. The details (including the bride’s hair!) are absolutely incredible, and the snow is a perfect reflection of the reality for so many across the country right now. The team that put this shoot together did such an excellent job creatively producing/capturing it all.

From the Photographer:

 For this shoot we were inspired by the 2013 Pantone color of the year, emerald green. We wanted the theme to exude elegance, but we weren’t sure how to make it cohesive, until we met the bride. We were completely inspired by her whimsical and edgy style. I mean, how could we not, she had emerald green hair! We also loved the idea of pairing her style with the timeless elegance of the venue, Castle Cliff Estate. In searching for unique ways to incorporate emerald green into our signage, we thought, “what could be more whimsical than Wizard of Oz and the Emerald City?” Therefore, we chose our favorite Oz quote for the lollipop favors, used the yellow brick road as our table name, the Tornado for the cocktail, and a Justin Alexander gown from The Bridal Collection that had a Glenda look. Our florist, Bella Calla’s, inspiration also came to life with our Emerald city where the centerpieces and bouquet displayed the whimsical feel of walking through the forest and poppy fields. The theme also helped with our color scheme, bringing in greens, yellows (yellow brick road), and reds (the ruby slippers).

At Castle Cliff Estate we were able to use existing furniture, which was a nice backdrop to our DIY projects incorporated into the day. Many of our couples ask us about DIY opportunities for their wedding and we thought this was a fun way to showcase our ideas for DIY desserts. We made cupcakes and cake pops and our word of advice is that cake pops are a lot more difficult than they seem- we recommend using a professional, or a lot of trial runs. To go along with the unique feel of the shoot, we loved the cocktail hour marquee sign from Saddle Shoe Signs- and it was in red! We had to incorporate it somehow. Magically, it just so happened that the day of the shoot we had a major snowstorm in Colorado. The snow was not expected, but we were able to take advantage of its beauty, which added to the romance of the day and the stark color contrast.

Photographer:  Autumn Cutaia Photography//Floral Designer: Bella Calla//Event Venue: Castle Cliff Estates//DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Saddle Shoe Signs//Event Planner: Storytellers Events//Bridesmaid Dresses: The Bridal Collection Denver//


From the Photographer: While some prefer a big celebration after they say their nuptials, others prefer a romantic, intimate date with their new spouse. This shoot was my vision of an incredibly romantic, personal elopement in the beautiful Colorado Mountains. One where the only thing that matters is that you’ve vowed to make a life together and that you’re still head over heels. On a night like this, a bride and groom incorporate things that they love and in this case, I picked a few that me and my fiancé love. Red wine, sunset and adventure. I picked Deer Creek Valley Ranch because it’s a peaceful, natural location with a beautiful backdrop. What is more romantic than cuddling up on a boat at sunset with a glass of wine, a good book and the love of your life?

Photographer:  Rayna McGinnis Photography//Bridesmaid Dresses:Jessica McClintock//Floral Designer: Amore Fiori//Hair Stylist:Bedazzled Beauty//Makeup Artist: Brandy M. Rich//Reception Venue: Deer Creek Valley Ranch//



From the Photographer:

This stylized shoot took place in the foothills of Colorado. The purpose of the shoot is to embrace all seasons and to show that there isn’t a specific time of year when you should get married. Inspired by this magical time of year and the nature of Colorado, the table was decorated with ornaments, antlers, walnuts, cookies, evergreen and much more. Using holiday traditions to help collect and create details for the table made it come together perfectly. Incorporating hot cocoa, warm scarfs and love is what this time of year is all about. We wanted a vintage, elegant look for Jackie. Her lace overlay dress accompanied by a strand of pearls with her hair swept to the side gave us just that. Austin tied the whole theme together with just his scarf. The bouquet completed their look with rich reds and forest greens, wrapped like a present with a golden ribbon. 

A couple behind the scenes bloopers – we had unexpected snow, which made this shoot come out even better. We were shooting in 28 degree weather and Austin’s knee surgery got moved to two days before the shoot, he had a brace on and could barely walk! We couldn’t have asked for a better shoot, all the vendors did an amazing job!

Photographer:  KB Digital Designs//Dress Store: Amanda’s Bridal & Tux//Floral Designer: An Affair to Remember//Hair Stylist: Bangz Salon//Makeup Artist: Danica Jardien//Reception Venue: Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield//

Get ready to see the most adorable flower girl, and such a sweet, loving couple. Tim + Tiffany were married this past June at the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs resort in Salida, Colorado. This is a true mountain setting: three hours southwest from Denver, all through windy mountain roads complete with the stunning front range views. The colors were a rusted orange and light gray. The guest favors were mason jars filled with ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies. What I love most about this wedding and this couple is how much their incorporated the love of their family, and daughter, who was their flower girl. Not only did they have her sign as their witness on their marriage license, she also tried on her mom’s wedding gown while the girls were getting ready. Insert awwww here.
Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_12_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_9_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_7_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_2_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_4_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_11_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_15a_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_16_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_20_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_15_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_18_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_14_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_27_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_1_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_21a_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_21b_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_21c_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_24_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_25_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_23_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_29_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_31_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_32_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_33_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_34_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_35_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_36_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_37_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_38_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_42_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_44_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_46_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_45_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_55_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_53_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_56_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_49_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_51_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_60_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_67_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_75_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_63_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_69_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_47_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_21_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_40_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_41_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_57_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_70_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_78c_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_77_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_79_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_80_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_78a_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_97_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_89_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_90_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_91_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_92_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_94_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_81_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_83_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_84_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_96_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_88_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_85_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_95_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_87_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_71_low Stanley_Jantz_Urban_Safari_Photography_Ltd_72_low

From the Bride & Groom

We could not be more pleased with how our wedding day turned out. We spent a year and a half planning out every little detail about how the day would go, and everything turned out just the way we wanted it to. We found that flexibility and compromise were the two things that were most important to ensuring a smooth wedding day. If we were ok with some things going differently than we had planned, then we could look at the day as a whole and label it a success. We chose Mt. Princeton Hot Springs as our location because the area is sacred to us. We wanted to be somewhere that represented our love for Colorado, and that had some personal importance to us. Being in that beautiful natural setting with all of our close family and friends was incredible. We have never felt closer to each other than we did on that day. We can honestly say that we would not do anything differently. Every little bump in the road is what made the day memorable to us.” 

My favorite moment of the day (aside from seeing two of my very good friends get married) was when Tiffany climbed up onto Tim’s shoulders (with a little help from her bridesmaids) after the ceremony. That and the cupcakes. The Oreo-topped mini cupcakes were divine. 



Photographer: Urban Safari Photography, Llc / DJ: All Star DJs / Reception Venue: mtprinceton.com

I am a complete sucker for boutique hotels, and I will go extremely out of my way on road trips or while traveling to find one that ‘speaks’ to me and my sense of style. Maybe its the crazy artist lady in me? But, I think that these little (or sometimes big) gems can be a great inspiration for theme ideas for weddings or really fun honeymoon stays. Whether its a reception venue or a place to lay your head while exploring during your honeymoon, these hotels are rich in style and decor. So, let the list below inspire you from theme to decor to getaway goodness!

Hotel Red

HotelRED in Madison, Wis.

Bright pops of color (just wait until you see the bridal party shoes) a little bit of vintage flair, a day starting at a magnificent cathedral and ending at a cozy art gallery – this wedding has a perfect combination of traditional and modern. One element that I love is that the bride chose a shorter veil. Typically in a ceremony venue as extravagant as the one they were married in, you see brides with long, cathedral or chapel length veils, and I love how this bride took the less traditional route and topped it off with a big chunky pearl necklace. Breathtaking. I also love that the dogs are captured during the getting ready shots, and especially that the whole family was involved in such a special aspect of the day before the bride walked down the asile.

Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery1_low Slide1 Slide1 Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery16_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery25_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery22_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery23_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery20_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery19_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery35_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery14_low Slide2 Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery28_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery30_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery38_low Slide3 Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery40_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery46_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery43_low Slide5 Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery44_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery45_low Slide4 Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery50_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery52_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery54_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery56_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery57_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery60_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery63_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery67_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery68_low Slide2 Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery74_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery82_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery80_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery76_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery83_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery85_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery87_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery88_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery90_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery91_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery92_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery93_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery110_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery112_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery108_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery99_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery96_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery97_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery103_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery100_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery101_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery104_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery113_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery114_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery115_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery105_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery106_low Moll_Borden_Lori_Kennedy_Photography_lorikennedyphotographyartworknetworkgallery107_low

From the Photographer
Megan and Joe are two optometrists with an eye for vintage-modern details. The bride, whose family is from the Midwest, wanted their families to enjoy both the vintage and modern flair that Denver has to offer, from a ceremony in the historic Cathedral Basilica to the art gallery space where they enjoyed their reception, Artwork Network. With those two ceremony and reception locations, they complemented the vintage and modern theme with vintage greys and colorful salmons and pinks.

Photographer: Lori Kennedy Photography / Catering: Footers Catering / Flowers & Decor: The Garden Path Co. / Cake Baker: Azucar Bakery / Ceremony Venue: Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

When I first stepped foot into Colorado almost seven years ago, I knew I had to call it home. See, I grew up in Florida and beaches are nice and all, but seeing snow-topped peaks, and trees that turned amazing hues of red and orange and yellow and other colors I can’t even put words to, won my heart in a millisecond. I was hooked! I think that it is this natural beauty that makes this landlocked region an amazing location for not only weddings, but intimate honeymoon getaways! Doesn’t just sounds so romantic waking up to freshly fallen snow softly blanketing everything outside while sitting by a fire snuggled up to someone special. A really great way to experience that is through some of the Front Range’s amazingly cozy and romantic bed and breakfasts. But these aren’t your typical bed and breakfasts with lace, your grandmother’s antiques and those creepy dolls that seem to stare you at you no matter where you go in the room. These B&Bs offer a timeless, yet modern, feel with all the luxurious amenities, décor and more that you’d get at any other city hotel or resort. We’ve collected a few of our favorites tucked into the corners of the Front Range.

Arrowhead Manor is a luxury bed and breakfast in Morrison, Colorado, near Denver. It offers incredible mountain views private balconies, luxury linens and modern meets antique décor.

Arrowhead1 Arrowhead2 Arrowhead3 Arrowhead Manor

The Highland Haven Creekside Inn can be found in Evergreen, Colorado, and offers a modern touch to the typical bed and breakfast experience. You’ll find warm woods, private entries, and a sleek, modern aesthetic in the guest suites and common areas. Plus who could resist an inn that serves Romance welcome packages, including one with champagne and a “Cuddle Blanket”?

Highland-Haven-Creekside-Inn-photos-Room-Interior Blue-Spruce-new-room-980x500 Outside-Povy-980x500 Highland Haven

For the still urban loving couple looking for a unique place to stay, The Queen Anne Urban Bed and Breakfast offers sleek décor and an urban oasis in the heart of Downtown Denver married with historic architecture.

167807_10150386794395455_90689_n 478692_10151668713850455_2126494981_o

4327_176920720454_886369_n Queen Anne Urban Bed & Breakfast