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February is here, and February is also known as the month of love. Valentine’s Day is this week, and we’ve got lots of pink and red and love inspired ideas to share with you! Of course weddings and engagements are already inspired by love, but Valentine’s Day has a way of making love seem extra special and stand out just a little bit more. Here are a few of my favorite red, pink and heart inspired trends to consider for your engagement sessions, bridal showers and wedding days. Enjoy!


Elizabeth in Love via Style Me Pretty


Mia Dee Photograph via Confetti Daydreams


Katelyn James Photography via Ruffled Blog


Zac Wolf Photography via Style Me Pretty

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.31.06 AM

Dasha Caffrey via Wedding Chicks


Gabriel Ryan via Green Wedding Shoes


Betwixt Studio via Style Unveiled


White Loft Studio via Ruffled Blog


Francesco Brunello Studio Fotografando via Wedding Chicks


Modern Moments Designs via Hostess with the Mostess


Christa Kimble Photography via Wedding Chicks

This fall and winter, Shannon of SHD Photography gathered these gorgeous ladies to model among this gorgeous scenery and these stunning backdrops. These images will leave you itching to get into your gowns and celebrate your wedding day. What’s your bride style for your wedding day?

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Photographer: SHD Photography

I am a sucker for a good antique. It may be because I’m a bit of an old soul, but something about real, wooden furniture and armoires of old just make me giddy and ponder what their past lives were. I’ve noticed that more and more brides are utilizing them for their ceremonies and receptions in a variety of ways. We’ve collected below a few of our favorites.

Antique Style Me Pretty Antiques Fancy Pants Weddings Antiques Clayton Austin Antiques frames antiques vintage-wedding-furniture_0

How would you incorporate antique pieces into your wedding? Just a touch for table numbers or a full seating area?

This wedding is breathtaking for so many reasons – the details, the dress, the DIY, and especially the love you can see between this beautiful couple, and the friends and family surrounding them on their special day. Studio 29 captured so many beautiful images of this wedding; photos that every bride only dreams of having to reflect back on from their wedding day. I always love having the opportunity to feature a Wisconsin wedding, and this is definitely not one to miss. studio29_photography_0968 studio29_photography_0969 studio29_photography_0971 studio29_photography_0970 studio29_photography_0972 studio29_photography_0973 Slide1 studio29_photography_1012 studio29_photography_0977 studio29_photography_0980 studio29_photography_0981 studio29_photography_0979 studio29_photography_0982 studio29_photography_0991 studio29_photography_0985 studio29_photography_0986 studio29_photography_0996 studio29_photography_0995 Slide7 studio29_photography_1002 studio29_photography_0998 studio29_photography_0997 Slide3 studio29_photography_1008 Slide4 studio29_photography_1009 studio29_photography_1010 studio29_photography_0988 studio29_photography_0993 studio29_photography_0994 studio29_photography_0992 studio29_photography_0974 studio29_photography_0975 studio29_photography_1023 studio29_photography_1014 studio29_photography_1017 studio29_photography_1016 studio29_photography_1018 studio29_photography_1019 studio29_photography_1021 studio29_photography_1020 studio29_photography_1026 studio29_photography_1024 studio29_photography_1028 studio29_photography_1031 studio29_photography_1029 studio29_photography_1030 studio29_photography_1022 studio29_photography_1032 studio29_photography_1036 Slide06 Slide07 studio29_photography_1042 studio29_photography_1038 Slide08 studio29_photography_1045 studio29_photography_1046 studio29_photography_1050 Slide09 studio29_photography_1051 Slide10 studio29_photography_1054 studio29_photography_1058 studio29_photography_1057 studio29_photography_1063 studio29_photography_1061 studio29_photography_1062 studio29_photography_1060 studio29_photography_1059 studio29_photography_1067 studio29_photography_1066 studio29_photography_1068 studio29_photography_1055 studio29_photography_1065 studio29_photography_1064

From the Bride:

How Amanda & Mike met?  A mutual friend set us up after Mike saw me at the grocery store.

How Mike proposed? Mike proposed to me in Mercer, WI last summer.  My boss said we could use his cabin and fishing boat for the weekend.  Mike knows I love to fish and the cabin is located on Long Lake.   To give you some background my Grandpa Wayne and I were really close.  He passed away about 6 years ago.  I looked up to him so much and we would stay up late nights eating pickled herring (it’s a Norwegian thingJ) and just talking.  I miss him and think of him every day.   My grandpa Wayne made me a tackle box with all of his old fishing lures and made a label on the tackle box with my name on it.   Unfortunately, Mike did not get to meet my grandpa, but I tell him stories about my grandpa all the time.  Mike and I went fishing that day in the very early morning.  We were casting and not getting any bites.  Mike usually sets up my pole for me with one of his lures.  After a while, Mike suggested I try one of my grandpa’s lures for good luck.  I was showing Mike the different lures my grandpa put in there to get his take on which one was good.  He told me to just pick a good old one so I did.  I gave it to Mike to put on my pole and he tied the ring on the lure.  He got down on one knee, handed it to me, and asked me to marry him.   I was very surprised and of course, I said yes!!

Favorite part of the day?  My favorite part of the day was the emotion in Mike’s face when I walked down the aisle.  All my nervousness went away when I saw him.  Second part was my Dad and my sister singing our first song.

Hardest part of planning?  Prioritizing what needs  to be done first.  Then, the little things you forget about closer to the date.

Advice for future brides?  The day will go by so fast to try to take a step back during every moment and look around and take it in.

Why you chose the venue you did?  It was such a beautiful, peaceful place.  It had so much opportunity to show your sense of style.  It was also more of a relaxing place, and we could camp there afterwards.

//Other Details//

All decorations made by Kelly Fjerstad (Mother of the Bride) Table Runners; Burlap with Lace edges, Mason jars were filled with baby’s breath flowers, Gift Table: 2 Whiskey Barrels & old wooden door, painted wooden frames with names of wedding party on the glass, guest sign in bench, invitation framed in window. 


Photographer: Studio 29 / Bride’s Dress: Lazaro / Bride’s Shoes: DSW / Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff / Hairstylist: Hair and Body Solutions / Reception Venue: Wern Valley / Cake Baker: Sweet Selections / Band: David Marshall Band / Flowers: Sentry Foods

Today we are spotlighting a wonderful little ETSY ship called Plumed. Weather you’re looking for a personalized gift for the newlyweds, or are looking for unique items to personalize your own wedding decor, this is an adorable place to look. From ring bearer pillows, to the perfect home accent, these pillows are sure to make a statement or two, not to mention are a fantastic keepsake. Check out their shop today!

il_570xN.362819083_30rl il_570xN.471115131_pjkc il_570xN.268623955 il_570xN.268659168

Would you love to receive a Plumed pillow as a gift? I know I would.

Although you may be having a rustic, whimsical or vintage themed wedding this year, it’s no surprise that women and brides alike still enjoy a little sparkle from time to time. Below are 5 ways in which you can incorporate sparkle into your big day!

1) The Linens

Brooke Mayo Photography via Southern Weddings

2) Your Bridal Party Carter0389(pp_w669_h446)

Jen & Chis Creed Photographers

3) Your Invitation Suite

NewSets-1067 NewSets-1069

Jupiter + Juno

4) Your Cake


B.Loved Weddings

5) The Table Decor (Table Numbers)


Ruffled Blooms on ETSY

How do you plan on adding some sparkle to your big day?

So, I’m pretty excited about today’s post. I can’t take any of the credit for it – that all goes to my friend, Tyler. The “first look” planning and day-of attire is almost always planned by the bride; rarely is the groom involved. So, I love Tyler’s take on the first look, and I’m hoping to see some of you grooms play a bigger role in what you wear.

This is my first post as a guest writer on Landlocked Bride. In my particular case, I would be a Landlocked Groom, though, I am far away from planning my big day. I have, however, provided wedding fashion consulting primarily for grooms in concert with their leading ladies for nearly 5 years now. I stumbled upon this very rewarding opportunity as a retail sales associate at various men’s luxury clothing stores that served as destination spots for formal wear, and have worked with parties boasting 2 to 12 groomsmen.

Some men walk confidently into the store with a firm idea of what they would like to wear on their wedding day. Others do not and bring their fiancés to help provide direction. The former men ultimately do seek permission from their brides-to-be in their final purchase. One thing is uniform – the decision for men’s clothing comes down to that of the bride. Pardon me if I may respectfully ask, but when did brides’ become experts on men’s tailored clothing?

joanna-goddard-first-look Max Wanger via Joanna Goddard 

You, brides, know that you wouldn’t for a second bring your man along when trying on dresses nor would you solicit his input on your final decision. Tradition would have it that you will surprise him the day of your wedding. You may have even dreamt of your ideal wedding well before you met the love of your life. And now with the accessibility of mood boarding sites like Pinterest and Polyvore, you have become your own wedding consultant. Kudos to you. Many men take a back seat to planning (whether by choice or design) and it is up to you and your parents. You do have a hard task ahead of you – one that may take months if not a year to plan. Remember though, at the end of the day, he will be wearing the clothes during the wedding, photos and the reception. So if there is one area where you might take a little pressure off of yourselves, try delegating the men’s clothing decisions to him.

Now, I, your writer, am not naïve to the risky decision you have made entrusting him to look the part while ultimately contributing to the fate of your wedding day photos. What lasts more than the ceremony? … The Photos! Many men might feel significant performance anxiety at the challenge; others may welcome it. But here is an opportunity to have fun with your wedding and to create a very exciting first look – for the both of you.

Bride with Long Veil and Groom First Look Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay via Style Me Pretty

To reiterate, I am aware you have set out to take part in a perfect wedding and throwing caution to the wind is not the first idea that comes to mind. So the biggest step is letting go. Your question to me is likely: How will I know that he and his groomsmen will not ruin my dream wedding? Good question. You don’t. This is where a friend/family member with whom you confide or a certified wedding planner comes into the picture. This individual will serve as a neutral party with your strictest confidences. They will have the implicit task of making sure your clothing decisions do not clash but rather compliment much like an assortment of flowers in a bouquet. I like to call this Wedding Wardrobe Insurance. All the meanwhile, they will maintain the secret wardrobe despite your prying – my eye is on you, brides!

Can you imagine your first look now? Is it more powerful? Seeing him for him and being surprised by his sartorial splendor…

Photographer: Max Wanger / Photographer: Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay

Investing effort into designing place settings is something a lot of people don’t think to do or don’t find important because they use the rentals that come included with their venue or caterer. While it isn’t necessary to choose uniquely designed place settings, they can really bring a lot to the table, literally. The table is often the place the majority of guests spend the most of their time during the reception, so if you have the option to dress it up a little, it’s a good investment.

1: Photo by Jill Thomas, via Inspired by This 2: Photo by Trent Bailey, designed by Desiree Spinner, stationery by Cherish Paperie via Inspired by This 3: Photo by Sarah Yates, design by Sitting In a Tree 4: Photo by: Jillian Rose Photography via A Charming Occasion 5: Photo by Kim Le Photography via SMP 6: Jose Villa via Design Sponge 7: Photo by Swoon Over It Photography, design, styling and stationary by Momental Designs via GWS 8: Photo by Jeanna Hayes, design by: Amy Atlas Designs via The Sweetest Occasion  9: Photo by: Daniel Mast, design by: Events by Sarah Elizabeth via Wedding Chicks 10: Photo by: Marisa Holmes Photography via Canvas & Canopy Events

A couple months back, Lindsay posted a ton of lace apparel inspiration, and I’m not (nor do I suspect I will ever be) sick of lace yet. I gathered up some lovely lace bridal accessory finds, most of which are handmade, to add a delicate dose of pretty to your wedding.

Garters: Emily Riggs via SMP, Headpiece: Stitch From The Heart, Nail Art: Nature Nails by Tenshi no Hana, Necklace: Hallomall

Parasol: kolus79, Gloves: MySecretFace, Shoes: Chinese Laundry, Headband: Twigs & Honey

Do you have any lace accessories or details in your wedding?

With fall slowly coming upon us, I’m loving outdoorsy, rustic details. And what’s more outdoorsy than wood? Whether it looks like it was just chopped down, or it’s beautifully polished, or if it’s just a woodgrain pattern, these details bring an earthy yet sophisticated feel to a wedding.

Wooden Sign via One Wed | Tags via Etsy | Ring via Perfect Wedding Ring | Ceremony Decor via SMP | Invitation via Etsy | Wooden Centerpiece via Ruffled | Runner via SMP | Chargers via Wedding Chicks   | Centerpiece Base via SMP | Boutonniere via Etsy  | Luminaries via Spearmint Wedding | Escort Card Holder via Ruffled | Wedding Album via Etsy  | Aisle Markers via Intimate Weddings | Cake via Wedding Chicks