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Like the ’49ers of yesteryear, the smalltown of Lincoln is often overlooked by brides seeking more glamorous and glitzy honeymoon locales. However, its smalltown charm, historic brick warehouses, and cozy accommodations offers a perfect location for a hometown honeymoon. The city still has hip, urban appeal in the Haymarket, an entertainment destination with art galleries, cafes, restaurants and bars. For accommodations, they have top brands and cozy inns to fill any couple’s needs. To satisfy your taste buds, the city is on board the food truck trend and offers locally owned and operated restaurants with numerous cuisines. Try Sasquatch Bakery for out-of-the-box sweets. For a finer palette, try Billy’s Restaurant, set in a townhouse built in 1887, offering eclectic dishes as well.For the outdoorsy newlyweds, the city also offers numerous, breathtakingly beautiful escapes, including Holmes Park and Lake, Pioneer Park Nature Center and Hazel Able Park. Lincoln Bed and Breakfast is a short distance away from Holmes if you want to emerse yourself in the scenery full-time. Below you can find some of that scenery and a few peeks into what Lincoln has to offer:


Sasquatch Bakery

Sasquatch Bakery


I am a complete sucker for boutique hotels, and I will go extremely out of my way on road trips or while traveling to find one that ‘speaks’ to me and my sense of style. Maybe its the crazy artist lady in me? But, I think that these little (or sometimes big) gems can be a great inspiration for theme ideas for weddings or really fun honeymoon stays. Whether its a reception venue or a place to lay your head while exploring during your honeymoon, these hotels are rich in style and decor. So, let the list below inspire you from theme to decor to getaway goodness!

Hotel Red

HotelRED in Madison, Wis.

I was born with that infuriating middle ground of artistic talent. I can get away with a basic sketch and I can design you a business card, but I will never paint you a picture that will bring you back in time or take your breath away. But, I truly appreciate and value those who can.

That’s why I’ve chosen “The Art Coast of Michigan,” or Saugatuck/Douglas County, as today’s Hometown Honeymoon. It’s not far from many of you Landlocked Brides and its an art mecca that has stood the test of time. It began as an artist colony in the late 19th century and today offers gorgeous scenery, adorable lodging, art galore, and even its very own beach, Oval Beach on Lake Michigan. Below, we’ve collected a few images, places, local art, and scenery to inspire you to plan your own honeymoon in the area or even to just inspire your planning and dreaming for your big day.



MI5 MI8 MI10 MI Art MI13

 Crane Orchards & Cider Mill  . Maplewood Hotel  . Ivy Inn 

The Felt Mansion  . Oval Beach . Sweetwater Sailing . Saugatuck Boatcruises

Treats & Trifles  . Peterson Mill . Oval Beach

Have you been to Saugatuck? What did you like best about it? What other small-town Michigan hideaways would you recommend for a honeymoon?

When I first stepped foot into Colorado almost seven years ago, I knew I had to call it home. See, I grew up in Florida and beaches are nice and all, but seeing snow-topped peaks, and trees that turned amazing hues of red and orange and yellow and other colors I can’t even put words to, won my heart in a millisecond. I was hooked! I think that it is this natural beauty that makes this landlocked region an amazing location for not only weddings, but intimate honeymoon getaways! Doesn’t just sounds so romantic waking up to freshly fallen snow softly blanketing everything outside while sitting by a fire snuggled up to someone special. A really great way to experience that is through some of the Front Range’s amazingly cozy and romantic bed and breakfasts. But these aren’t your typical bed and breakfasts with lace, your grandmother’s antiques and those creepy dolls that seem to stare you at you no matter where you go in the room. These B&Bs offer a timeless, yet modern, feel with all the luxurious amenities, décor and more that you’d get at any other city hotel or resort. We’ve collected a few of our favorites tucked into the corners of the Front Range.

Arrowhead Manor is a luxury bed and breakfast in Morrison, Colorado, near Denver. It offers incredible mountain views private balconies, luxury linens and modern meets antique décor.

Arrowhead1 Arrowhead2 Arrowhead3 Arrowhead Manor

The Highland Haven Creekside Inn can be found in Evergreen, Colorado, and offers a modern touch to the typical bed and breakfast experience. You’ll find warm woods, private entries, and a sleek, modern aesthetic in the guest suites and common areas. Plus who could resist an inn that serves Romance welcome packages, including one with champagne and a “Cuddle Blanket”?

Highland-Haven-Creekside-Inn-photos-Room-Interior Blue-Spruce-new-room-980x500 Outside-Povy-980x500 Highland Haven

For the still urban loving couple looking for a unique place to stay, The Queen Anne Urban Bed and Breakfast offers sleek décor and an urban oasis in the heart of Downtown Denver married with historic architecture.

167807_10150386794395455_90689_n 478692_10151668713850455_2126494981_o

4327_176920720454_886369_n Queen Anne Urban Bed & Breakfast