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Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes…. now, that’s a lot of lakes. This can only mean that there must also be 10,000 amazing waterfront and outdoor wedding venues in Minnesota to choose from right? Well, not quite that many, but there are definitely some outdoor and waterfront venues that are worth taking a look at. There are different venues to fit different size guests lists and different wedding styles. From rustic to elegant, traditional to something a bit more modern, Minnesota has it all. For all the Landlocked Minnesota brides out there, be sure to take note, and for the Landlocked brides in the surrounding areas, hopefully you are able to find some inspiration. I’ll let the photos take it from here…

1) Eagle Lake – Willmar, Minnesota

Presentation1 water shelley

{Shelley Paulson Photography}

2) Mill City Museum – Minneapolis, MN

kristenerickson photogrpahy

{Rivets & Roses Photography via The Knot}

erinjohnson erinjo {Erin Johnson Photography}

 3) Round Barn Farm – Red Wing, MN

roundbarn360 roundbarn roundbarn 360 {Studio 360}

4) Maddens on Gull Lake – Brainerd, MN

shelleypaulson maddens brainard maddens shel {Shelley Paulson Photography}

5) The Outing Lodge – Stillwater, MN

geneoh phogoraphy geneoh photography outing lodge geneoh photograph

{Geneoh Photography}

I Am thrilled to post a Minneapolis wedding, especially one as gorgeous as this! The Semple Mansion is a beautiful venue that offers so many different options for photos. From the mansion itself to the grounds that surround it, these natural backdrops were a perfect accent to the soft blush tones of the bouquets and romantic gold tones of the bridal party attire. However, what I love even more than this timeless venue is the truly contagious smile of the bride, Kate. A beautiful smile, a beautiful couple and a truly breathtaking, beautiful wedding day.

3 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG32699_low 5 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG332313_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG335917_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG334315_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG335216_low 6 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG339122_low 7 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG341025_low 8 9 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG369550_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG375951_low 10 Presentation1 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG398769_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG402171_low 11 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG409676_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG412178_low 12 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG421186_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG426990_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG426289_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG423587_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG416880_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG419985_low 13 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG428291_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG429792_low 111 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG433897_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG435098_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG4296130_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG4397102_low 21 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG4436107_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG4399103_low 18 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG4518116_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG4516115_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG4573118_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG4626120_low 122 Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG4714123_low Amann_OFallon_Paige_Winn_Photo_IMG4800129_low

Paige Winn Photography



Big knit sweaters, football, pumpkin spice lattes, football, the changing leaves and did I mention football?  These are the reasons why I absolutely love Fall! With September around the corner and the start of football season underway, what a better way kick off this approaching season then with couples who share the same love for their home team as they do for each other.

Mark Hawkins Photography | Lisa Mathewson Photography | Molly Marie Photography

Krakora Studios

Photo via The Gazette | Corey Ann Photography | Brian Kellogg Photography

Corey Ann Photography | Karen Lisa Photography | Studio314 Photography | Jason Aten Photography

Todd Pellowe Photography

Holly Birch Photography | A Girl in Love Photography | Photo via AnnArbor.com | Larry Gindhart Photography

Sweet Little Photographs via Ruffled Blog

Mark Hawkins Photography

So who’s ready for some football??

My fab friend and photographer, Lisa Hessel posted some seriously awesome photos from a wedding she recently shot. I cannot wait to share them all, but in the meantime, I HAD TO share these two.

Carl’s Drive-Inn is a local fave hot spot. I was surprised to hear when I found out not too many people know of this delish spot (which is totes unfortunate). It also happens to literally be down the street from where I live (I’m talking within walking distance people). If you’re look for delish diner food and awesome homemade root beer, Carl’s is THE place to go.

The bride even had these awesome aprons made for the wedding party so they could eat without making a mess. You have no idea how jealous I am of this idea right now. My mouth is watering.

Images courtesy of Lisa Hessel Photography

Recently, a local woman was gifted a wedding, and her story seriously touched everyone that heard about.  And, with the success of her wedding, many other wedding professionals in town have reached out to the founder of The Gifted Wedding to express their interest in donating their services to help the next couple in St. Louis.

Image courtesy of The Gifted Wedding

Some background:  The Gifted Wedding is an organization which is dedicated to giving couples who have a terminal illness, disability, or a unique financial situation, the wedding or vow renewal of their dreams.

Let me explain. Anna Jimenez married her husband nearly 15 years ago in a small courthouse ceremony. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (also known as ALS), and had expressed to her friends and family how she wished she could have had a bigger wedding with their family and friends. A friend of hers, and bridesmaid contacted several vendors in the area to see if they would be willing to donate their venues or services. She was amazed with the response that she received. It was then that Dawn Thornton founded The Gifted Wedding.

Image courtesy of Under Grace Photo

I wanted to share this with all of you, so you can begin to spread the word. Spread the word to professionals, and spread the word to family and friends who you feel may benefit from this. They are looking for their next couple. But, they also need support. Support from local vendors and support from anyone and everyone.

Visit The Gifted Wedding website to find out more information and to donate.