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From the Photographer:
Tara and I went to school together and since we graduated I have had so much fun seeing her and Dan’s cute pictures on Facebook and Instagram! Without knowing Dan, I knew that he was Tara’s other half! Shortly after getting engaged, Tara contacted me and said that she wanted me to photograph their wedding, and I was obviously beyond happy! And it only got better from there. They are getting married at the adorable New Children’s Museum in San Diego, California next year (that I CANNOT wait to photograph), AND she asked if I would go out to Denver (their new home town) for a destination engagement session to photograph their engagement portraits, yes please!!! I such had a fantastic time running around Denver with this super fun, adorable couple! Dan had Tara laughing the whole time, and they made me feel so welcome – it was seriously so fun!








From the Bride-to-be:
This is our final year at Marquette University before graduating and getting married. So, we decided to meet on campus just before classes resumed and found some beautiful haunts for our engagement pictures. We wanted to celebrate our love and document some time in one of our favorite places before getting married and taking the next steps in life!

The stark beauty of Fall and Winter, the ominous skies, and the warm smiles of this happy couple. A scene I’ll never ever tire of.

natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-1 natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-2 natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-3 natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-4 natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-5 natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-6 natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-7 natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-8 natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-9 natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-10 natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-11 natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-12 natalie-champa-jennings-outdoor-saint-paul-minneapolis-engagement-13

julie-franzosa-photography-illinois-engagement-1 julie-franzosa-photography-illinois-engagement-2 julie-franzosa-photography-illinois-engagement-3 julie-franzosa-photography-illinois-engagement-4 julie-franzosa-photography-illinois-engagement-5 julie-franzosa-photography-illinois-engagement-6 julie-franzosa-photography-illinois-engagement-7 julie-franzosa-photography-illinois-engagement-8 julie-franzosa-photography-illinois-engagement-9

From the Bride-to-be:
We were set up by Scott’s coworker, I was helping design her kitchen when she kept mentioning how I just had to meet this wonderful guy she worked with. After a lot of resistance on my part and a great amount of persistence on hers, I let her give him my cell phone. I never thought I would hear from or let alone meet this guy. After dodging his calls and ignoring him for a few weeks we finally decided to meet for a drink after work. That one drink lasted four hours and afterwards we both knew we had found something so special and rare. 10 months later we were engaged and planning our spring wedding. We chose the Morton Arboretum for our engagement session because of its beauty and the connection it has to Scott’s family. His late grandparents have trees dedicated in their honor there. I was so glad we were able to catch the last few minutes of light on our way home from the Arboretum. We shot right outside our door in Logan Square, Chicago and were even able to get a few great ones of Simon our Chihuahua.

Snow + Mountains = So. much. fun.  It’s not unheard of to see so many newly engaged couples out in the snow for their engagement session in Colorado.  Given that it doesn’t happen too much in other parts of the country, it always makes me happy when they land on my desk (or email, in this case).

kelsey-bigelow-photography-boulder-engagement-1 kelsey-bigelow-photography-boulder-engagement-2 kelsey-bigelow-photography-boulder-engagement-3 kelsey-bigelow-photography-boulder-engagement-5 kelsey-bigelow-photography-boulder-engagement-4

If you’re reading this, the world didn’t end (those damn, Mayans). Which is a good thing, because I love this engagement session from Lisa Dolan.


From the Bride-to-Be:
All through college, I worked at a little restaurant in St. Louis. It was a great place to work, but pretty much the same scene everyday. Then one day, in the summer of 2006, everything changed. Sam moved into an apartment above the place, and had come down to the bar to hang out one day. I’ll never forget the first time I saw him – I literally did a double take and (very loudly) said to myself, “Wow, he is really cute!” and proceeded to stare at him until the bartender finished making my drinks. Every time I worked I hoped he would come in to hang out, and would point him out to my coworkers and we’d talk about how cute he was. Turns out, he had been watching me as well, and had even pointed me out to his mom and brother while they were there visiting him. Finally, after a few weeks, we talked. And it was all over from there. We have been together for over 6 years now, and have never been happier. I have since finished my degree in Interior Design, and Sam received his Paramedic Certification and then went through the Fire Academy. Since then we have been busy establishing our careers and working extra jobs – we like to stay busy! In addition to my interior design position, I am a contributor for the blog, Design for Mankind, where I author the column Artistic Apparel. Last January, Sam and I took a spontaneous weekend trip to Chicago to get a way for a few days. Sam proposed, and it was one of the sweetest moments I have ever experienced. Our wedding is in March of 2013, and we have been having a blast planning all of the details for the day. We are also planning on taking a month-long honeymoon traveling around Asia. Although I hate to wish these next few months away, 2013 just can’t get here fast enough.

Photographer: JBe Photography

From the Bride-to-be:
Shortly after Doug moved back to Chicago from San Diego his friend Eric Gural came to visit him for the weekend. Eric and I became friends while attending Wright State University together several years prior. Eric insisted to both of us that we should meet one another. I didn’t think much of this at first, but Eric actually told Doug before we met that he better be invited to our wedding. The first time I met Doug was after a long weekend of male bonding (ie: lots of adult beverages), but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. The following Friday we met up for drinks after work and continued to talk until the sun came up the following morning. We both knew how lucky we were at that point to have met one another and couldn’t be more thankful for Eric’s introduction.

Photographer: BellowBlue

Photographer: Simpli Photography