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When I think of Minnesota I don’t think of green, luscious landscapes. That’s why when I saw The Forest Bride by Jaimee C Photography I was blown away to learn it was photographed in Minneapolis. This styled shoot is simple yet stunning and is proof that creating a beautiful AND eco friendly wedding is indeed possible in the middle of the country.
From the Photographer
I wanted to show brides a new type of bridal fashion that’s eco friendly. I wanted to tell a story of a bride living in the forest and using the land to look beautiful. I worked with a great set of vendors to make this vision of The Forest Bride come to life. And I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

Photographer:  Jaimee C Photography / Model: Kristi Frazier / Florist: Munster Rose / Location: Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota / Hair & Makeup: Casie Deisher

Spring has sprung! (Well almost for those of us in some parts of the Midwest) and you know what they say, April showers bring May flowers – so what a better way to kick off Spring wedding season than by featuring some gorgeous Midwest Botanical gardens that also double as beautiful backdrops to your wedding day. Better yet, these venues don’t necessary need to be utilized for their outdoor space, the inside space overlooking the gardens can be just as amazing of an option.

nathanpeel photo - cleveland botanical gardens Cleveland Botanical Garden | Jason Peel Photography
andreadozier toledo botanical garden Toledo Botanical Garden | Andrea Dozier Photography
freshblendmida.com missouri botanical Missouri Botanical Garden | Fresh Blend Media 
chicagobotanicgardenweddingphotos7-718x0 Chicago Botanical Garden | Oliva Leigh Photography 
Boerner-Botanical-Gardens-Wedding-Milwaukee-Wedding-Photographer_0036 Boerner Botanical Garden (Milwaukee, WI) | Christy Tyler Photography

Whose ready for Spring? Is anyone having or attending a botanical garden wedding this wedding season?!



I really appreciate a well done wedding theme, and it’s even better when a couple really puts their lives and personalities into a theme, making it uniquely theirs. Stephanie and Cory did just that, incorporating a subtle travel theme without overwhelming their guests with details that weren’t really related to them. In addition to that, their unique bridal party attire really makes this wedding stand out: Two-tone dresses for the bridesmaids and earthy feeling bouquets, and bow-ties and dapper hats for the groomsmen. All of this gives the wedding a laid-back, personal feel, which is so refreshing.

From the Photographer:

Stephanie and Cory wanted to add in decor and flavors from each phase of their lives together; Colorado (where Stephanie is from), California (where they currently live) and finally Thailand (home of their favorite food). They have traveled around the world throughout their relationship and wanted to include a “travel theme” without incorporating the traditional decor and inclusions that you think of with travel themed weddings. Since Stephanie is an interior designer and Cory is a landscape architect, they were able to do this through DIY centerpieces, organic and eco-friendly decorations, plus handmade truffles from the bride.

After addressing hundreds of save the date invitations for our own wedding last summer – a result from arguing with my label printer alignment – I was on a mission to find a more efficient, yet personalizable option. A custom address stamp was the solution. We purchased our first one from expresionery.com, however there are many creative options to choose from that can be found on sites like ETSY (of course)! Whether you are sending save the dates, invitations, thank you’s or Holiday cards; consider custom address stamps. As you watch that guest list grow, you will be happy that you did.

Primele on ETSY

Love to Create Stamps on ETSY

Stephanie Creekmur on ETSY

Note Trunk on ETSY

 Caroline Creates on ETSY

 Chatty Press on ETSY

From elegant, fun, casual, whimsical, simplistic to rustic, there is a stamp that can fit every theme, any time of the year.

Boulder, Colorado

If you know me in real life, or well, even on Twitter, you know I have a mild obsession with sustainability and eco-friendliness. I think it stems from the compost pile I helped my Dad build as a kid. But, I digress.

Upon moving to Colorado, I stumbled on Bloomin’.  They are a Boulder, Colorado-based stationery company that designs and prints wedding invitations on seed paper (aka, your guests can take your invitations and plant them – yes, plant them).  Their designs are fresh and modern AND you can pick the type of seedling paper they are printed on. I wish I had known about them before I planned my own wedding, but the fact that I found them at all just makes it all worthwhile.

What type of services do you offer to brides and grooms?
At Bloomin, we offer brides and grooms 16 striking, fully plantable seed paper invitation suites that can be customized to perfectly match their wedding’s theme. We are also open to working with custom artwork the couple has created and would like to print on seed paper. We go through a thorough proofing process and take the time to make sure the invitations are exactly what the couple had imagined.

What is your biggest source of inspiration when designing?
Our inspiration comes from the natural beauty in mother nature. We incorporate earthy designs and colors into all of our suites in order to really emphasize the eco-friendliness of our invitations and entire production process. We also have vintage undertones in many of our letterpress printed suites. The rich texture of our signature seed paper takes letterpress printing very well, and finished product has an old world appeal with an eco chic twist.

What type of couples do you like to work with (traditional, modern, etc.)?
We love working with any couples who are looking to add an eco-friendly message to their wedding. Whether it’s a modern couple looking say their vows with the least impact possible or a traditional couple who would like to give the gift of flowers to their guests, we are happy to help them plan their special day.

What do you think sets you apart from other vendors in the industry?
We really pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our handmade product and the fact that we have the highest germination rate in the industry. Once planted, the diverse mix of annual and perennial seeds in all of our suites will bloom into a vibrant wildflower garden, ensuring that your guests will be reminded of your special day year after year. We also believe our commitment to making gorgeous invitations in the most environmentally way possible sets us apart. Our paper is made entirely from post-industrial waste, embedded with wildflower seeds, printed with water soluble and soy-based inks, and produced in our solar-powered facilities in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

What advice would you give to a bride and/or groom who is on the hunt for their perfect invitation suite?
Really try to incorporate your personal styles into your wedding invites. These are not simply a piece of paper telling people about your wedding, but are the first glimpse your guests are given about your wedding day. We also urge bride and grooms to consider the environment when hunting for their perfect invitations. Instead of choosing products that harm the environment, try something that shows your commitment to the planet as well as your commitment to each other.

Good friend (and bridesmaid), Kate Fenwick, recently shot an intimate wedding with classic details.  But it wasn’t the details that caught my eye.  It was the bride’s gown.

You see, this gown, in its simplicity, used to belong to the bride’s mother. At one point, it had sleeves and was “totally 80’s” as the bride called it.  Andrea, the bride, had the gown altered to fit her and her style, and it turned out beautifully.  This my friends is a classic case of turning something old into something new (and being eco-friendly).  The difference here? The new is so classic and timeless, you probably would be none the wiser had I not told you it was her mother’s. Le swoon 🙂

Images courtesy of Fenwick Photography

If you weren’t already aware, I can be somewhat of a huge eco-friendly nerd.  Not sure where it started, but I do know it has rubbed off on my Mom, and am hoping to share a bit of it with the wedding industry.  Incorporating eco-friendly and green concepts into a wedding may seem hard.  And, to some, it may seem like a fad, but I think it’s easy to incorporate just a few small elements.  And, small they may be, but they can make a difference.

And, the first and one of the easiest? Reuse old vases, do not go out and buy new ones.  In fact, may venues actually have a surplus of vases from previous brides (so ask!).  Other ways to find vases? Visit garage sales, eBay and even Craigslist (I’ve mentioned this before).   Chances are you’ll save a few bucks, too!

Images courtesy of Earth Friendly Weddings

By finding vases from all over and collecting them, not only are you doing the Earth a favor, but you’ll give your event some depth and character in your design.

(And, on a completely unrelated note, Happy Birthday to my Mom!)

Most couples are opting out of the traditional wedding guestbook for obvious reasons (what do you really do with a book of everyone’s name and/or addresses other than send out thank you cards).

So, what is the new trend?  A guestbook photobook of your engagement photos.  Guests sign on a blank page of a book filled with images of you and your fiance.

BUT, when I saw this idea last week, I thought this was a fantastic idea!

Image courtesy of Jonas Peterson via Earth Friendly Weddings

It’s a “Wedding Tree.”  Have each of your guests place their thumbprint somewhere on the tree.  Then, the happy couple can have it framed and put it in their home.  The “Wedding Tree” is a great memento and a great guestbook alternative.  It would probably work best with a smaller wedding, but if you have a hefty guest list, you could do a few different trees and have a collection of artwork for your house.  It’s fun and different, and just plain awesome.

A big “thank you” to Martha Stewart for this one.  Not only is this a great way to recycle old magazines, but it is great a for holiday decor or for wedding decor.

Image courtesy of Amy Atlas

You can spray them in festive colors like the gold and silver above, or do colors that coordinate with your wedding.  And, because I’m a lover of almost all things Martha Stewart, I had to share with you the steps on how to make them!  You can also visit the Martha Stewart site for a video tutorial.

Tools and Materials

Old magazines of any size
Gold, silver, or clear spray paint
Glitter in desired colors
Bone folder (optional)

Magazine Trees How-To:

1. Open magazine and bend to break spine.

2. Fold individual page from top right corner to inside seam. Fold same page from bottom right edge to gutter.

3. Fold bottom triangle of each additional magazine page up, making the bottom of the tree flat. Then, fold top of all pages down to form tree shape.

4. Spray-paint folded tree desired color. Immediately sprinkle glitter over wet paint. Let dry.

Tip: Use a bone folder to smooth paper edges if desired.

Happy Holidays!

(Directions from the Martha Stewart website)

So, you’re having a romantic, vintage wedding, and you’re looking for a unique way to dress up your reception tables. Insert vintage books.

Classic Bride via Flights of Fancy

Not only is this an eco-friendly decoration option (no new materials are needed), but the books add a touch of whimsy and character. They make a great base for milk jars filled with wildflowers, or they are great by themselves. Plus, you can even use them in photos.

Jessica Claire used this idea in her last photography workshop, stacking Anthropologie coffee mugs on top. She even used old books for her very own wedding invitations (see the post here).

Image courtesy of Jessica Claire – Photographer

You can find old books at garage sales, book swaps, used book stores, eBay and the list goes on.  They are pretty inexpensive, but can make a big impact.