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The Landlocked Bride® is a wedding blog sharing details, weddings, and inspiration for Midwest and Mountain West brides (and grooms). Here you’ll find real weddings, design inspiration, color splashes, modern and fun elements, and a ton of images to help in your planning process. Need help finding a vendor? Check out the Vendor Guide – which continues to grow.

The Landlocked Bride® was founded in February 2009 by Editor, Brit Tucker.  A Midwestern girl at heart, she started the blog as a way to fill a niche in the wedding blog market.  Since its start, the Landlocked Bride has grown into a popular hot spot for brides-to-be in the Midwest and Mountain West, has made the Bride Tide Top 100 Wedding Blogs for the last four years, and was recently named as one of Rangefinder Magazine’s Top 10 Regional Wedding Blogs.

We love to feature anything and everything Midwest and Mountain West wedding.  So if you’re a bride looking for some design help, a reader with some great Midwestern love, a vendor located in the Mountains, or just a visitor, share your ideas, thoughts and fun finds!  Shoot us an e-mail at hello (at) landlockedbride (dot) com

Editorial Team:

Brit – Editor-in-Chief
1093814_10100271145988394_1137477559_o Almost five years ago, I started this little blog to share a piece of the Midwest. Back in the day when I tied the knot, nothing truly existed in the web space that highlighted “landlocked” weddings. Not to mention, sometimes the Midwestern bride can be a little afraid to buck tradition. So, in true fashion, I set out to create a space for just that – showcasing not only the incredible talent in both the Midwest and Mountain West, but also encourage brides and grooms to make it personal and have fun. Since then, my team has grown from only me to including three other fantastic gals who love love as much as I do.

Natalie – Editor, Real Weddings
I was born and raised a Midwestern girl who moved to Texas for college, but never forgot my roots. I have worked in the wedding industry my entire professional career, and have recently become a certified Wedding Consultant through Nuptial Essentials Curriculum and Instruction. I started out blogging for Chez Wedd, a local wedding blog in Austin, TX, and interning for one of the city’s best wedding coordinators, Barbara Hearne of Barbara’s Brides. And, because I wanted to put my BA in Spanish to good use, and I headed to Costa Rica for six months to learn the ropes of destination wedding planning with Weddings Costa Rica. I am currently back in Austin, where she I am a member of the NEAWP, working for Barbara’s Brides, and excited to be blogging for Landlocked Bride!

Ashley – Managing Editor
me fancyI’ve always been a girl that needed unbridled self-expression. Even at the wee age of five I was painting the walls in my 70s-terrific bedroom with finger paint to cover up the lime green carpet and hideously shaded yellow walls to ‘writing’ journal entries about my days in kindergarten. That love for all things creative has turned into a five year stint in the writing, editing and designing business. I currently work a day job in the graphic design industry where I dream of starting my own wedding invitation business. I also write for a number of regional and national magazines and publishers.

My eye for design naturally drew me to the weddings industry where out-of-the-box, personalized design has me squealing with glee on more than one occasion. I’m excited to share my love for unique design and personalized touches with Landlocked Brides everywhere.

Kasey – Editor, Trends
KaseyLucas I was born and raised in the Midwest, and I have a love for all things city, currently residing in Downtown St. Louis, MO. With a background in PR and hospitality and event planning and management, I have a passion for events of all sorts, but weddings hold a very special place in my heart in many different aspects. Outside of my full time day job working in marketing and social media, I have the opportunity to assist some fabulous wedding planners and event coordinators on gorgeous weddings throughout the St. Louis area while also coordinating weddings and special events of my own. In my free time (whenever that does exist), you can find me shopping, reading a good book, blogging (both reading and writing) or spending time with my husband and our sweet Beagle pup. Life is too short to do anything but live the life you love and love every bit of what you do!


As a Midwest girl who lived a short stint in the South… fish and chips had turned into shrimp and grits, 3 of my 5 radio pre-sets were set to Country and my current Midwest wardrobe was only useful 1 month of the year. However, the things that the South didn’t change were my love for cheese, the Packers, the Midwest and of course, weddings.

After getting married July 2011, in my hometown of Green Bay, WI, I realized how much I truly loved the process of wedding planning and the enjoyment of searching unique and creative ways to add a personalized touch to such a special day. This passion has led me to start my own ETSY store and I even had a job at a local bridal boutique during my time in Knoxville. Now that I am officially a Midwesterner again, I am even more excited to help inspire and share all the beautiful weddings the Midwest and Mountain West have to offer!

headshot I have always had an affinity for weddings. After meeting my husband in a small Colorado town, and having a small wedding in that very same town, I grew to love the midwest as well!

I am the lead photographer at Tiffany Rebecca Photography. And, I am also the founder of Project Beautiful Marriage. I currently lives in Chicago, Illinois and love living next to amazing architecture and eating fabulous food. My favorite pick me up is a cupcake from Sprinkles.