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That we have gone MIA. Why’s that you ask?

Well, here’s the short version: Life sometimes gets the best of you. But, not only that, your passions and appreciations change over the course of your life. Due to life changes, new projects, and a desire to travel, I’ve chosen to “retire” Landlocked Bride.

The long version?

Well, when I started this blog more than five years ago, I never thought it would turn into the blog it has today. With the following and incredible readers, and the amazing staff writers I’ve had on board. But, there came a time in my life when weddings were no longer a central focus (hence why I brought on board four amazing writers in the last three years). I let the girls man the blog and write to their hearts’ content.

But, as with any and everyone — things changes. We all agreed that it would be best to step away. Devoting time to the blog became increasingly more difficult. But, the hardest part was deciding to walk away from something that has been a part of my life for five years.

Don’t worry — the content is not going anywhere. I’m going to leave it up to continue to inspire and serve as a research hub for any and all brides and grooms to be. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back. Maybe a new wave of writers will want to step in.

But until then, it’s been real, friends.


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  1. Well I really enjoyed this blog and I’m sad to see it end, but best of luck Brit for your future endeavors!