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Jack and Joanne met when Joanne had almost given up on love. They met on an online dating service and are a perfect match. Their love of the outdoors made them decide on Sedona as a perfect destination wedding location, and you can see it was the perfect place for a summer wedding. The accents of white, brown and green complimented the natural elements perfectly. Take a look at this stunning couple, and their beautiful Arizona wedding. Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1000_low Slide2 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1097_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1122_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1129_low Slide7 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1189_low Slide3 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1223_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1238_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1301_low Slide8 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1328_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1352_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1439_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1481_low Slide4 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1505_low Slide5 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1512_low Slide9 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1555_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1570_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1583_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1610_low Slide10 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1694_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1092_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1790_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1792_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1728_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1808_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1815_low Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1816_low Slide06 Doroz_Gierak_Tangled_Lilac_Photography_gierak1830_low

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How did he propose?
I was taking part in the Teaching American History Grant through my school district and I had been doing a teacher training in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia for a week. Upon completion of the program, Jack came to visit me in Virginia. That night while we were on the beach and I was looking another way he said a bottle had washed up on shore. In the bottle was an old scroll that said:  “Joanne will you marry me?” Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean that night on Virginia Beach I said yes. We then enjoyed our weekend taking in the sites of Washington D.C. On our U.S. Capitol tour our Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake gave us a personal congratulations and told us good luck with our future.

Tell us about your venue.
Poco Diablo Resort was the perfect setting for our wedding. The moment we saw the amazing weeping willow tree that towers over the Sedona gazebo we knew this was where we wanted to get married. In the background you have a beautiful view of the Sedona red rocks and many different lake views as well. There was so much variety on the grounds of Poco Diablo for wedding photos, we knew this was the place! Jill was amazing to work with from Poco Diablo. She is so organized, makes accommodations for your special day, and helps you out with questions and details so that you can really know that you can relax and enjoy your special day! Jill was more than willing to meet with us on a number of occasions to put myself at ease with food selections, set up for the wedding, rehearsal schedule, you name it she was amazing! We used the ballroom for our reception at Poco Diablo and they also had an amazing staff who made and served the guest their plated dinners. Everyone of my guests commented on how great the food was at the wedding! Felipe and his crew did an amazing job so that our guests were very pleased with the delicious food.

Describe the theme and color scheme of your wedding.
Both of us love nature and we decided since it was a summer wedding to have our theme be the outdoors. Our color scheme was white, green, and brown. Our table setting had numbers that I designed with pictures of us around Sedona which was placed in a wood cut out. We had beautiful white and green flowers, green and white party favor boxes, one on each table with a butterfly. Whoever sat in that seat was the winner of the table flower centerpiece. Our guests each attached a leaf onto a framed tree which we now have hung in our hall. We had table setting cards and a basket that were beautifully decorated by my mother with the nature and butterfly theme. My mother did an amazing job decorating the gift card gazebo for the gift table.

One thing you learned?
Planning a wedding has many components and parts. Use your talents to make it your special day! My husband is gifted in money management and spreadsheets and budgets… this was his role. My role was the creativity, theme, favors, design, and layout of the wedding ceremony…. the creative side. Once we established our roles and what we were good at, we had much less stress and not micromanaging each other. It was fun as a project and a true test before the big day!




Flowers & Decor: Mountain High Flowers / Cake Baker: Sedona Cake Couture / DJ: Sedona Sounds / Makeup Artist: Patricia Vega / Ceremony Venue: Poco Diablo Resort / Reception Venue: Poco Diablo Resort / Ceremony Officiant: Rev. Andrew Murphy / Photographer: Tangled Lilac Photography

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