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The last moment of your wedding is often the last detail to get planned.  Not only do you need to decide where you and your groom will be staying that night, you also need to figure out how you are going to get there! From limos to horse drawn carriages, the ‘grand exit’ allows you an amazing opportunity to be sent off in style.  Since that adorable ‘just married’ sign can be made to fit on just about anything, having a spectacular exit can leave just as big {if not bigger} of an impression as your grand entrance had.

Photo via If The Ring Fits

Nate Henderson Photography

Ashley Livingston Photography | Photo via Moxie Wife | Next Exit Photography

Julia Newman Photography 

Jose Villa Photography | Photo via Trisha Dean Events | Kent Meireis Photography | Photo via Bridal Bike Blog

Shelley Paulson Photography

Emily Heizer Photography

Photo via Pinterest |  Photo via The Knot | Carol Lynne Photography

 Photo via Bubbly Bride

Do you have a grand exit or some kind of special transportation planned for the end of the evening? After the sparklers are lit, the petals are thrown and the bubbles drift away, be sure you plan your transportation as it is just one more detail that is sure to make your wedding truly memorable.


  1. Love all the ideas. I’d like to see any of my couples take off either via hot air balloon or on a horse. What memories would that make for them and their guests! Have a great week my friend! XO

  2. Really amazing photography with tons of inspiration for a wedding getaway to remember.