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I love the story of this couple. Their’s is a story of a love that took a little fidgeting and time to finally get it together. It didn’t just fall into their laps. They had to decide they cialis online pharmacy really wanted it. And once they did, they were all in-and you can see the genuine joy they share in being husband and wife in the photos below. And then there is the bride’s unique and STUNNING dress, the enchanting location, and sweet details like personalized chopsticks and cufflinks; All the components coming together to create the perfect day for Carolyn and Mike.

From the Bride:

Some individuals are just meant to be a part of your life.  This is something that both Carolyn and Mike felt to be true the firstsecond, third time they met.  Carolyn and Mike were introduced by friends, more friends, and coworkers while students at the University of Illinois.  However, it wasn’t until they reunited in New York City, that they started to realize fate’s hunch.  After spending a summer traveling the east coast together, Carolyn went back to Illinois to start pharmacy school while Mike stayed in New York to work.   Throughout the next four years, Carolyn and Mike kept in touch.  Occasionally the idea of dating each other was discussed but was dismissed over “practicality” reasons and the fear of ruining a great friendship.  Mike moved to California and shortly thereafter, started dating another girl.  Upon learning the news, Carolyn surprised herself with how devastated she felt about her best friend dating someone else.  Although the relationship with the other girl was short lived, it was already too late.  Carolyn had made another commitment.  She had signed a contract to spend the year after graduation living and working in Wisconsin.  The time apart made Carolyn realize her true feelings for Mike and actually take the leap of faith to start dating him seriously.  Upon completing her residency in Wisconsin, Carolyn embarked on the 2,000 mile journey to California with Mike by her side.  Over a decade since their first acquaintance, Mike proposed to Carolyn along the beach in La Jolla.  A year later, they finally said “I do” in the state where it all began, Illinois.

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  1. Simply beautiful! That is one of the most gorgeous dresses I’ve seen, and it fits the bride superbly! The reception decor is immaculate also, I love their choice of colors!