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One of my fondest childhood memories was spending hot, humid summer days and cool(ish) summer nights on my grandparents farm in rural Alabama. Everytime I pass a cornfield or see raw cotton or eat corn on the cob, my heart aches a little for that time of my life and the people I held so close to my hear for so long. I’ve always dreamed of getting married on their farm or having a farm/barn inspired wedding. These brides have taken their similar roots form the Midwest and brought them into their big days in a chic and vintage-inspired way. I love it! We’ve collected a few of our favorites below:

Do you have any special memories around a farm or barnyard? Do you just like the look and feel? Would you have your wedding or reception at a farm?


  1. What a natural wedding it is! There is full of harvest, and I think the couples are all industrious and happy.

  2. I love farm weddings. They make for beautiful landscapes and a fun atmosphere. This one is no exception!