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The lovely hues of purples, the settle touch of sparkle in the brides ensemble, and the stationary that is introduced at the ceremony and continues to coordinate into every element of the reception – it’s no surprise that this bride-to-be is actually a wedding planner herself. The personalized, and perfected details of this wedding are what make it unique and memorable. Add oversized toasting glasses and candy favors in the mix, you know that you are in for a good time!

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From The Bride:

Being a wedding planner myself, I thought that planning my wedding would be easy. I was wrong AND I broke all the rules! For instance, buying my dress before we secured a reception venue. It didn’t matter though, because I LOVED my dress.

Our wedding was truly a team effort for Chris and I, because we paid for it ourselves. We also have very different backgrounds, I’ve grew up in a big city and Chris has grew up in the country. So we chose a venue that could bring both of those worlds together. We didn’t want any of our guests to feel uncomfortable.

My wedding planner (and boss) Saundra and I concentrated on every little element at the wedding to create an experience for our guests. Chris was happy to help by making some of the decor, like our stand to hold our quilt squares. My own personal touches was to give custom pails of candy and treats as a thank-you gift to every vendor. I’m well known for my love of candy. Chris and I both love to laugh and have fun, so we bought these obnoxiously large wine goblets to use as our toasting flutes.

Funniest moment? A groomsman dumped SALT into the drink that Chris was suppose to toast with, however, I got the drink by mistake. Not sure how I didn’t choke in front of everyone.We were probably one of the few couples that in our thank you speech, we thanked all the vendors first, before our families. Look, we know what it takes to put on a fabulous wedding, a strong team of vendors!

Honestly, it was such a lovely and memorable day, that we really couldn’t have done it any better, nor would we have changed a thing.

Wedding Planning & Event Design: planning forever events | Videographer: Eyenamics | Flowers & Rentals: Welborn Events | Catering: Bauerhaus Catering | DJ: Celebrity Party Music, Dave Kennedy | Cake: Piece of Cake | Reception Venue: Rapp Owen Granary


  1. Everything looked nice! Purple never fails to make wedding receptions more lively. Adding personal touches to usual wedding items really create awesome results. The bouquet is unique and I love the shoes!

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