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A return to formal is something the wedding industry has seen come back full force in 2012 and it seems to be staying strong in 2013. From chandeliers to plated dinners, brides are bringing back formality and pomp to their celebrations. One aspect of this comeback I am swooning over is how brides are incorporating formal chinaware. Whether their grandmother’s vintage set or mismatched cups and plates as centerpieces, we’re seeing these adorable and beautiful pieces being utilized in such creative ways! We’ve collected a few pieces below for inspiration:

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Last six images: Style Me Pretty 

What are some ways you would incorporate chinaware into your celebration? Would you be a stickler for matching or crave mismatching sets? Would you utilize it as centerpiece inspiration only?

Where would you go hunting for pieces, do you have a favorite antique store?

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  1. I love the look of mismatched china. Great pics!