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I first became infatuated with Megan Hamilton when I was searching for a unique and memorable wedding gift to give my mother. When I came across the idea of a custom wedding dress sketch, I knew that I had finally found what I had been searching for. I ended up giving my mother a sketch that had her wedding dress next to my own, and decided to get sketches created for my matrons of honor as well. With different design options to choose from, I couldn’t think of a better keepsake to give a special family member, future mother or sister-in-law, a bride or groom to be, or even to give or receive as an anniversary gift. Megan Hamilton is so talented, her work has been featured in The Knot,  and has also created the logo for a Mississippi Bridal Boutique
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Now you an also get custom iPhone and iPod cases, honeymoon totes, note cards, cake toppers not to mention she designs some beautiful headpieces as well. Be sure to follow Megan on Pinterest, Follow her on Facebook, Check out her ETSY store and read her blog!

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  1. What an amazing idea for a bridesmaid gift! So personal and poignant.