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Noah & Kylie’s real wedding feature is just that, real. Their no fuss attitude to planning, and simplistic approach truly reflects on the details of their wedding day. Kylie designed the invitations as well as sketched the design for her dress, both of which were executed impeccably. The Temple which their ceremony was held is stunning and one can only imagine the beauty that lies within the stained glass; but what’s even more beautiful are the photos of the couple that were captured outside. From cowboy boots to piñata’s, this is a wedding that is full of fun, simple details that create a huge impact and best yet, a whole lot of love.

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From the Bride:

While planning the details of our wedding, we wanted to keep things as simple as possible. We decided to be married in the newly built Kansas City, Missouri Temple, which is pretty close to where we live and also centrally located for most of our family.  It was a beautiful experience; the weather was great, and the spring flowers were in bloom. Our color choice was never really declared initially, but as we made decisions the color trend turned out to be yellow, which worked out well.

 The same day as our wedding, we all ate at Jack Stack BBQ Freight House in KC. This was the perfect meal since we didn’t want it to be too formal or too casual, so it was just right and delicious.

The venue for our reception was held at a friend’s house in Lawrence the day after our wedding. Their house is elegant in itself, so it didn’t require a ton of decorations. We hired a caterer (who completely handled the food), and ordered donuts and ice-cream locally for deserts. We didn’t have a cake, since neither of us is real crazy about cake, but we did have a mega donut made to sub for the cake. We didn’t really have speeches or dances, but we did have piñatas set up in the backyard that my mother filled with cool stuff for us and stuff for kids. We just wanted it to be fun.

Our invitations were also pretty simple, yet fun. As an illustration student, I was pretty excited to design them, complete with little painted portraits of us. We included inserts with information and an engagement photo of us.

 I had my dress made by a seamstress in the Kansas City area from a design I had sketched that hinted Jackie Onassis. I switched from boots to heels depending on how my feet felt. Noah chose a blue suit and whore his boots as well. Our flowers were designed locally with really interesting flowers and plants, including an artichoke!

Overall, it was a lovely wedding. The aim for everything we decided on was to be real and have fun. We just wanted to enjoy ourselves and for everyone else to have a good time. We appreciate our friends, family, and hired professionals so much for their help and support to make it a great weekend.

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  1. Connie
    10:39 am on January 15th, 2013

    This is SOOO beautiful. And such fun ideas.