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Bride and groom, becoming husband and wife; This is clearly what this day was about for Lisa and Bryan. Though the setting was stunning and there were some awesome details (not to mention Lisa’s unique dress!), it’s obvious that Lisa and Bryan’s wedding day was focused on their union and joining their families, from near and far, and I love that so much.

From the photographer:

Lisa is from New Zealand, Bryan is from Ohio. Their paths crossed when Bryan was living overseas, and they’ll be starting their married life together in Washington DC. But first, they wanted to celebrate with their family and friends. Lisa is a talented graphic designer, and every aspect of their wedding, from the hand-lettered signs to the homemade food and the beautifully strung lights reflected her vision. In her first email to me, Lisa mentioned that photography was especially important to her because so many of the people she loved in New Zealand couldn’t make the trip to America to be at the wedding. Her sister, who couldn’t make the flight because she’s pregnant, was able to see some of the wedding through a Skype call on a laptop that was perched on various hay bales throughout the night. Lisa’s mom gave two beautiful speeches to the couple – her own, and Lisa’s sisters’. It’s weddings like this that make me realize, all over again, how important it is to tell the story of not only the wedding day, but of two people coming together, of the joining of families. I hope I did Lisa and Bryan’s story justice.

Photographer: Anni Cee Photographie

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  1. What a beautiful statement by the photographer! These photos are stunning and really do reflect a lot about the couple.