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Although there are plenty of details to love about this wedding, I must start by pointing out the amazing bouquets. The pop of color these pink and purple arrangements create against the blue bridesmaid dresses with all of the wood detail of the decor is by far my favorite. It is such a simple detail that has so much effect on the overall look of this wedding day – Kudos Katie and Dill’s Floral Haven, Inc! In addition to the detail of this wedding day, what is even more special is the love you see between the bride and groom and also the bride and her father. The fact that he walked his daughter down the aisle and then proceeded to marry her is such a special moment.

…and that fur cover-up is drool-worthy.

Conner Photography

 From the Photographer

What a wonderful wedding day! It’s true…it may have been a wee bit chilly outside (i.e. it was freeeeezing), but it was so wonderful. It was the last bit of snowy winter that the first part of 2012 had to offer, and thankfully, it did not cause a bit of complications for the day (other than the mild threat of hypothermia). When I (Joel) get in my uber creative mode, I tend to forget about things like heat or cold or rain or snow or anything like that. I am, as you might say, in the zone at that point. This is again a perfect example why Shannon is so amazing. She helps me remember that brides in their dresses tend to get chilly in such circumstances and that, ideally, we do not want her to show back up for the reception with frostbite. Mission accomplished. Josh and Katie are such a sweet couple, and it was so heart warming to see their excitement throughout the entire day. We started out the day at the church, First Baptist Church of O’Fallon, and it was decorated very nicely. They were both a bit jittery and nervous before the ceremony, but once they saw each other, they lit up. Katie smiled as big as anyone could, and after a few seconds, Josh was struggling to hold it all in. It was very precious. One very special thing was that Katie’s father performed the ceremony himself. After walking Katie down the aisle, he switched roles and married these two amazing people. Once the ceremony was over, we headed to downtown Lebanon to do their photos! Everyone did amazing…especially the girls. I know guys are tough and all, but honestly, we always just have amazing bride’s maids who will stick it out and maybe suffer a bit in order to help make the bride’s day amazing. All the girls definitely pulled through for Katie. Having the blankets and coats on standby as soon as the photo was taken did help some, though. And the guys were their cool and somewhat gooofy selves, as per usual. Truly, though, the entire wedding party were amazing. 

 Photographer: Conner Photography | DJ: Cornerstone | Floral Designer: Dill’s Floral Haven, Inc. | Hair Stylist: Garden Salon | Reception Venue: Scott’s Club, Scott AFB | Men’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse |



  1. Heather
    8:40 pm on October 11th, 2012

    Looooove all of the wood details. Would not expect that as much for a winter wedding, but it works!

  2. Some gorgeous photos, they capture the day so well.

  3. These pictures are great. My favorite is of the the bride and bridesmaids huddeled together trying to keep warm between pictures. They are all freezing but look genuinely happy in the moment.

  4. It was such a pleasure to work with Katie in creating the look she desired with her flowers. Her choice of fuschias and magentas was absolutely perfect against the “Marine” colored dressed by Mori Lee. As the author of this blog entry noted, the flowers simply popped against the dresses, and I’m so honored to have been able to help Josh and Katie’s vision come alive. The folks at Conner Photography shone a stunning light on my designs and the entire day; every single shot is breathtaking! Again, I was so pleased to get to work with Katie in creating her special day! Best wishes to you both, and a huge “thanks” to Conner Photography for such amazing shots!