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Traditional wedding registries are filled with kitchenware, bed linens, fine china and home decor, however modern day couples’ homes may already be stocked full of these items. When thinking about items for your registry, not only should you consider items that help make your house a home, but also consider a registry that helps define you both as a couple. The details of your wedding from the flowers to the food are planned to your specific tastes, so choosing your registry shouldn’t be any different. So as you plan the details for your big day, consider these non-traditional wedding registry options.


With all of the planning, not to mention finances, that go into planning a wedding, some couples often postpone their honeymoon to ensure they have enough money to take the trip of their dreams.  With websites such as travelersjoy.com and honeyfund.com, couples can request cash for items such as a couples massage on the beach and airfare to exclusive island excursions, all of which will help make your honeymoon more memorable.


Websites such as cardavenue.com and cardhub.com allow couples to register for gift cards to go towards the purchase of items that they want. Although it may not be as personal as registering for actual items, this type of registries may work best for couples who plan to relocate after the wedding – this way they can pick out the items after they get settled.


To make life a little easier for the bride and groom, websites such as giftregistry360.com and myregistry.com allow couples to combine all of your registries in one place. This is not only beneficial for the couple as they are able to manage all of their registries in one place, it also allows guests to easily access all of their registry items in one place as well.


This may be my favorite! Websites such as Amazon, UncommonGoods and Etsy now have wedding registries available to their customers. These websites make it possible for you to register for just about anything and everything you can imagine!


Although it’s been considered ‘tacky’ to directly ask for cash for your wedding, with the website depositagift.com, guests contribute monetary gifts that go into a personal account which couples can access at any time. This allows the bride and groom to make purchase on whatever they like.


Home registry’s allow couples to build a house while building a house fund at the same time.  You can design a home, save for a down payment, save for renovations or simply home decor.  This is a fun, interactive way to get your family, friends and guests involved in helping you to soon own the house of your dreams.

I love these non-traditional registry ideas!  From something small and personal for something that will last for many years to come, these non-traditional wedding registries are definitely something all modern day brides should consider.   Have you, or are you planning on any of these registry options for your big day?

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