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One thing I have always wanted to be a part of is a flash mob {yes, it’s the truth}.  Although I am still waiting for my time to come, these bridal parties are creating memorable dance moments of their own. Being a guest, or better yet, being a wedding party member where the bride & groom have the creativity, the guts, not to mention the patients to pull something like this off deserves a standing ovation.  We’ve all seen choreographed Thiller videos and lets not forget the ‘JK Wedding Entrance Dance‘ but capturing this moment on camera is another reason these wedding party dances will not only be a huge hit, but something your guests won’t soon forget.

Jared Wilson Photography

 Photo via Google Images

EB Photography 

 Luster Studios

 Fotos by Flint

Alea Moore Photography

 Ann Wade Parrish Photography | Photo via Bellagala | love n joy Photography 

Jessica Painter Photography

 Shelley Paulson Photography

 Photo via The Knot

Whether you preform as a group or simply as a couple, choreographed wedding dances are sure to leave a lasting impression!

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