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From the Bride-to-be:
When Byrce and I started dating I found out he wasn’t a huge fan of watching TV while I tended to get a bit too attached to my favorite TV characters. Bryce’s roommate at the time told him about ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and said that he would like it. We started watching it together and it soon became our go-to show to watch.

We spent the first two years of our relationship long distance. When we would see each other, we would catch up on episodes of HIMYM. During our time apart, Bryce would always surprise me with fun things in the mail. One day, I got a yellow umbrella just like the one from the show. So for our engagement shoot we found a french horn, painted it blue and paired the umbrella with it to show our love for the show and each other (corny, I know). On HIMYM, Ted steals Robin the blue french horn after their very first date. Throughout the show the french horn is a reminder of the crazy things we do for the ones we love. At one point Ted tells Robin “I would have stolen you a whole orchestra”. I’m pretty sure if Bryce had seen a blue colored instrument after our first date, he would have found a way to get it for me.

While Ted and Robin have broken up on the show, Bryce and I are as strong as ever. HIMYM played a big role in our courtship and we wanted to represent that as we took this exciting step in our lives.

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