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Mike and Amanda’s wedding takes me back to my own wedding. Mostly because of the joy on their faces and the fact that they partied the night at the same venue (and same floor) as my husband and I. Something about the loft set-up that just fit our style perfectly.

Laura Ann Miller Photography

From the Bride:
Five years ago I came across a photo that changed the way I thought about wedding photography. The photo bared the stark contrast between the light-hearted, beautifully clad bride and groom and the bleak backdrop of a dirty, graffiti laden city stairwell. I can’t really describe what attracted me so much to this particular image, maybe it was the juxtaposition of love in an unloved place, or the flowing white dress against the harsh lines of dark concrete walls. Either way, I knew someday this photo would be the inspiration for my own wedding. And sure enough, when it was my turn to start planning, I knew simple elegance meshed with an urban edge would play synonymously throughout my wedding. Lucky for me, my groom loved this idea as much as me.

We first chose the venue. It was a loft-like space, with exposed brick and beams, large windows that captured the unique architecture of a downtown cityscape, perfectly spaced white columns that ran floor to ceiling, and a huge bar made out of old wood doors from the historical area of Soulard. It was the first place we visited in a long line of appointments. At first, we were apprehensive. Not about the space itself, but what the cost must be for such a unique place. Fortunately, however, our lucky streak was just warming up. We got a fabulous deal, and I immediately cancelled all 7 of our other appointments (setup for that very day) and booked the 8th floor at Windows on Washington.

As for the dress, I chose a romantic, a-line gown with lace, jewels and couture-looking layers. I knew the second I saw it that it had to be my dress. Unfortunately though, there was a major disagreement between the price tag and my budget. My dream dress was out of reach. But only for a moment – thanks to my mounting luck. When the owner Barb saw me in the dress, she immediately knew it was ‘the one’ as well. She announced she would work with me on the price and adjusted it to a range I could afford. I was so happy with the final result; I couldn’t help but think ‘how could this all be working out so wonderfully?’

But it gets better. My husband and I hit the jackpot when we met Laura Miller, of Laura Ann Miller Photography. Not only was she very reasonably priced, but the work she showed us was absolutely beautiful. This girl knew what she was doing. And I knew she would be able to capture the essence of my simple, elegant style with an urban flair. Oh, and she was wonderfully nice to boot!

Obviously the backdrop of our wedding photography was imperative in creating the elegant/urban feel. I had suggested a couple places downtown by the river, but when Laura visited the locations during the time of day we would be shooting for the wedding, she found them to be over crowded and not quite what we were looking for. Instead, she found the PERFECT location. I mean, EXACTLY what I had imagined – old, industrial part of town that was altogether unloved and totally forgotten. Well until we found it. It was the perfect contrast we were looking for, and we could not be happier. Laura is incredibly gifted, and we cannot thank her enough for capturing these incredible photographs of our big day!

Photography: Laura Ann Miller Photography | Ceremony / Reception Venue: | Cake: Lubeley’s Bakery | DJ: Complete Music | Wedding Gown: Kirkwood Bridal Boutique | Tuxes: Kirkwood Bridal Boutique | Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

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