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With the recent days of extremely hot weather, it only seemed appropriate to post about a subject that is probably on all of our minds… RAIN! It has long been a myth that rain on a wedding day is known to bring a couple good luck, but by the looks of the imges below, it can also bring some increadibly stunning photos. 

Bradeon Photography  | Aubrey Joy Photography

 Federer Photography

 Meg Perotti | Brandon Witzel Photography

Heathere Forsythe Photography | Studio Rebekah Photography Phillip Wise Photography| Stephanie Williams Photography

Caitlin Thomas Photography | | Photo via Leigh Pearce Weddings

We all know that we can’t control the weather, so you shouldn’t let the weather control your big day.  Although it’s always good to have a ‘plan B’ uncertain weather is the perfect excuse to stock up some additional photo essentials such as cute rain boots for you and the bridal party or color coordinating umbrellas for the entire group.  No matter what Mother Nature decides, you will still be spending the day with your husband and loved ones so embrace it, love it and enjoy every bit of it. 


  1. Weather is the number one thing mountain brides wish they hadn’t worried about. You should never worry about what you can’t control. But the good news is rainy days make for the best photographs. Photographers love diffused light and playful opportunity of a rainstorm.

  2. Wow, these are all great images!! Great advice- Plan B is always a good idea, but it shouldn’t mean that everything is ruined! It rained on my wedding day- during our whole time for photos actually, and I wish we had been able to take photos in and around the rain!

  3. I couldn’t agree more! It rained on my wedding day, though we waited for it to pass for our outside ceremony, we had a beautiful rainbow when we said our vows and being with my new husband is all that really mattered!