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While working at a bridal shop allows me the wonderful opportunity to help brides find ‘the’ dress, what’s more special is building relationships with these individuals and being able to be a part of their entire wedding planning process. It is a truly amazing process; a process that has included goosebumps, tears and too many hugs to count. What can I say, I am a sucker for a good engagement story and have been known to shed a few tears witnessing such a special moment shared between the bride and her family. But what I have found to be most rewarding is helping brides with the details that are beyond the white dress; the details that help make their wedding day their own. 

Today there are so many ways in which brides incorporate new and old traditions to help showcase their individual style, preferences and unique interests when planning their wedding day. That’s the beauty of wedding planning, it has no right or wrong way about it. Brides are able to pick which traditional element they plan to keep, the ones they choose to skip and how to create new ones of their own. And today, with our endless amount of  bridal resources, we can see how brides have already put a new twist on many old wedding traditions.

 The Ring Bearer

Old Tradition: Pillows  | New: Banners, Pennants, Signage | Other: Bowls, Bird nests, The Bible

Banner photo: The McCartney’s Photography | Pillow: BraggingBags | Pennant: JoyfulJoyful | Wood Sign: Our hobby to your home

The Ceremony

Old Tradition: Unity Candle | New: Wine Ceremony, Cord of Three Strands | Other: Sand Ceremony, Love Letter Ceremony

Wine Ceremony: Charlotte Geary Photography | Rope Ceremony: Crystal Goss

Wedding Party

Old Tradition: Matching Style and Color | New: Different Dresses, Tie patterns, Dress Styles, Different Colors | Other: Patterned Dresses, Different Accessories

Andy Stenz 

Top:  The McCartney’s Photography | Bottom: Anna Page Photography

The Dress

Old Tradition: Whites | New: Colors | Other: Ombre, Multiple Colors, Short White Dresses

Dress (left): Miller + Miller Photography  | Dress (middle): Mark Hawkins Photography | Dress (right): Nathan Peel Photography | Ombre Dress: Studio 306  | Red Dress: David J. Owen Photography

The Guestbook

Old Tradition: Signature Book | New: Puzzles, Fingerprint Prints | Options: Photo Booth, Advice Cards, Mad Libs, Enlarged Print Canvas, Anniversary Notes

Puzzle: Bella Puzzles | Print: Blue de Toi

The Cake

Old Tradition: Wedding Cake  | New: Cupcakes, Cake Cones, Cake Pops | Other: Dessert Bar, Candy Bar, Smore’s Bar

Wedding Cake: Kapkinski Photography | Cake Pops via Bridal Expo Show Chicago | Cake Cones via Google Images | Cupcakes: Cari McGlynn Photography

The Send Off

Old Tradition: Throw Rice | New: Sparklers, Streamers, Rose Petals | Other: Bubbles, Sprinkles, Confetti

Sparklers: Brook Photography | Streamers: Scott and Tem Photography | Roses: Miller + Miller Photography


These are only a few ways in which brides have put a new twist on an old tradition.  The options are endless and can be incorporated in just about any element of your big day.  Take some time to think about what traditions you plan to keep, what traditions you plan to skip, or better yet, how you plan to make new traditions of your own.  



  1. Such a great post! It’s always great to put a more modern twist on things that are normally so traditional! 🙂

  2. Great round up. Totally comprehensive and completely spot on!