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Typically, I cringe at the idea of painting flowers for any reason, but when my boss came back from Engage 12 with photos of this:

Bob Gail, Scott Clark Photo, Ready Luck

my mind opened up a little. It looks like a succulent statue! So many brides are in love with succulents for their rustic feel, and some choose them because they love their earthy colors. I personally like them for their texture, and so using them as a blank canvas for color intrigues me. There are so many possibilities!

Bornay, a florist hailing from Barcelona, has been making true art out of succulents for a long while now. Literally, he takes pieces of art, usually paintings, and recreates them using flowers of all kinds, but his succulent creations are my favorite.

Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right 

He also created these amazing boutonnieres.


Carissa of JL Designs used succulents to create a silver pop in her tablescape. This is a perfect idea to incorporate a metallic if there is one present in your color palette.

Aaron Shintaku

I’m dying to see this done with a mix of greens, bronzes and golds, neon pops, or black and white.




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  1. I love this idea for bouquets and boutonnieres, but I prefer to give live succulents as favors. Does the paint damage the plant?