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I love gift-giving. Whether it’s choosing a gift for a birthday or other special occasion, or just picking up a favorite snack for a friend on my way to see them, I love the act of giving carefully chosen items to people. If I’m not giving the gift of an experience (tickets to something, etc.), I try to go for something practical that will stay relevant in that person’s life long after the gift has been given. I think this is something to bear in mind when considering what types of gifts to give your groomsmen; After your wedding, as happy as they were to be in it, they will continue to be people and no longer your groomsmen. That being said, I’ve created some categories of gifts (I am not necessarily endorsing specific items within said categories) ranging from least to most practical after the wedding.

tie it up

More likely than not, your groomsmen will wear some kind of tie in your wedding. These can be a no-brainer and just be rented in a corresponding color to the bridesmaids dresses along with suits or tuxes, but more and more couples are opting for unique ties. These will typically be more expensive than a rental option, so giving this as a gift instead of requiring the groomsmen to purchase them can be a nice gesture.

Ampersand Tie,  Lace Ties (I am dying over the whole collection), bowtie

photo ops

I am all about fun, quirky wedding photos. Just as I love how these bridesmaid gift options create great photo ops, I adore when then boys get in on the fun too. Most times groomsmen are expected to be a little raucous, so there are lots of options here ranging from tame to more out there, most of which can still be used after the fact and serve as a reminder of the fun had on your special day.

Sunglasses:Memory Montage Photography, Super Hero Shirts: Tinywater Photography via Wedding Chicks, Socks: Jeff Simpson Photography


Of course not everyone consumes alcohol, but for those that do, a wedding is a perfect occasion to do so, especially as a part of the wedding party (though let’s keep it primarily post ceremony, please!). Why not give a gift that makes the merry-making more fun? Maybe skip the monogrammed flasks and beer mugs, and go for something a little more modern or personalized in a different way. (Bonus: These can make for fun photo ops too!)

Mustache Pint Glasses, Kebo Bottle Opener, Leather Baseball Koozie


Men are practical. Giving them something they may even use daily is possibly the best investment on your part and something they’ll appreciate the most. This is one category I don’t mind the personalization as much, just keep it classy and please, don’t engrave “groomsman” on whatever the item is.

Lighter, Carbon Fiber Money Clip, Utility Tool 

 As I mentioned above, gifts that are experiences can be great too: think tickets to a sporting event, concert, sky diving, or whatever else your groom and his boys like to do together. Happy gifting!


  1. LOL the hot pink socks are hilarious!

  2. Love the superhero shirts.