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From the Photographer:
They met nearly six years ago while attending a summer camp at Mizzou. The camp was for high school seniors who were interested in becoming doctors. Woody vividly remembers sharing an elevator ride with Katie. The moment he saw her he knew that studying medicine wasn’t just for nerds. After the week long camp they went back to their home towns (Woody near Sikeston and Katie in Eureka) but still kept in touch via Facebook. Even though Katie had given other schools a thought, they both ended up at Mizzou and bumped into each other again at the dining hall their freshman year. Woody saw Katie and knew that it was now or never. He courageously walked over to Katie and asked her out for a date on a Thursday night. He was shot down…promptly. As he stood there listening to his friends laugh at his rejection, Katie smiled and added that although she wouldn’t go out with him on Thursday, she’d be happy to go out with him on Wednesday.:)The rest as they say is history! Fast forward to last April as they were applying to med school and anxiously waiting for response…Woody knew that he wanted Katie to be his wife. One Sunday afternoon he planned a picnic and while overlooking a field of Easter Lilies, he asked Katie to marry him. Woody quickly flash backed to the moment in the dining hall as he anxiously awaited her answer…which was yes of course!

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  1. naomi
    12:59 pm on June 13th, 2012

    OK after I saw the dog, I forgot what the couple looked like…that dog is just the cutest! So sweet when couples incorporate their fur babies in shoots! I don’t think Jake would stay still long enough!