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The ladies you ask to stand up with you on your wedding day are special to you. They’re your sisters, cousins, best friends, college roommates, or about to be sisters-in-law. Whether they are all best friends too, or have never met before, they all come together for a time to show support and be a team for you. They throw gatherings and parties in your honor, tie ribbons onto hundreds of programs or tiny boxes or what-have-you, write speeches about how much you mean to them, and lend ears to listen to the stress and joys that come with wedding planning.

This all culminates in the wedding day, of course, and there is a special time with these ladies before the wedding begins, before you are a wife, before you are trying to talk to hundreds of people in a short period of time: the time when you’re getting ready. Being beautified, sipping champagne, getting nervous/excited butterflies, all with your closest girlfriends and family members; There’s nothing like it.

I love seeing the photos of this time from almost every wedding, and the joy and anticipation of it all. The photos I love most, though, are the ones that start off the parade of cohesive and meticulous detail that will be present the remainder of the day in flowers and paper and cake and coordinating attire; The ones that showcase the solidarity of this team that has gathered to help the bride on her special day. Photos like this:

Urban Grey Photography

Lane Dittoe

Katie Day Photography

I just love matching getting ready attire and the fun photos it allows for. Plum Pretty Sugar (robes shown above) has actually created a “Lil’ Getting Ready Dress“, which I adore, and kind of want just for getting pretty at home.

Plum Pretty Sugar

All of these getting ready options would make great bridesmaid gifts to show your appreciation for your lovely ladies, and while you’re at it you could throw in personalized dress hangers for extra cuteness and photo-ops!

Left: delovely details Top Right: Paloma’s Nest Bottom Right: lila frances

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