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Color and the urban setting. Enough said to catch anyone’s attention!

Studio Finch

From the Photographer:
Elle and Tommy hold their pride of Detroit like none other. And indeed, the city has much more pride beauty and vibrance then anyone would ever guess. As we walked down the streets filled with colored murals, and neighborhoods, there was a pride in people’s eyes- excitement! so to speak. Honestly, being an outsider (living in Chicago that is) that made me very excited for Detroit, with it’s growing breweries and numorous community gardens- it shows a growth in the city. Elle is currently going to Law School in the city, and Tommy is a comedian (literally!) He performs as well as teaches improve in the city. They met in college at Michigan State and have an adorable little dog named Artie.

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  1. Cute images! I love the wild backgrounds thanks for sharing 🙂