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Classic and beautiful. Sometimes that’s all a good wedding needs to be. Rebecca and Jonathan’s Midwest wedding is exactly what makes Midwest weddings so magical – the love, the simple and pretty details, and the support of a loving family. That’s what I love about the Midwest and the people who live there. Humbled, simple and full of life.

Dreaming Tree Photography

From the Bride:
Our story starts many moons ago when we first met in Kindergarten. We hung out and drank chocolate milk together in between craft and nap times….but in all seriousness, we’ve known each other for a long time and have been great friends along the way. We grew up together, going to the same grade school, junior high and high school and hanging out in the same circle of friends (who were all involved in our wedding and we still love and spend time with to this day!). We even went to a high school dance together, but we were always just friends trying to figure life out.

Eventually we graduated and moved on to college. I went one direction and he went another, moving states away and only seeing each other every so often if he came back for the holidays. After being away from his family for a few years, he decided to move back to get his Master’s degree and be closer to home. The stars must have aligned because we randomly ran into each other out and about one night after not seeing each other in a year or two. We started catching up and realized how much we had missed talking to each other and how much time had passed since the last time we spoke. After a few weeks of playing catch up on each other’s lives, he asked me out on an official date. I think we were both a little worried about the chance of it ruining our friendship if it didn’t work out, but we were willing to take that risk. And as they say it, the rest is history! We’ve been together ever since and we truly are best friends.

After two years of dating, he asked me to marry him (and for a girl who swore she’d never get married, this was a BIG deal). I of course said yes and began planning the biggest event of my life to this date. We both come from VERY large families and being from a small town, you know just about everyone so we knew our wedding would not be a small engagement. Since I wasn’t the girl who had been thinking about her wedding day since she was 5, I was in fact the exact opposite; our main goal of the wedding was to throw a celebration that showcased our love for each other and our personalities. If I had to describe the style, it would be simple elegance with a whole lot of fun mixed in.

While the details were important, we wanted to keep the main reason for this wedding at the forefront: we are embarking on a commitment to join our lives and families together because of our friendship and deep love for one another. That’s what weddings are supposed to be about. Yes, programs, invites and flowers are important but what matter’s most is that you are surrounded by people who you love and care to share something to special with – and that’s exactly what we did!

The wedding went off without a hitch and we definitely had a fantastic time with our friends and families – my feet have never been so sore from so much dancing! It was fabulous!

And, if I could give any advice to a bride-to-be it would be to not sweat the small stuff and to just enjoy the day because it truly does go by so fast. Most people don’t remember the details, but they do remember if you had a smile on your face. Things might go wrong, but just remember why you’re planning this day in the first place.

Reception Venue: St. Libory Hall | Ceremony Venue: St. Anthony’s Parish | Photography: Dreaming Tree Photography | Florist: Ahner’s Florist | Cake: Erin Daley | Invitations: The Aerialist Press | Band: Downtime Band | Wedding Gown: Bride’s by Demetrios | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bill Levkoff | Groomsmen Attire: Calvin Klein | Hair Stylist: Sanctuary Salon and Spa

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  1. Omygoodness! I love the small town southern IL wedding! It probably helps that I know people from there of course. And the Waller’s Market truck is the best!