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I just love outdoor weddings. I love their personality, their romance and their enchanting beauty. Amber & Bryan’s outdoor Wisconsin wedding is no exception.  From the ceremony programs to the guest book map, the vintage china to the twine wrapped menus, each unique detail complimented the other effortlessly. Their venue provided a breathtaking fall backdrop, while the elements of DIY only enhanced the personalized, fun feel of this wedding.

Anda Marie Photography

From the Bride
Bryan loves to fish and Amber loves the movie ‘Big Fish’. The story was shot in a way that shows your memory or recollection of events being so much more beautiful or exaggerated than they actually looked at the time. For instance, when he sees his future wife for the first time, in his retelling of how it happened, time stopped. They were in a circus tent with strung lights and when he meets eyes with her popcorn stops in midair and it is just her walking towards him. Oddly enough that is how we decided to incorporate cotton…it looks cartoon like and playful and reminded me so much of that movie. Also in the movie, the father is a notorious truth stretcher which couldn’t be closer to our dads…in a small way it was paying respects to where we came from. As far as decor I focused on the term ‘hippy chic’. I love vintage but am not an overly fancy girl so we wanted to mix rustic with nostalgic old things like china and vintage candle holders. It was a big DIY undertaking but I was so at peace with how everything turned out, and I had such an enormous amount of fun that I never experienced those wedding ending blues that I hear about. We made our own invitations, place cards, bought all of the tablecloths and china, made the table numbers, bought the centerpiece flowers the day before and assembled them over wine…it took a lot of work but we were thrilled with the result. The idea was to keep the colors simple and not follow any theme so that we had more room to ‘exaggerate’ details. The dinner being served family style was a must because I come from an Italian family and there is no greater joy than good food being passed around with loved ones. We follow the standard that sharing a meal is the best way to show love so we put our personal touches on the menu which included gnocchi and wild game sausage. Dessert was cannoli with a homemade shot of Baileys. The goal was that we didn’t want people leaving our wedding saying it was the most beautiful one they ever attended because quite frankly only the bride and groom really fully ‘get it’ that day. We did however want people leaving saying that was the best party and dance floor I have ever seen. We certainly feel like it was mission accomplished and when we reflect on that day as a couple, it will be remembered as dreamlike and as if time stopped.

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Dillman’s Bay Resort   |  Caterer: The Rusty Platter  |  Band: Bent Grass  |  Rentals: Sam’s Rental  |  Flowers: DePere Floral  |  Invitations: Created by the bride’s brother-in-law  |  Vintage Dishes: Provided by bride’s mother-in-law  |  Wedding Gown: Pronovias  |  Bridesmaid Dresses: Cynergy Arts  |  Photographer: Anda Marie Photography


  1. GORGEOUS AMAZING wedding! Just so wonderful.

  2. So many Wisconsin wedding make me want to visit there. This is no exception! Gorgeous!