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Although you could never pay me enough money to trash my dress, I sure do love when there is a bride out there willing to go for it. Ally is a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, so she decided to have a little fun Mad Hatter style by “painting the roses red!”

Studio Laguna Photography

From the Photographer:
Ally wanted to trash her dress, her huge, gorgeous lovely dress. She wanted to take scissors to it and embrace her rock’n roll side of her personality. Both she and her husband, David, like Alice in Wonderland, so we decided to tell that story with Ally as Alice and David at the Mad Hatter. We found a private residence that is an antiques graveyard for all manners of items, from an old plane, to a row of train cars, to random dishware. We asked A Milestone Paper Company to create a couple of accessories for us, bought some white roses, and braved the 100+ degree heat for our shoot. By the end, Ally was grateful to cut through the layers and layers of dress to make it short and sassy…and check out those SHOES! 


  1. Brilliant! Love the “paint the roses red” shot!

  2. What a fun session! Not many brides would want to cut up their wedding dress and create something new – great way to capture it! Also love that you did a theme for the trash the dress session. Takes it to a whole new level! Great idea!