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Not only does Megan and Brandon’s wedding have a fabulous story, but the prairie backdrop that Kansas has to offer is just beautiful. When a couple makes every effort to make a wedding personal and memorable, you know the outcome will be nothing but awesome. I love how no matter what could have happened on their big day, Megan didn’t care so long as she got to marry her best friend.

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From the Bride:
Our wedding in one word: joy. Those surrounding me kept commenting on how calm I was during the preparations. In fact, neither my husband nor I had any nerves at all. We both knew that at the end of the day, not matter what went wrong, I would walk down than aisle and we would be married. That is something I would encourage engaged couples to remember. The wedding day is a very special day. Of course who doesn’t want the perfect wedding? But during all the business of the day, only two things truly matters; the love the two of you share and the life you are starting together. In fact, five months before my wedding I had blogged my wedding “nightmares.”

On my wedding day, that is all I felt. My dream had come true, minus all the mishaps.

We had been dating for three years and engaged for one. I have two older sisters and we all three got engaged within three months of each other and married within a year of each other. I was the last.

The week before the wedding, someone asked my dad if he felt any different or if it were more difficult since I am the baby, and I would be the last daughter he would walk down the aisle. He told them that he didn’t think it would be any more difficult. But as he walked into the room to see his baby girl, all dressed in white, he whispered, “it is different” as tears streamed down his face. I will never forget that moment when I saw myself through my daddy’s eyes. His baby girl, truly grown into a woman. I saw that transformation in his eyes.

Brandon and I chose not to do a reveal before the wedding. This was the specific request of my husband. My sister’s mentioned that their reveals were a very special time, but Brandon was insistent that he wanted to wait. It was worth the wait for us. The moment the doors opened, the music tapered off. The single melody line of a violin rang through the church as I stepped out towards my life as a married woman, towards the man beaming at the end of the aisle. I have always been self-conscious in front of large crows. I thought I would be nervous, but as soon as our eyes locked, I was completely focused on our love. That was one of my favorite moments of the day. During the ceremony, our eyes seldom left each other’s.

Our gifts that we exchanged before the ceremony were also memorable. I surprised him by sending my sister over to where he was getting ready. She pulled him aside and handed him a photo album entitled, “For His Eyes Only.” Our wedding photographers had done a boudoir shoot with me before the wedding. That was probably the best gift I could have given him. The look on Brandon’s face was priceless.

His gift to me made me cry. Our first Christmas together I had given him a Celtic cross necklace with the Claddagh symbol in the middle. His family is predominately Irish and the Irish Claddagh is a symbol for love, loyalty and friendship. This became the basis for our relationship and it is centered in the cross, our shared faith. He looked around until he found a beautiful white gold necklace to match his. He wanted to start out marriage off with those same symbols. It was a beautiful analogy.

We had many special moments during the time I was getting ready with my bridesmaids. Laughter and joy filled the room as we tossed makeup and hairspray around to each other. After my mom slipped the dress on my body and placed the veil on my head, I turned to face my special friends. My sisters, my mom, my mother-in-law and my friends were completely silent as tears and smiles touched everyone’s faces. Pure joy filled the room. They all gathered around me and I knew this marriage was blessed by my friends and family.

We may not have had the most expensive or lavish wedding, but every detail was put together through love. Don’t lose yourself in the wedding details. Don’t lose sight of the end goal. Don’t lose sight of your relationship. It can be easy to fret over what color dresses should be worn, what food should be served or what flowers should grace the tables. But in the end, focus on the man at the end of the aisle. Everything else fades quickly away, I promise.

My husband and I were both raised in Kansas. We love our Midwest roots and we couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else. We got married in Eudora, Kan. and our reception was in Baldwin City, Kan.

My mother-in-law decorated the dressing rooms doors with bride and groom Barbies. It was a special and fun touch. The truck we drove away in is my husband’s classic 1966 Chevy pickup. He got it as a teenager and restored it himself.

My colors were crimson, yellow, black and white. We got married on June 18, 2011. We made the photo wall where guests could take pictures as a “photo booth.” Antique pictures frames were hung around vintage lace patterns.

Our first dance song was “Like Red on a Rose” by Alan Jackson. I gave each of my bridesmaids a locket that I individually picked from Etsy. Inside each locket were quotes and messages about how much each person means to me.

Ceremony Venue: Eudora Baptist Church | Reception Venue: Stony Point Hall | Photographer: Red Barn Wedding Photography | Florist: Cranberry Market Floral (Bridal bouquet / Boutonniere) | Catering: Leroy’s BBQ | DJ: Complete Music | Wedding Gown: Casablanca Bridal from Mia’s Bridal | Groomsmen Attire: Mia’s Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: Individually chosen by bridesmaids | Cake: Cakes by Brandi

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