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I always love when I am able to directly connect with brides on Twitter. It’s both rewarding and exciting to see them go through the planning process. Not to mention the anticipation that builds around the first sneak peek of their wedding photos. Kasey was a St. Louis bride I connected with while I was engaged. So, when she sent her photos to me, I was thrilled and honored to be able to share them with you. Her modern set-up with a bold pop of color and crazy photo booth are only the beginning of why this wedding was so fun.

Fisher Photography

From the Bride:
Shortly after our college graduation, Tim and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We went to Chicago which is my absolute favorite city. On the second night of our trip, we had a delicious romantic dinner and took a stroll down the Navy Pier. Once we reached the end of the Pier (and I do mean the very end…we walked a long way). Tim stopped and began to hug me and tell how much he loved me and how much he meant to me. I honestly did not think that we would be getting engaged for at least another year out of college, but the thought crossed my mind at that moment that maybe, just maybe, it was about to happen right then and there. With the beautiful bright city skyline all lit up behind us, Tim got down on one knee and pulled a Tiffany & Co. box out of nowhere and held it in front of me when he asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I was ecstatic, both laughing and crying and gave him a very enthusiastic “Yes!” Only moments later as we were taking in the moment did a security car drive up by us to tell us the Pier was now closed and we needed to leave. I proceeded to tell him we just got engaged, and he took a photo for us before we left.

Tim was surprised when we arrived back home from our trip, and I opened up my closet to show him the stack of wedding magazines I had already had waiting in my closet. I have always had a passion for planning weddings and events, not just my own, and Tim knew this, but didn’t know that I had already been studying ideas for our own wedding for months. I did a good job of hiding this I must say.

I was so excited for the planning process to begin, and we started right away. Tim was the perfect groom-to-be being involved when I wanted him to be and stepping back when there were decisions I wanted to make with my mom. He was content with everything. I am a very modern bride, but still like a tradition or two thrown in here and there. I wanted everything to be classy, yet still fun. We chose to go with a modern, crisp black and white theme with a pop of color, that of which I chose to be pink, my absolute favorite color. I was worried though as I didn’t want anything to end up looking like ‘Barbie’ or a child’s birthday party, but I think we did it all just right. The venue was perfect. It had that lofty feel that we both so loved with the sleek patterns, open structures and exposed brick walls. The centerpieces and bridal bouquets were phenomenal and exactly what I had wanted. I don’t think anything could have been more perfect.

Our wedding ceremony was especially sacred to us as my Grandpa was the pastor who performed our ceremony. My Grandpa has been a Baptist pastor for years. He is a truly amazing man who married my parents and the rest of his children along with many other close family members including my cousin who was married in Atlanta just two weeks before Tim and I. We went through pre-marital counseling with my Grandpa the months leading up to the wedding with dinner together once a month discussing marriage, our lives, our future together and our faith and spirituality. Having my Grandpa as the man who was standing at the altar next to my soon-to-be husband as my dad walked me down the aisle was truly one of the most meaningful aspects of our day. I don’t think it would have felt quite the same with anyone else pronouncing us as husband and wife.

As our gift to our wedding guests, we made a donation the The Humane Society of Missouri in honor of them. Tim and I adopted our dog, Bentley, from the Humane Society of Southeast MO while we were in college and couldn’t think of a better or more meaningful cause. The guests still had something to take home with them too as donation cards were given along with a dog bone shaped chocolate representing what we have done for them.

Not only was there great food and dancing at our reception, but we also chose to have a photo booth which I believe was one of the highlights of the evening. Our guests were at the photo booth all night long taking all sorts of fun and goofy photos in remembrance of our day. Tim and I made sure we got a few shots with friends, family and of course each other at the photo booth as well.

Around 10:30 pm after dinner was served, the commemorative dances had been done and the party was getting started, we brought in Imo’s pizza for our guests as a late night snack, especially great since everyone was dancing off their dinner throughout the night. Our family has a relationship with the owner of several of the Imo’s stores, and Tim worked for Imo’s throughout college when we came home for summers and breaks, so it couldn’t have been a more perfect treat to give to our guests, plus Imo’s Pizza screams St. Louis.

By 11 p.m. with only one hour left in our reception, Tim and I found each other and decided that we had done all of the greeting we could do throughout the night and we were ready to spend the remaining minutes with each other and our close family and friends to really take in the moment so we hit the dance floor and danced the rest of the night away together. As I am a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, several of my sorority sisters were there, and they gathered in a circle around Tim and I with a candle pass and song honoring our special day and our love for one another. As for the boys, their tradition is a little different with the singing of American Pie, which gets a little more rowdy than the girls, but it’s still so much fun. The night closed with the last dance being Marry Me by Train which is the song that one of Tim’s Groomsmen sang to us during our wedding ceremony.

The entire day could not have been more perfect or more personal with so many little details and aspects that fit Tim and I just perfectly. After six years of dating, one year of engagement and lots of time spent planning, our wedding day turned out to be everything I ever imagined it would be. I would do it all again tomorrow. I couldn’t be happier to be celebrating this new chapter in my life as a newlywed with my husband.

Ceremony Venue: Third Baptist Church of St. Louis | Reception Venue: Westin St. Louis | Florist: ZuZu’s Petals | Photography: Fisher Photography | Stationery: Slice of Lime Design | Bakery: Whipt Cream | Photo Booth: Fish Eye Fun | DJ: Millennium Productions | Wedding Gown: Town and Country Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid


  1. Great images! I love the Sepia ones 🙂

  2. Sara
    3:34 pm on April 4th, 2012

    This is a gorgeous wedding! That fish eye camera is awesome. I am an in love with the short red fun bridesmaid dresses! And her dress is so beautiful! Amsale? Stunning.